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This blog post explains what you can and what you can’t take with you when you are traveling by flight. 

We have tried to compile all the baggage related information for major airlines.

This information applies to economy class travelers for major carriers.

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Max Dimensions (cm)

Weight (Kg)

Carry-on Allowance


157 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 40 x 55),1 personal

United Airlines

157 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 35 x 56),1 personal

Porter Airlines

158 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 40 x 55),1 personal

Delta Air Lines

157 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 36 x 56),1 personal

British Airways

43 x 75 x 90


1 standard (23 x 45 x 56),1 personal

American Airlines

158 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 35 x 56),1 personal

Alaska Airlines

158 (linear)


1 standard (25 x 43 x 61),1 personal

Air Transat

158 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 40 x 51),1 personal

Air Canada

158 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 40 x 55),1 personal


Just in case you are wondering what a personal item is?

Personal items include:

·        Small backpack

·         Purse

·         Laptop

·         Briefcase

·         Items under 91cm (length + width + height) can also be classified as personal items.

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Arriving At Bangalore International Airport For The First Time

Bangalore is the largest city in the Indian state of Karnataka and it is also the capital city of the state. Bangalore is a city graced with beautiful landscapes, educated population, clean atmosphere and most promising professional and business opportunities. No wonder, the city is also known as Silicone Valley Of India for its development and facilities in Information Technology.

A lot of domestic and international tourists, entrepreneurs and students travel to Bangalore. If you are arriving at Bangalore via cheap flights to Bangalore, here is the useful information that would come handy when you need.

The Airport

The city of Bangalore is presently being served with the resourceful Bangalore (Bangaluru – old name) International Airport. This airport is recently renamed as Kempegowda International Airport with newly inaugurated terminal.

Indian international airports like Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi that serves all the cheap flights to Delhi from major cities in the world and many others are all designed to function at par with best design and technical efficiencies. The Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore is classed apart because of its energy and environmental design and best use of technology to serve its passengers. The airport serves from a double floored building with essential facilities available at both ground and first floor.

Arrival At Bangalore International Airport

As your flight lands at the Kempegowda International airport, you are headed forward to the baggage claim area either through the bus gates (with airline buses carrying you from the aircraft to the arrival area) or through the aerobridges. The staff members help you to guide the ways and procedures.

You are welcomed at the arrival lounge with independent baggage conveyor belts for domestic and international passengers, display systems for the flight information and active assistance. After you claim your baggage, you can proceed ahead for the immigration process.

The Immigration Process

There are 18 dedicated immigration counters at Bangalore international airport to quickly complete the process with an average duration of 7 minutes. There also is certain immigration restrictions that every passenger needs to follow and they are:

  • Each passenger can carry 1 laptop
  • Each passenger is allowed to carry the electronic goods that are less than total value of INR 25,000
  • Each passenger is permitted to carry up to 2 liters of alcohol or liquor

Your passport, visa and other documents are checked. Do not forget to present completed immigration form or vaccination certificates if applicable. After clearing the immigration process you can enter the Bangalore city.

Departing From Bangalore International Airport

You can use multiple options of check-in at Kempegowda International airport including:

  • Tele check-in
  • Web check-in
  • Check-in counters
  • Self-service check-in kiosks

For tele and web check-ins, check your boarding pass to have proper seal from the airline counter.

The immigration process is completed before the security check. There are certain items that are restricted on boards such as scissors, razor blades, aerosols, liquid battery, cricket bats and other flammable items etc. You are allowed to carry one handbag up to 7 kilos. In case you purchase any item at the airport after security check, it is allowed on boards.

You can book flight to Bangalore from major world locations at . Cheap flights to Chennai, Hyderabad and other South Indian cities are also available.

Arriving At Delhi International Airport In India

Foreigners generally take up cheap flights to Delhi to enter into India. Delhi is the capital city of India and all the international flights from major countries land at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. This airport is the busiest Indian airport that serves over 36 million passengers in a year.

All the passengers who need to enter India via Indira Gandhi international Airport or any other international airports in various Indian cities need to have a valid visa. Indian visa can be obtained from nearest Indian embassy in your country. You can apply for tourist, business or transit visas depending upon your staying requirement.

The entire process of Indian visa is governed by Indian immigration department. The staff at Delhi international airport is friendly to help you. At present citizens of only few countries are allowed to enjoy visa on arrival facility, rest of the passengers need to get Indian visa in advance.

