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Things Never To Pack For A Vacation

Planning a vacation? You have cheap flights to your preferred destination booked and you think that your job is finished? Think again!

Packing stuff for vacation is yet another massive part of planning vacation (after booking cheapest air tickets) that tests your smartness. The key is in packing your things smart, not hard.

Sometimes, you may have urge to pack things for unexpected events but packing a lot of what-if stuff can enormously add to the weight. Moreover, it is more a hassle to unpack a lot of things after long vacation just to realize you have not used more than half of the things in your luggage.

You can easily avoid this hassle by never packing things you would never need. Here is our list of such things:

Too Many Hair Care Products

Your hair of course is special and you want to treat them best on your vacation. But packing too many hair products like a shampoo, conditioner, pomade, comb, rollers, hair spray and more would get a bit aggressive.

Especially if you are staying in a good hotel, you will get complementary shampoo and conditioner to do the job quite well. In case you have to, consider packing small handy pouches of everything. Pack only a comb and brush for hair styling.

Hair Dryer

Women generally are sensitive on topic of their hair but carrying a hair dryer is not a good idea at all. Even the compact style hair dryers take pretty much of packing space. Most of the hotels have hair dryers for their guests to use complementary.

In any odd case, if your hotel does not provide the hair dryer, let your hair dry naturally in air. Believe us that looks fantastic and after all, you are on a vacation.

Extra Pair Of Shoes

For a vacation, all you need for your feet is two pair of shoes at the max. Don’t overweigh by packing different shoes with every dress. Make wise choices and only pack two pair of shoes that are comfortable, versatile and compact.

Workout Gear

There are a few diehard fitness freaks who cannot live without working out but rest of us may not even think of working out on a vacation. So, why pack that excess baggage for workout gear?

When you are saving some money on cheap tickets & flights, save some space too and leave the workout gear at home.

Additional Camera Accessories

Would you use that tripod ever that has taken plenty of bag space? And that extra flash..would you need them? And what about those different lenses? Getting photographs worthy to be posted on social networks is important but you can get decent photographs with a normal digital camera and even with your smart phone. Never pack such bulky stuff.


Bundling towels for every single family member or person traveling with you is ridiculous especially when your hotel do provide enough of them; and if they don’t…change your hotel!

Now that you have a clear idea of how to reduce packing hassles by never packing above (and more) unnecessary items, just get the cheap flight tickets to a fun destination booked right now and set on for a hassle and weight less vacation.