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How To Save Money For A Vacation

One thing that often stops you from traveling the world is money. Most people think – they can’t afford a vacation because they have too many expenses. Well, all of us have expenses but there certainly are some expenses that we can easily cut for experiencing the world.

No matter how cheap flight tickets you buy from, traveling does need some money. Here, we are listing our most creative but simple ways to save for the travel fund quickly:

1. Cut Down Your Coffee

Coffee indeed is a daily requirement but it also is an expense that drains out your wallet silently. You may love the smell of coffee at your favorite coffee shop but they love your money.

The daily expense of $5 on coffee sums up to $150 a month and $1800 a year. At this cost, you may buy cheap tickets and flights for South East Asia tour. So, you need to decide between exploring the beaches of Thailand and sipping the hot cappuccino. You may start drinking tea or start brewing at home.

2. Cook At Home

Like coffee, learn to cook at home and skip expensive meals at the restaurants. You may cut down your eating out to once a month. Buy local ingredients and save the leftovers to be used for next meal. You may even learn cooking from the online websites that have easy yet healthy preparations.

3. Get Rid Of Cable TV

Why pay expensive monthly rentals for cable TV subscription when you have a number of legal and free streaming website available for your daily dose of entertainment? Get economic net connections to serve multiple purposes including watching TV.

4. Watch Your Savings Account

While you are saving money in the bank account, you can get your money grow a little more by putting it in a bank account with high interest rates. Look for high-yielding online bank accounts.

5. Subscribe For Travel Mails Or Newsletters

One of the best ways to catch cheap flights to your favorite destination is to subscribe travel newsletter. You will not only be able to get updates but will also get to know the best deals that generally are not available for travelers not in the mailing list.

6. Stop Buying Water

Plastic water bottles are expensive and they are harmful to environment too. Buy a metal water bottle and carry water with you wherever you go. With $1 per bottle every day, it is $365 a year which is the cost of spending one week in France.

Apart from these, you can also adapt other creative ways to add on to your travel budget; for example, you can buy used furniture or electronics instead of buying new or you can sell out the stuff that lies unused in your house and you can even start collecting coupons to purchase groceries and other stuff at local stores.

Cutting down on such daily expenses may sound petite but you can save huge for travel with these simple ways without hunting and exerting yourself in another income source. So, make your traveling dream a reality and start saving today.