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Kayaking In Vancouver

If you have boarded cheap flights to Vancouver for a long vacation or if you are already in Vancouver for a long vacation and wondering what could be more adventurous thing to do other than common crowd places to visit – try kayaking and you won’t be disappointed.

The best place to enjoy abundant natural grandeur of Vancouver and the amazing kayaking experience is Deep Cove in North Vancouver. This is just not a deep cove in Vancouver but it also is a quaint community with calm water and serene atmosphere.

The cove is naturally protected from powerful winds to create strong waves in the water. You will certainly enjoy calm waters for a change from regular strong waves as found in the city side Stanley Park. Apart from a spectacular mountain view, there are many other reasons that validate kayaking in Vancouver to be the best to-do thing in Vancouver in those rare moments when you are actually bored in Vancouver; let’s explore few major reasons:

A Healthful Rap

Vacation is a time when it gets easy to skip your little exercise regime. Kayaking is great fun mixed with good exercise for your arms. Also, when you feel lazy and just want to bask around in nature and recollect all the goodness, kayaking offers a great time with company of good friends or family members.

A Romantic Idea

You can always hire two-person kayak to spend lovely time with your special friend or spouse. Nothing can be more comforting and romantic for a young couple than to enjoy each other’s company as the kayak sail in the ocean at its speed. Usually, only one person is needed to paddle the boat while the other person can relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty; it’s a nice idea to give your lady the back seat to show how caring you are.

A Safe & Cheerful Option

Even if you have never tried kayaking before, you can simply rent a kayak, get the paddle and get pushed away straightly. There are rare chances for a big kayak to tip over in the ocean; so, do not fret but enjoy the sail. If you get wet at all, it’ll be the water splashed by your friends. There are many rental shops from where you can get a huge variety of kayaks and canoes for a wonderful kayaking experience at a reasonable price.

Other Places To Hang Around

Deep Cove is a great place to spend good times before and after kayaking. The beautiful seaside village offers great walks, hikes and beaches. There also are some eateries with good food options. If you love donuts, don’t miss your bites on soft and delicious donuts at Honey’s Donut here.

You may easily get a short trip to Deep Cove in North Vancouver arranged by your travel agent from where you get your cheapest flights to Vancouver booked. Other than that, there are regular buses and other transports to take you to this popular destination in Vancouver.

To enjoy best kayaking experience in Vancouver book your cheap flights to Vancouver right here.