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Traveling Canada: The Best Tips

Canada is home to very friendly people, wonderful landscapes, diverse culture and beautiful cities. All in all, Canada is a perfect destination to immediately book cheap flights for and enjoy a memorable vacation.

Canada is generally overlooked by travelers and it does not get the attention it actually deserves. This tremendous country has a lot to offer and here are our best tips. These tips will also help you to plan your Canadian trip with best travel experience:


Food is an integral part of traveling and Canada has a delectable variety of food to offer. Having food in Canada may not be very expensive if you plan to cook your own food or you hit an affordable pub.

A meal at a good Canadian Restaurant may cost you between 25 and 50 Canadian dollars per person but you can always hit the cheap food centers for delicious sandwiches and other popular street food that will cost you about 20 to 40 CAD per meal.


Staying rate in Canada can largely vary according to the choice of accommodation you want and the city you are in. Generally, the staying cost in Canada can cost between 50 to 100 CAD.

Canada offers a lot of staying options to fit into any budget. You can directly book a dorm room in a hostel as soon as you book your cheap flight tickets to Canada or you can check into any of the budget hotel rooms.

Moving Around

Canada is a big country and you may have a difficult time to move around in the city without a car. There are well established networks of public transportation to help you out. The most used public transport in Canada is Metro that may cost you about30-40 CAD for a one way trip.

To move between the cities, you can take train network that runs from coast to coast taking you trough scenic trails. To move within the city, you also have the vastly spread bus networks. Car on rent are also available costing around 50-80 CAD per day.

How To Save Money While Traveling Canada

Canada is a country that has plenty of indoor and outdoor activities no matter which Canadian city you are visiting. While you enjoy these activities, here are some expert tips to help you save money:

·         Look for some coupon sites that offer good deals on local shopping and dining.

·         Canadian summer is full of festivals. Be a part of such festivals and you can enjoy great street shows, music, food and much more at a low cost.

·         During winters, you can easily rent a pair of snow shoes and enjoy free walks through the wonderful trails beautified further by snow.

·         During summers, you can enjoy low cost outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking and canoeing.

·         Enjoy multiday rodeo carnival – Calgary Stampede in July that allows you to pretend like a cowboy or cowgirl.

Hope this little blog will help you get most out of your Canadian trip without spending much. While Canada still remains an underrated destination for rest of the world, book cheap tickets & flights with us and discover Canadian grandeur to charm you forever.