When You Arrive At Delhi International Airport

All the passengers from abroad, who are landing at Delhi international airport, need to fill the Arrival Form in order to get clearance from customs and immigration departments. And at time of your departure, you will need to fill the Departure Form.

You will also need to present your passport for examination. The immigration officers check your passport and arrival form thoroughly before stamping the arrival stamp on your passport. You must check proper stamping before leaving the immigration department to avoid any issues at the time of your departure.

Your luggage may also be examined and the luggage carts are available free of charge. There are some banks at the terminal itself that allow currency exchange. If you need to exchange currency, do it before you go through customs because after that you will not be allowed to go back for currency exchange. Many of the banks in the city can exchange currency once you are out of the airport.

Red And Green Exits

The international airport in Delhi, India has two exits called as – Red and Green exits. If you have dutiable items, you will be using the red exit and the green exit will be used for common passengers without any dutiable item.

In case you are being asked to pay duty for an item that you have taken for self use, advice the custom officers that it is for your personal use and you will take it back with you. The officers then will make an entry on your passport to check the item being with you at the time of departure.

Some Important Tips

  • You must have duly filled arrival and departure forms in order to clear the custom and immigration formalities
  • If you have lost your arrival or departure form, fresh forms are available in the immigration area

· If you are entering India via cheap flights to Mumbai or cheap flights to Chennai, and then arriving at Delhi International airport, you will need to clear customs and immigrations only once at the airport you arrive first

  • Do not forget to collect the counterpart of the arrival/departure form from the immigration counter before leaving it
  • Do not forget to collect your passport back after it has been stamped with the arrival or departure stamp

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Chennai - Theatres and the Gateway to the South

As the fourth largest city in India, Chennai is one of our top destinations for both tourists and family members visiting home. If you are not interested or have already seen the huge cities of Mumbai and Delhi, you should consider visiting Chennai for its warm (and humid) climate and for its distinct cultural value. The culture of Chennai is markedly different from other major cities in India, as it is heavily influenced by its Tamil roots. Local clothing, cuisine, music and dance are unique to the area and anyone wishing to sample India's vast and diverse cultures should not overlook this city of over 4 million people.

Formerly (and still commonly) known as Madras, the name of Chennai was chosen as an alternative to the old name rooted in colonial past. It is one of the only cities in the world containing a National Park ( Guindy National Park ) within its borders, with nearly 5% of the city covered in green. Along with other wetlands and reserves, Chennai should hold some appeal to wildlife enthusiasts who may not yet be ready to enter the jungle and see tigers.

When and How to Visit

Summer season in Chennai may be too hot for most, so we advise planning a trip between October and March. Use our online search engine to check a few dates around the time you would like to visit to get an idea of the price range you can expect, and then find the lowest price by either searching yourself or contacting us to get you the lowest fares.

If you would like to land in a different city in India first, rail is your best option to get to Chennai. Regular trains depart from large hubs like Delhi to Chennai.


Let’s Travel India: The Wonders On The Tour

India is full of worthy wonders to incessantly charm you to visit India. With lenient international travel policies and easy availability of cheap flights to India, one could plan a visit to India in a very short time. As you travel widths and lengths through India, you are sure to be happily surprised with many Indian man made wonders and their unending magnificence.

We are listing here just a few of such wonders although there’s a lot more to be personally unveiled on your travel to India:

The Taj Mahal In Agra

The Taj Mahal Proudly stands in Agra and it is the 7th wonder of the world. It is quite apparent why many people consider the Taj as the most beautiful building of the world. The exemplary example of Mughal architecture – Taj Mahal is visited by millions of visitors every year from all across the globe. Just a photograph of Taj Mahal cannot justifiably express the immense magnitudes of beauty, love and sacrifice this building beholds.

You may avail swift and frequent bus services to travel to Agra from Delhi if your international flights are landing you at New Delhi.

The Golden Temple In Amritsar

The Golden Temple is situated in Amritsar which is a posh city in State of Punjab. It is a famous Sikh shrine and it is an emblem of strength and unity. The temple is surrounded by a lake; the giant and beautifully carved doors lead the way to the main building of the temple which is colored graciously gold. It is the best place to witness the harmony between Muslim and Hindu architecture.

Frequent bus services also connect Delhi and Amritsar and rest of the Punjab.

