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Kelowna – A Little Piece Of Heaven In Canada

Kelowna is a beautiful and largest non-coastal city of British Columbia, Canada. Kelowna indisputably is a little piece of heaven in Canada with wonderful beach parks and lake side parks. If you are taking cheap flights to Kelowna, there are many things to see in here.

Kelowna is at a convenient drive of four hours from Vancouver and many cheap flights to Kelowna are easily available to connect this city from rest of the world. The Okanagan Valley (where Kelowna is situated) is popular for its organic farms and wine regions but there is something interesting to do for everyone. The diverse activities and picturesque surroundings keep you busy during your stay in Kelowna. Here are some suggestions:

Kids Activities

During summer or spring time, you can take your kids to have a wonderful time at the beaches of Okanagan Lake. Here, your family can enjoy playing volley ball or picnicking on the golden sand. If you want, you can also take your kids for swimming.

The lake is active with lot of boats, kayakers, jet skiers and paddle borders. You can take a ride or just enjoy watching their adventures.

Adventurous Activities

If you love adventure, for a required dose of adrenaline, you can go biking through the wineries. During winters, you can even go for horse riding, ice skating, snow skiing, hiking and snow shoeing. Many organizations also arrange adventure tours through the valley and winery regions, you can participate in them for a perfect holiday jaunt.

Relaxing Activities

Holidays of course are for relaxing and what could be better than to relax in the lovely heaven called Kelowna. There are about 30 exclusive wineries in Kelowna that produce impressive sparkling wines. You can take a tour to the wineries to experience the rich culture of wine making. If you are lucky, you may also get to taste few selective wines.

There also are fresh herb and lavender farms for you to take a walk through or just watch the beauty. You can also purchase some fine lavender products to take back home or to gift someone.  Visit the honey farms or beer brewing companies to witness the real natural crafts.

Visit The Farm Market

After you have soaked your eyes with lush green beauty of Okanagan Valley, it is time to take some of it to your home. The Hillcrest Farm Market on the Highway number 33 is a family operated market with spectacular views. You will definitely be amazed by the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that are sold here. Fresh cherries are packed and shipped from here to all over the world. There also is a seasonal restaurant that serves delicious food prepared with freshest ingredients directly from the market. You may try some Indian inspired dishes here along with pizzas and a whole variety of breads.

It is also very easy to find budget friendly bed and breakfast accommodations in Kelowna. For a cheaper option, try to find out a family that agrees to offer you a stay with bed and breakfast. This could be the best way to enjoy local culture, lifestyle and flavors.  So, what is the wait for? Just book cheap flights to Kelowna, right now to experience the heaven on Earth.