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Get Your Hair Frozen In Canada

Yes, frozen hair is a thing that happens in Canada; book cheap flights to Canada in February to witness this amazing thing. Canada even has a competition to prove that freezing hair is the coolest and fun thing to do in Canada.

Canada is so chilling sometimes that you can feel your hair actually freezing if your head is not covered. But for a dramatic frozen hairdo, you will need to be a bit braver. Here’s what you would do:

1. In the freezing -30 degree temperature, take a bath in hot spa

2. Style your hair

3. Post your pictures

Not only this, The Takhini Hotel Pool in Whitehorse, Canada organizes an international hair freezing contest every year during annual winter festival of Yukon. The aim of this competition quiet simply is to make best possible frozen hairdo. Amazingly, a lot of high-spirited people book cheap tickets & flights to Canada to participate in this fun event and they all are happily welcomed.

The Science Behind Frozen Hair

This is surely exciting enough to give it a try and if you have made up your mind to go for it, here’s a short science lesson. It’s not a difficult lesson of science but a little knowledge of how things work would make the entire process more playful for you.

You just get your hair soaked delightfully in the hot spring. The steam gets accumulated around your hair and when this steam comes in contact with cold air, it freezes quite quickly. If the temperature is about -30 degrees, hair freezes in less than a minute. Use your hands to style hair to your content and that’s it… you are ready for the show.

You need not stress about breaking your hair something else; it is absolutely safe and fun. The moment you throw down your hair for a second dip, everything will be back to normal.

The Big Reward

This contest is organized every winter and people happily dunk their heads for funky ice cold hair styling. You might think this all to be crazy but when it gets a big reward associated to it, things turn weighty.

Every year, participants start freezing their hair and posting their frozen hair pics as soon as it gets cold enough. The pictures need to be posted on the host’s Facebook page and the winners are announced in March. Winner of the contest get a reward of $150. And believe us, participants are pretty serious about getting that reward.

In case, you are participating, make sure you are ready for a tough fight. Apart from the cash prize, people get lunatic about this contest because it also gives them an opportunity to go viral on the Facebook and wow million of followers – and tha is priceless!

No matter what the length of your hair is, this contest is open for all. Even if you do not win the contest, it could be an awesome experience for you in Canada. All you got to do is to book cheap flight tickets to Canada with us and enjoy this one-of-a-kind event.