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Packing For A Trip To Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is a pleasant place to spend time with your family and loved ones. Packing for a trip is just as important as deciding the destination. Obviously, no one would like rain to ruin their trip; but if you were smart enough to know the weather in advance and pack the rain gear, you can continue your fun without any stress.

So, right after you book tickets online to Vancouver, start collecting information about its climatic conditions during the time of your trip so that you can pack all the necessary items. Following tips will come handy while packing essential things for a trip to Vancouver:

General Information On Weather

Vancouver weather can be pretty hot in summers ranging up to 30 degrees and it is cold in winters with a temperature near 10 degrees. In case you are planning to go up to the mountains, it could be colder there.

Vancouver is never humid but it could rain any time. The temperature in Vancouver can vary wildly so, it is important to pack a few essential things for your trip to Vancouver… here are some tips and packing list:

Packing List For Vancouver

1. Luggage/Baggage

Any bag or luggage to pack your items in will work but in case you are planning a day long sightseeing tour, a back pack will prove handy.  

2. Clothing

It is usually not too hot in Vancouver and you can discard jackets and sweat shirts from your list. Even if it is winter time, you can pack something light and thin to cover you. A layer of thin cotton, leather or suede will keep you comfortable in Vancouver.

As mentioned earlier, it could rain anytime in Vancouver so it is advisable to pack rain jackets with hoodies and foldable umbrellas, no matter what time of the year it is.

Vancouver is particularly not a place to be “dressy” all the time. You can wear what you like. Casual tees and a pair of jeans are best to go for an outing but you can pack some formal dresses if you plan to attend some fancy occasion or go to a fine dine restaurant.

3. Footwear

Pack a pair of good walking shoes for outings and sandals for strolling on the beaches. Make sure you only pack comfortable footwear for camping.

4. Toiletries & Other Medical Supplies

You can pack skin care products and cosmetics that you normally use. Vancouver has a good supply of toiletries and general use products; so it isn’t a big issue if you forgot something. You can take a bug spray along with you in case you are camping.

You only need to carry your prescription medication. Everything else for an emergency is easily available in Vancouver.

5. Stuff For Outing/Camping/At Beach

Vancouver has amazing backcountry and beaches to enjoy outdoor/beach activities. Summers can be enjoyed around beaches and winters are good to enjoy snowshoeing. You can additionally pack sun glasses, hats and sun block.

6. Photo Equipments

Any photo equipment is good unless you are planning to shoot under water. Do not forget to pack extra batteries if you are going on 1 or 2 day long camping as there may not be arrangements for charging the equipments.

Best travel agent in Vancouver can help you further to find local shops for buying essentials if you have forgot some. So, pack your suitcases and get on for a memorable holiday. Book your tickets to Vancouver, right here.