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Revealing Best Kept Secret Travel Hacks (Part-2)

Continuing from the last part, here we are listing some more secret travel hacks that could save you a good fortune. While planning a vacation, as you book cheap flight tickets, these hacks would come handy. Let’s start with some packing hacks:

1. Keeping The Smell Away

The inevitable air plane smell that seeps into all your clothes can easily be tackled by just placing a dryer sheet in between the layers of clothes. This will keep your clothes smelling fresh even after weeks. Also, pack handy pouches of detergents so as to easily wash clothes in the hotel sink yourself rather than paying for the laundry services.

2. Packing Smartly

Your life would completely be changed after you discover the utility of packing tubes. These tubes may simply look like zippered contraptions or small packing bags but they work wonders to compress the clothes and free up some space in your carry-on bags.

Besides this, they are also an amazing packing accessory when it comes to keeping things organized. Simply roll your clothes and pack in the tube or stuff it up with useful things such as toiletries, shaving tools, medicines or other small items. Thus your clothes an belongings will remain safe from any type of spill.

3. Put On Pashmina

This hack is especially for ladies. Pack pashmina shawls in your travel bags. They are not only highly fashionable but they also take less space and cover cold quiet efficiently. Pashmina is a very versatile piece of garment that can be used differently to suit your traditional or modern look.

You can use it to cover your head at a religious place or use it as a blanket in the plane or just as a scarf etc. It can also be used to cover delicate items such s camera, glass perfume bottles etc while traveling.

4. Change Exchange

As you land from your cheap flights at your destination and get the currency exchanged at a bank, they usually give you big bills. Get them broken ASAP. You would not only need change for paying the bus fare or tipping the waiter but it will also come handy when you fall short of a few dollars while purchasing something.

This can even save you some money as it is much better to handover change than to nagging over a few dollars and finally giving up big bill.

5. When In Trouble, Tweet It

Have you ever tried calling airline services about the problems you face? It’s quite frustrating. Instead, try tweeting. It is a fantastic way to catch the attention and get your issues solved whether it is about delayed flights or changing the flights. The response on social media is usually faster than any other medium.

So, now when you are fully equipped with our best kept secret travel hacks, don’t wait to book cheap tickets & flights to your favorite holiday destination with us and enjoy the bestest vacation of your life.