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How Not To Get Robbed While Travelling

Getting robbed while traveling is quite a common instance especially when you are visiting a new country for the first time. As you book cheap flight tickets for a foreign country, safety of your belongings must be your top priority.

For not getting robbed while traveling, you of course need luck with combination of being highly aware of your current surroundings and not wandering alone at unknown places. There are a number of easy precautions that you may take to largely enhance your chances of having a safe and trouble free travel. Here are our top recommendations that ensure your returning back with all your belongings:

1. Money Belt

Tourists can easily be spotted as the one looking confused, looking everywhere with wonder and one with a big camera. These types of people become an easy target for thieves. Pocket pickers are so expert to quickly clean out your backpack or pocket that it will leave you amazed.

The best way to stay safe from these pocket pickers is to use money belts. Just zip in your cash, passport and credit cards in the money belt and fit it under your clothes. These belts are concealed and they are not too uncomfortable. Money belt is the cheapest thing that easily fits around your waist and keeps your cash and important items safe.

2. Fake Wallets

You can even fake out to fool on thieves and keep your wallet safe. You may buy a fake wallet even before boarding cheap flights from your home country. Simply pack it with some old (inactive) credit cards, a few dollars and some old stuff.

In any unlikely event when the robbers try to rob you, just hand over this fake wallet to them. They won’t stay any further with you to look for the real wallet. Brilliant! Isn’t it?

3. Suitcase Lock

Do not forget to buy a lock for your suitcases before leaving home. Look for a TSA approved lock with digital combination. Such locks would be good enough for unsavory folks to search for other lock-less bag.

A TSA approved lock is really important here as airport officials can easily open it with special code if required.

4. Choosing Accomodation Smartly

Your first effort must be to avoid any accommodation that looks suspicious. Being aware is important if you are booking room in a hostel because hostels generally have shared rooms with people of all types. It is an easy place for pickers to walk away with your belongings.

At such suspected accommodations, use suitcase lock compulsorily or use lockers if available. Thefts can even happen in a 5 star hotel room, so, do use in-room safes and do not leave your stuff scattered all over the room.

When you book cheap tickets & flights for a vacation, make sure that you don’t look very flashy. Don’t bling that ring and do you really need ipad on your trip? Being aware is the key.

Just book cheapest flights to your favorite destination with us and enjoy the holiday without any fear of being robbed.