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Revealing Best Kept Secret Travel Hacks (Part-1)

“Journey is more important than the destination” – this quote is often used philosophically but anyone who has traveled knows how downright painful a journey can be. You get to deal with security regulations, packing chaos and exasperating efforts to book cheap flight tickets.

Here are some of the best kept secret travel hacks to make your journey less painful and a whole lot fun:

1. Join The Member’s Club

If you join the loyalty programs cleverly or get the credit card with great bonuses, you could actually be traveling for much less or for free. Yes it’s true. In fact, this could be the best way to travel when you are on a tight budget.

For example, many hotels give exciting offers under their welcome or loyalty programs such as free breakfast or upgrade or free 3rd night!

Get smart with your finances and sign up for credit cards with minimum or no annual fee with great sign-up bonus. This may set you for flying first class for much less.

2. Choose The Best

Most national and international hotel chains guarantee best rates. This means they will beat or at least match the lowest price advertised anywhere. This can help you to get 10 to 25% discount and if you are lucky enough to find a good intercontinental hotel, they may not only match the lowest price but may also give you third day free.

Similarly, we at Nanak Flights also offer lowest price and price drop guarantee on cheap tickets & flights so that you save money for other activities you love on your holiday.

3. Watch Your Timing

Timing is your key to success, not only in life but also for booking cheap flights to your favorite destinations. Correct timing can save you loads of money even before you reach the airport.

You can avoid spending a lot by not booking holidays during peak months, school breaks and festivals etc. This would mean less crowd, attentive staff and best off-season offers. For most holiday destinations, off-seasons are from March to May and from September to November.

4. The Technical Hacks

While searching for hotel bookings, websites use cookies to track your browsing. So, as you search and revisit a site for comparison, the price may rise. To come out of this sticky situation, set your internet settings as “private browsing” and not “public”. If the website sends you a notification about allowing cookies usage, just click on “don’t allow”.

Also, keep deleting the browsing history and temporary files from your computer. This way, you can avoid paying more by just looking at the website. This will ensure that the IP address of your system is not being registered.

These are all tried and tested ways to save some serious money and grab great deals. So, next time you plan a trip, make sure that you use all these travel hacks that are little known.