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Vancouver’s Deliciousness

With frequent cheap flights to Vancouver from all over the world, Vancouver has become one of the prime travel destinations. Besides the popular tourist attractions, the food scene of Vancouver is feasting tourists and local residents alike throughout the year. Here’s a peek into the Vancouver’s deliciousness:

The Fresh Local Food

The abundance of British Columbian’s agricultural legacy and its numerous local farmers and growers make a huge contribution to the local food scene in Vancouver. The local restaurants and food joints serve the fresh farm produces with best of seasonal ingredients. “Farm-To-Plate” could be an infrequent proposition in restaurants at other places but in Vancouver, it’s an ingrained practice.

Best Of Sea Food

From the fresh B.C. waters, Vancouver has tastiest prawns, halibut, clams, cod, trout, salmon and many other varieties of sea food to be served on your plate. For sea food lovers, Vancouver is nothing less than a paradise to party. Many sea huggers travel via cheap flights to Vancouver to participate in Ocean Wise Conservation Program.

Best Of Chinese Food

Vancouver has many strip malls between Chinatown and Richmond that offers exciting Chinese food. To make it even more exciting, the city also organizes Chinese Food Awards for best dishes. A whole variety of Chinese food like dim sum, hot pot, noodles, hunan and much more is easily available here.

Incredible Indian Food

It is not an exceptional scene in Vancouver to see Chinese, Italian, Greek, Thai, French, Japanese and Indian food being served to the diners. Often, you may find all these great cuisines in a same block. Since Vancouver is home to large Indian population, it is not difficult to find authentic Indian food with full variety including butter chicken, dal makhani, naan and stellar snacks.

Delectable Street Food

Vancouver has extremely popular street food served through high-end food trucks. When you want to taste the best of street food in Vancouver, you could get a full egg breakfast, smoked salmon salad, seafood loaded poutine, sandwiches, burgers, cookies, tacos and much more. There also are tours organized to display the incredible street food scene of Vancouver.

The Coffee Culture  

The coffee culture of Vancouver is both – brewing hot and drifting up to Seattle. If you are fond of, you can have best cups of locally-roasted coffee beans at Starbucks awarded coffee shops but if you really want to taste the real kick of java, head towards independent coffee shops and baristas of Vancouver.

Festival Feasts

There are many food focused festivals celebrated in Vancouver that reflect the true love of Vancouverites for their food whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian or vegan. You can also participate in straight cook-offs or dumpling eating competitions and pie making challenge during festivals and special events.

The food scene of Vancouver is focused on being green with high emphasis on sustainability. All the restaurants and food joints use local products and maintain sustainability in their décor, design and treatment of food not eaten. People here believe in wasting less food and that adequately expresses their love for food. If all this excite you enough, you have cheap flights to Vancouver to be boarded right a few clicks away. Happy Eating In Vancouver!