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There Is No Love Sincere Than Love For Bangalore Food

Bangalore is the main hub for young and adventurous Indians who have settled in this tech-savvy city for varied professions, businesses and education. Since this city is a unique mix of different people and their culture, an interesting blend of food cuisines is quite evident here. Nonetheless, people of Bangalore love their food very sincerely; this article explains various types of food you may get while you are in Bangalore.

Whether you like eating traditional Indian food, authentic Karnataka food, International cuisines or North Indian spicy food, the platter of Bangalore food is enticing enough to compel you book cheap flight tickets to Bangalore only to taste the most amazing food varieties.

It doesn’t really matter if you are eating food in a top class restaurant or eat street in Bangalore, following types of food cuisines are prominent here:

Cheap Street Food

The Bangalore food scene and the passion of local populace for food can be experienced the moment you enter the local street food heaven – “Thindi Beedi”. This street serves whole India in a single platter. You get all types of food including Vada Pav from Mumbai, Chaat from North India, Local varieties of Dosa & idli, traditional delights such as Holige & Chirotti and other delicious sweet and savory snacks. There also are multi cuisine restaurants and hotels that serve great food with inspiring ambience and full dose of entertainment.

Authentic Karnataka Food Cuisine

The authentic food cuisine of Karnataka mainly includes rice with rasam or saru that is like a soup of vegetables. You will also find vegetable curry, chapatti, curd and buttermilk to be regular part of Karnataka platter. Other lip smacking and healthy food choices of Karnataka offer varieties of idlis and dosas with Kesari Bhath, Chakli, Khara Bhath, Nippattu and many more such foodstuff. Real authentic Karnataka food is served at MTR, Vidyarthi Bhavan and Udpi Sri Krishna Bhavan restaurants in Bangalore.

International Cuisine

Just as any other Indian metro city, Bangalore too has many multi-cuisine and fine dine restaurants with best of multi-cuisine food items listed on their menus. You can find Chinese, Thai, Spanish, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian and many more food items to relish your taste buds. Since a lot of tourists visit Bangalore, there are plenty of restaurants that serve tasty international dishes.

North Indian Cuisine

North Indian cuisine is explicitly popular in Bangalore. Spicy vegetarian food and tandoori dishes coming from North India are specifically liked by local communities in Bangalore. The affinity for typical North Indian flavor and taste has grown over time among Bangaloreans. Many of the restaurants and street food stalls here serve tandoori chicken, curries, naan and biryani etc that are North Indian specialties. Popular for its fantastic aroma and spice mixes, North Indian food is not a tough hunt in Bangalore. Some of the popular North Indian restaurants in Bangalore are Copper Chimney, Samarkand and Chandani Chowk.

Food in Bangalore is simply loved with full enthusiasm and passion. You need to book cheap flights to Bangalore to experience it for self – book Bangalore flights and savor the popular Bangalorean food at its best.