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Winnipeg – The 911 City


World’s first city which developed the 911 emergency contact number was Winnipeg. Thanks to the city for this wonderful initiative. We here bring to you 5 weird, funny, cool, interesting facts about this city, which you might have not known earlier. Have fun with the facts J There we go from the bottom…

5. Let’s make a deal:

To my knowledge, Winnipeggers have a very good reputation towards looking for the best deals, in general. No wonder about it, since Winnipeg stands as the birth place of the host of a famous television game show “Let’s make a deal”. Yes, Monty Hall was born in Winnipeg. The prominent Monty hall problem still serves to be a nightmare to me. I am sure, I will have a lot of company J

4. Intrepid:

Intrepid, by which Sir William Samuel Stephenson is best known is the wartime intelligence codename. He was one of the real-life inspirations for James Bond. Leaving school at a younger age to work as a telegrapher was his destiny followed by which he also volunteered his service to the 101st Overseas Battalion of the Canada Expeditionary Force. The seeds were sown by then which later made him an Intrepid, a real hero. Brave hearts continue to live. Winnipeggers are always proud of him J

3. Wine festival for a cause:

Among the other festivals around other cities of the country, Winnipeg’s wine festival boasts the highest crowd. This festival is the most respected and the largest wine festival across the country, the reason being the cause behind it. Special Olympics Manitoba, which makes Manitobans with intellectual disability to enjoy their lives through active participation in sports, is funded by this wine festival. With the happiness, that is evident through the smiles of differently abled, you can definitely be satisfied. Wine for a cause really makes senseJ

2. 41st Mayor of Winnipeg:

Sometimes you can’t classify facts into a category. One such fact is right here. Winnipeg is the first major city of Canada that elected an openly gay man to be the mayor. Yes, Glenn Murray was the 41st mayor of Winnipeg. Glenn Murray was a little lesser than perfect when compared to his counterparts is what the Canadian had to say on him. But he had some significant events during his tenure such as 1999 Pan American Games and the C5 Summit. “Fortune favors the brave”, in this case the brave decision got favoredJ

1. Confusion Corner:

You will not be able to find an intersection that is more perplex than the one at Winnipeg. Osborne Junction, is the one that can never be compared to any other intersections in the world. Hence the name Confusion corner.  Most of the traffic between downtown and the southwest of city must pass through this intersection. This is still infamous for its complexity, that it doesn’t help distracted or unfamiliar drivers to navigate correctly. When students are confused about intersections on their mathematical papers, there is a city intersection that misleads traffic. The analogy though didn’t bring in much of a humor, still looks healthy J

Hope the facts did refresh you. The best thing about the Winnipeg is its climate. Winnipeg has four different seasons, with short transitional periods between winter and summer.Temperatures as highas 42.2 °C (108 °F) in July 1936 and as low as −47.8 °C (−54.0 °F) in December 1879 have occurred in the city.  Winnipeg was named the coldest city in the world with a population of over 600,000 based on the average night-time temperature from December to February. However this name is now taken over by Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

Keep your dates blocked for flying to this beautiful city and experience multi-faceted personalities and the varieties of cuisines available around in the city.

Happy flight!!