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Take Your Family On A Grand Canadian Vacation

Whether you are wildlife lover, an adrenaline junkie, hardcore foodie or a tireless traveler who likes explore cultures, Canada fits perfectly into all the boxes. You may book cheap flights to Ottawa – capital of Canada or any other city for a fun filled family vacation anytime of the year for following good reasons:

The Varied Landscapes

Canada is world’s second largest country with diverse landscapes from glaciers tipped mountains to wild prairies, intact coastlines, emerald lakes, vast forests and Arctic water lapping upon the frozen tundra. And interestingly, cosmopolitan cities and urban populace are nestled among such natural wilderness. The astonishing settlement between nature and human is quite a thing to relish in Canada.

Multicultural Backdrop

People of Canada are as diverse as its landscapes. The vast spread Asian communities, British expats, Arctic Inuit and the Quebeckers, make Canada a melting pot of many cultures. Over 20% of Canada populace is foreign-born.

Friendly People & Urban Setup

The progressive cities of Canada have always been identified as one of the best cities to live in. The skyscrapers, pristine beach lines, charming neighborhoods, plenty of fantastic museums, adventure sports and other modern tourist attractions make Canada seem to be very close to you as you explore centuries old customs, historic places and ancient architectural finesse.

Box Full Of Surprises

Canada is truly a magnificent box full of cheerful surprises at every step. Be it the Canadian Rockies, lush downtown parks of Vancouver or cowboy tradition of many festivals. You can book direct cheap flights to Calgary if you want to enjoy biggest stampede with your family. Adventure lovers can try kayaking, skiing or touring to many wineries or watch Niagara Falls from a helicopter.

What You Should Not Miss In Canada

1. Canada has an incredible dining scene. From plenteous street food vendors to stunning fine dine restaurants – all of them have delectable food choices to be experienced. Do not miss enjoying world’s best poutine at popular food trucks.

2. Do not forget to take a whole lot of maple syrup from here as it is quite inexpensive in Canada. You can find many varieties to suit your liking.

3. The mesmerizing and thunderous Niagara Falls is surely not to be missed. The mighty water body roars down from a height equivalent to about 13 storey building. You can take a helicopter ride or take an adventurous jet boat trip to pump up adrenaline to max.

4. Go for whale watching at Bay Of Fundy on St. John’s Reversing Falls. For more fun, capture a few grizzlies in your cameras in the Yukon.

5. Learn Lasso (a rope loop thrown at a target and tightened) at the Albertan Ranch.

Fun and adventure in Canada never seem to end. So, plan a family tour to Canada as it promises to offer a fantastic time to everyone. You can book cheap flights to Vancouver for a chilled out vacation or you may fly straight to the Canadian capital – Ottawa for a thrilling start to your trip. To avail best offers on air tickets to Canada, just click here.