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VICTORIA – THE GARDEN CITYBeing the capital city of the province of British Columbia, Victoria is known as the Garden City for Butchart Gardens and much green space. The city also lies within the world’s highest northern Mediterranean climate at a latitude of 48.5 degrees north. Create your itinerary based on the gardens around the city. Here we bring to you two of the best gardens available in the city.

Butchart Gardens:

The roots of this garden come from the early 19th century. Ownership of the garden still remains with Butchart family, who initially designed this garden. Robin-Lee Clarke, great-granddaughter of Robert Pim Butchart and Jennie Butchart, owns this garden since 2001. During the days of Mr. and Mrs. Butchart, symphony concerts were conducted by them for their family guests which, with the time progressing, attracted larger audience. This culture still continues and the garden offers a wide range of local entertainment from Jazz to Classical music. The attractions of the garden include “Circle of Doves” installed in front of the begonia bower, the “Jennie B”, an electrically driven 12-passenger boat giving visitors a glance at the waterside history and aquatic plants and animals, and the fountain statue of “Three Sturgeon”, installed near the Japanese garden.

Visit this garden to make your day a memorable one with the floral species aroundJ

Beacon Hill Park:

Adding a feather to its cap, Victoria also has this wonderful public park as a tourist attraction. The park is popular both with tourists and locals. The amenities of the park include, 2 playgrounds, a water park, tennis courts and landscaped gardens. Flora and Fauna are important species for any country and this park has given utmost important to both of those which is evident from the floral variety spread across the park and the type of birds that are often seen here. Floral variety includes Garry Oak, Western Red cedar, Snowberry, Oregon grape and Fawn Lilly. Raccoons, River Otters and Squirrels fall under the bird category whilst Swans, Ducks, Canada geese and Blue herons make ponds in this park noted. This park has a dedicated site reserved for concerts that is functional between June and September every year.

One man made feature of the park which makes it special is the Totem pole. This prominent feature is the world’s fourth tallest one. This 38.8m (127 feet) totem pole was carved by Mungo Martin and was erected in 1956. By then, this was the world’s tallest totem pole. This park also holds a tribute of a sister to her brother, which is the pebble bridge over the Stream of Fountain Lake. Emily Carr, brother of Alice Carr was a renowned BC artist and this pebble bridge serves as a tribute this artistJ . The petting zoo of the park makes this spot a lovable one and is the X factor behind the park’s success.  The peacocks move freely around the zoo with their feathers decorating visitor’s eyes. “Running of goats” event makes the zoo even more attractive.

Visit to this garden city will never be regretted by a single individual who has a liking towards nature and floral species. So, to have an enjoyable weekend or a picnic with your family on a special occasion, fly to Victoria and have funJ.