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The Coolest Summer Festival Destination – Saint John

Saint John is the coolest and most colorful Canadian city. The populace here loves adventure and the city has rich culture with eclectic sophistication. If that is not enough a reason for you to immediately book flights to Saint John, consider this – as you stroll through this vibrant downtown, you can spot great fashion stars, performers, chefs, musicians and much more for a wonderful experience in the city. It is like all the beautiful colors are just waiting to roll before your eyes.

You will never be unhappy for booking your tickets to Saint John as the city has plenty to offer if you are an adventure lover. You can enjoy boating on the safe bay or enjoy various sports events in the city. Besides all this, Saint John is also an amazing place to enjoy culinary pleasures, urban lifestyle and unique architecture.

On a whole, Saint John is a youthful and happening place with something interesting going on throughout the year. Summers in Saint John are specifically enjoyable because a great plethora of summer festivals and events are lined up to give you most enthralling time of your life; have a look:

St. John’s Day Celebration

City’s birthday is celebrated munificently with many live performances, outdoor concerts, exciting events and free birthday cupcakes. It is a three day long celebration that draws a huge crowd from all over Canada and rest of the world. There is always a huge rush to book cheap flights to Saint John during the month of June that is when St. John birthday is celebrated.

Buskers Festival

The Market Square in Saint John will be packed with over 50,000 locals and visitors for 24th edition Buskers Festival in July 2014. This year, this festival is expected to be better and bigger than all the times with best of street theatre performances, cracking comedy and physical feats. You simply would not like to miss this wonderful festival that promises to entertain you generously whether it rains or shines.

Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues Festival

It is a great time to come together for many national, international and local music artists and music lovers. The festival is celebrated at various venues across the city. It is a 6 days long festival full of brilliant Jazz music, good collaboration and happy times. In all, it is going to be an unforgettable experience with Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues Festival in July.

St. John’s Time

What more could you wish to entertain you ceaselessly in Saint John than 11 days long celebration from late July to early August. The Saint John’s Time festival basically combines 4 major festivals. There is something interesting for each of the family member to indulge into. There is food, music, sports, kids-friendly activities, great market and much more.

Above is just a glimpse of many special and exciting summer events. Saint John is a place where strangers instantly become your friend and entertainment is never a difficult hunt. As you book your cheap tickets to Saint John here, do not forget to refer to local event and festival calendar for more information and exact event schedule.