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TORONTO – “City of York” as it was known in the early 18th century


This article will read you through 10 things that you can look forward to cherish 10 years, down the lane, from the day of your visit to this populous city of Canada. Get your smiles ready J TORONTO – the magic ride is on.

Niagara Falls:

“A dream destination for any wedding ceremony”, that’s how one would react on seeing Niagara. To me, this would be the world’s best romantic place. Though you may have to drive a while from Toronto to Niagara, you won’t regret for being here. Beauty of it stands as in where it is the collection of three waterfalls that straddles the border between US and Canada and hence the twin cities, Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York. An interesting fact that would give you a wow factor is the number of tourists expected every year. The count always keeps ticking and an average number would be 20 million.  “Spend a few nights here and your girlfriend will never complainJ

The Second City:

“The art of latte” coffee will make your whole day great. Drinking in the classy Euro kind of coffee will be your treat for a hard long day at work. By now, you would have definitely thought that this crap is about a Café shop or a breakout lounge. If so, am sorry lads, it’s not what you thought. The Second City is a place where you literally do your “LOL (Laugh Out Loud)” stuff. Second City is the first-ever on-going improvisational theatre troupe focussing mainly on comedy. The toughest genre to be called of all is comedy and it has become their cup of tea now. “Relax yourself here during Saturday nights, instead of pulling your pants”- #ifyouknowwhatimeanJ




Do you love being amused? Then give wonderland a shot. Worth the visit. They haven’t established themselves to be unique. They sell “Ice in Antarctic” but still you will be having fun, with the gadgets there. Definitely, your stomach needs utmost priorityJ. But be warned: the rides and attractions tend to leave you sopping wet.  “Experience your life in a roller-coaster. Be prepared to have ultimate funJ

The House on Parliament:

I bet, this is going to bring a little more smile to your faces, since this is a spot every man would freak out. “Pub”, as the oxford dictionary states, is a place to resell drinks with light meals. But according to my dictionary, it is a place where you meet and date girls all throughout your lifetime. A flirt studioJ Jokes apart, though this Cabbage town pub offers a nice list of local and global beers on tap, they are as well-known for their food as they are for their drinks. They offer lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, complete with pub-inspired breakfast options such as a wild boar, pheasant and cognac Scotch egg with hollandaise, in their cosy, booth-lined Victorian. “Drink…Drink…Stop not till you reach on a highJ

Hockey Hall of Fame:

A few countries, with the n number of religions they have, still want to grow their religions and so they add up entertainment to the list. One such country, unfortunately, becomes my nation. With multiple religions across the country, people have also taken cricket and cinema as their own religious stuff. At times I feel worried, why people can’t differentiate entertainment and religion. This citation was made, as Canada is another country where a sport is being an obsession, the difference being the sport. Cricket in India is as Hockey in Canada and vice versa. So for a sports enthusiast this would be a must-visit place. Many civilians come here only to take selfies with the trophies. “Play your favourite shots but this time not with the bats but with your camerasJ

The AGO, Art Gallery of Ontario:

Everyone would have spent their childhood either playing with MS-Paint or with natures colours. No one would hate paintings and to make the most out of it Canada had to establish this wonderful masterpiece. A place where you could see a variety of paintings which ranges from an exclusive Alex Colville collection to smaller collections of Michelangelo drawings. Canadians would obviously want their countrymen’s paintings to be put up in huge numbers as compared to an immigrants work and hence the difference in numbers. If you are looking forward to a career related to this soulful art, I would recommend you to spend at least a day here. “Welcome your world of colours and get your face exposed with right mixtures of themJ



Edge Walk (CN Tower):

When holding a record for a span of 5 years is getting tougher in this competitive world, this monument has held a record for almost 2 and a half decades. To be precise, this monument was the world’s tallest-free standing structure and tallest tower from 1976 till 2010, before the Bhurj Khalifa was built. “CN Towers” was named after the company “Canadian National”, the railway company that built the tower. Around August 2011, the CN Tower opened the Edge Walk, where adventure-lovers can walk on and around the roof of the main pod of the tower which is at 356 m from the ground. Feeling giddy? What are you waiting for? Let’s walk on the edge... “Get your bags packed to discover life from a different perspective and from different heightsJ

The Beach:

Most popular tourist destination to the east of Toronto’s downtown. Also known as the neighbourhood, it has 4 beaches to add feathers to its cap. Woodbine, Kew, Scarboro, Balmy are those beaches located around the neighbourhood. The special X factor about the Woodbine beach is that unlike the other beaches which are meant for bathing, this is meant for wooden cuts and hence the name “The Cut”. To have a cool bath and breathe some fresh air, drive through “The Beach”. “Going on a holiday to your favourite destination and returning without a beach visit would be a sin and my mom has insisted me not to commit any sin in my lifetimeJ


A 46-storey tower, located in John street, which is set back from the much smaller 19th century buildings along King Street. Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), has its headquarters here at the Bell Light box cinema complex. origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-position: initial; background-repeat: initial;" lang="EN-IN"> Bruce McDonald's “Trigger” was the first film screened at the theatre. This is a recent attraction that has been added to a never-ending list of attractions in the city of York. Having roamed around places, you need some place to take a back seat and relax yourself and this place would definitely help. Quality of dining is set high in this screened complex. “Plan your time to enjoy and have fun watching big names on the screenJ

Toronto Zoo:


You could well see the social media being flooded with a number of pet lovers and their pictures with them. A recent statistics reveals a fact that, people who are fond of pets are also likely to develop a liking towards the wild ones. To those friends of mine, please book your passes this summer for the Toronto zoo. Make sure you reserve at least a half a day to see all the attractions. In fact, spending a whole day here would probably be more adequate. I recommend getting there at opening and seeing the Pandas first before the crowds start arriving. During winters, you may not be able to see a whole lot of the bunch. “Be loving to them and they will teach you what love is all about. Refrain yourself from harming those innocent bunchJ