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International Travel Made Easy (Part One)

Landing from cheap flights in a totally strange place can sure be exciting. You get to see new places and faces, enjoy local cuisine and explore a whole new world. When you are on a leisure trip, you get ample time to discover the new country but sometimes, you don’t get much time and the only sites you see are the ones visible from your hotel windows when you are on a business trip.

Websites like have made booking international flight ticket really simple and cheap but there still are many things to keep in mind before you begin your overseas journey.

Regardless of what kind of a trip you are going for – leisure or business, overseas journeys are pretty daunting in terms of their long duration, jet lags and tiring procedures. Luckily, there are several ways to make your international travel a happy experience and not something you would never attempt again.

Here are our best tips for international travel:

Collect The Business Card Of The Hotel

As soon as you arrive at your hotel, collect their business card from the front desk. In case you get lost in an unknown place, this card would be a great help to let people know the name and address of the place you are staying in.

There is a large population in every country that speaks and understands English but it always good to have some pieces of information in local language to show to the taxi drivers and locals.

Getting The Money

The legible way to get money or cash in a foreign country is to use the ATM machines. Generally, banks charge a handsome fee for ATM transactions that are out of their networks. To minimize these fees, avoid making multiple transactions. You may take out a good amount of cash right at the airport when you land from your cheap flights.

A word of caution is mandatory here that carrying a lot of cash in an unknown place may invite some risks and then you may also have a lot of unused local currency left with you at the end of the trip. When you plan an overseas trip, consider opening an account in the banks with zero balance requirements and that have options to reimburse ATM charges including the overseas fees.

Stay Alert From Frauds

Notify your credit card company about the countries you are traveling to along with dates of your travel. This way, they won’t shut off your card misunderstanding it as been stolen. Also check the type of card (with magnetic strip or chip & pin) that is fit for the country you are traveling to. Get the preferred type of card to avoid inconvenience.

Set Data Roaming On Your Phone

Set up your mobile phone to avoid international data roaming charges. Many travelers may have an international data and calling plan but you could be charged heavily of you don’t. Biggest amounts can be charged for transmitting data overseas. In case you don’t have such plan, it is better to immediately switch off your phone and use the local communication systems.

These are just a few tips to ensure you have a safe and stress free international travel but there’s more you need to be aware of. Some more of such tips follow in the next part of the article that you must read before booking cheap flight tickets to an overseas destination.