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Top 5 In-Flight Beauty Tips For Everyone

When it comes to maintaining beauty during long flights, it could be a tough challenge. Especially when you have boarded cheap flights for a long vacation or business tour, you not only need to look your best but you also need to stay fresh & bright.

Here are our best in-flight beauty secrets revealed just in time when you need it most:

Water Is An Absolute Essential

Don’t just rely on the little cups of water flight crew bring with food. Since every person in the flight is leaving out carbon dioxide and the air containing oxygen that is pumped into the aircraft can be dry, you need to constantly keep your skin hydrated.

Try to drink at least 1 liter of water for every 5 hours of flight. Make sure that you always have water handy.

Don’t Pack Heaps Of Beauty Products

You absolutely do not need to panic and pack heaps of beauty products in your flight. In case you are too beauty conscious and cannot pass a day without your deep cleanser, special acne formula lotion or high spf lotion, look for miniature travel-friendly bottles to fill up with your beauty essentials as soon as you book cheap tickets and flights. They are cheap, leak-proof and flight approved too.

Carry Evian Spray & Moisturizer

A little mist on your face during flight can make you feel fresh and skin hydrated. You may simply, fill your small spray bottle with rose water in case you do not want to carry something big.

You can also use hydrating serum to lock the moisture within the skin to avoid the ill effects to dry cabin air. Another effective way to combat dry cabin air is to use enough moisturizer. Do not forget to pack your favorite light weight moisturizer especially during long international flight.

Do Pack SPF

A sunscreen lotion with spf as high as 30 and full protection against harmful rays of sun is absolutely essential during flights. Especially when you are on the window seat, you are closer to sun to need spf. If your flight is longer than 2 hours, do not forget to reapply the sunscreen for extended protection. Do not forget to carry lip balm with sun protection.

In Take Anti-Oxidants

Higher altitudes and latitudes mean more radiations falling on you from sun. You can easily temper these radiations by stocking up on food items that are rich in anti-oxidants. Have green tea, fruits or kale salad to intake anti-oxidants. Avoid consuming alcohol. Look for skin care products enriched with vitamin A,C and E.

If you really want to avoid all these hassles and fly absolutely stress-free, the best option perhaps is to fly at night.

So, as you book cheap flight tickets for your next vacation, you now know what you should be packing for best in-flight beauty care. Don’t fear heat, humidity and high altitudes to damage your beauty; stay calm and book cheapest flights to your favorite holiday destination at