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The Amazing landforms Of Winnipeg

Winnipeg is home to many interesting landforms and some of them are more than thousands of years old. There also are some newer (couple of centuries old) landforms in Winnipeg along with older ones but most of them are water related landforms that form City’s shape and have very important role in its history. These land forms now attract a lot of tourists coming from different parts of world via cheap flights to Winnipeg.

If you have your cheap flights to Winnipeg booked for a family vacation, do not miss visiting following amazing landforms of this city.

1. Lake Agassiz

This 11,500 years old glacial lake on which the flat plains of Winnipeg sit, covers most of the areas of northeastern Ontario, Manitoba and some parts of Saskatchewan, Minnesota and North Dakota. It is the largest glacial lake of North America. Remnants of this lake include Campbell Beach Ridge and Lake Winnipeg.

2. The Forks

The Forks is an important geographical site of Canada with great historical significance. It is situated at the center of Winnipeg where the Assiniboine and Red rivers meet. It was a great meeting place for people for more than 6000 years. And even today a lot of local residents and tourists gather here to meet and talk to each other. It also was a major site for fur trade route in the past. Over four million tourists come to this place every year for visiting nearby markets, museums and other historical sites.

3. Assiniboine River

This river crosses the borders of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It is the main tributary to the Red river. These two rivers meet at the center of the Winnipeg at the Forks. This river carried a great importance for fur trade; and today, a lot of visitors gather here to explore the beautiful waterways by canoes. You can also take a guided tour to the river to discover the past along your sail.

4. The Red River

The original name of this lake is “Miscousipi” which means – Red Water River. One of the largest Francophone communities of Winnipeg is on the Eastern Bank of this river which is also popular as French Quarter. It is a lazily slow current of water ideal for spending good time together with family or closed group of friends.

Exploring The Waterways Of Winnipeg

As you board your cheap flights to Winnipeg, you would know that this city is bisected by two major rivers – The Red River and The Assiniboine River. There are a great number of guided tours operated in Winnipeg that highlight the water tours along with visit to the historical sites of the city. Such tours operate all over the year but special tours can be availed from May till September when the weather is pleasant. The water tours would generally take 2-3 hours.

If you have never explored the waterways, Winnipeg offers an amazing experience that appeal to people of all ages. Book flights to Winnipeg for your family right now and you all would have an unforgettable vacation.