The Majestic Jaiselmer Fort

The impressively high fort of jaiselmer spreads over a large portion of the city in Rajasthan. This fort has had an elongated history of battles. You can get an idea about it gigantic size from the fact that once the entire population of the city lived inside this fort. The spreads of the fort from the top view can be seen up to border of Pakistan. Without a trained guide, you may just get lost in the huge walls of the fort for many days.

The Red Fort In Delhi

The Red Fort is a place that you must visit in Indian Capital city – Delhi. This impressive structure was built in 1639 A.D and it is still the most prestigious place from where the Indian Prime Minister raises the Indian Flag on National Independence Day and Republic Day.

All these fascinating places of India are a good reason to immediately plan a tour with family or loved ones. If you need to have cheap tickets to India, the best recommendation is to book it early before the flights gets full and the ticket prices raise. You can easily book affordable flight tickets to all major cities in India at We ensure you a comfortable and luxurious travel experience with complete support and guidance that you need for your tour to India.

Bundle a Bus Ticket with your Flight to India

Are you traveling to India to visit family or friends, but don't want to inconvenience them by having them pick you up from the airport?

What about a convenient way to make sure you have transportation when you arrive?

What if that transportation was more comfortable than any taxi?

Book a bus from Indira Gandhi International Airport


Buses are luxurious and well maintained, contain on-board entertainment, water, and friendly staff. And best of all, they come at a great deal.

Nanak Flights has been helping hundreds of our customers plan their trips to India by arranging for bus tickets, tours and hotels, as well as other planning arrangements, and our arsenal just got better with a new partnership with Indo-Canadian Transport. We have worked hard to negotiate great fares for you and your family, and continue to broaden our service technology to support you best.

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Nanak Flights: Making Your Tour To India Even More Expedient Now With Best Bus Services

India is a beautiful country with many natural wonders, clean beaches, historic sites, colorful culture and rich heritage. Besides its great diversity of culture, food, religion and geography, India is full of surprises to enchant you incessantly. Nanak Flights is a major flight service company that is committed to allow luxury travel to all its clients.

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Traveling From Delhi To Punjab Just Got More Classy & Comfortable With Us

Punjab is a land of valor and enchanting natural splendor. Your tour to India is just not complete without experiencing the delectable food choices, stunning architectures and peaceful environment at several shrines of Punjab. The golden Temple in Amritsar, royal Punjabi palaces, historic sites, battle grounds and many more such places are truly must see places when you are in Punjab.

Most of the International airlines offer cheap flights to Delhi to begin your India tour. If you want to visit Punjab from Delhi via road, our frequent and very luxurious bus services provide you an expedient service. In case cheap flights to Amritsar are not easily accessible to you or when you just want to enjoy the picturesque landscapes along the road, our bus services from Delhi to Punjab and Haryana serve you like a diligent genie.

An Enjoyable Facility

Our strategic partnership with top class bus services allows you to conveniently book for Delhi to Punjab bus service right along with your flight tickets. This makes sure that you get confirmed seats in the premium buses that usually ply full.

Our efficient bus service partners will be there to attend you right at the Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminals. It is easy to board for our bus services as we have our coaches travelling in a gap of every two hours. According to your budget you can book Economy or business class bus tickets and we ensure that you get best of services.

Our polite, helpful and knowledgeable staff works tirelessly to make your travelling experience most pleasant while you enjoy your ride in well maintained coaches with state-of-the-art luxuries. Regular coach attendants and experienced drivers ensure that your journey is safe and all your expectations are amiably met. Many of our bus services also offer free coolie and mineral water services along with on board entertainment facility to treat you with utter opulence. Nanak Flights welcome you to experience its most proficient bus services from Delhi to Punjab & Haryana.

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If You Are Young And Love To Travel

Hello young travelers! You might have landed to this post while searching for cheap flights to Calgary or flights to Vancouver for an adventurous trip. This post is definitely for you if you are young and a travel enthusiast who thinks you will never need to turn your face up for a travel agency Brampton for any requirement. You are quite right and we know that you have solid grounds to think that way.

You are young; you have the energy and you are an entrenched traveler who has seen the world. You may be the most popular guy in your college or locality who people like to refer as they plan their family vacations for a suitable location and easy route. With internet on your fingertips, it is always so easy for you and for everyone else to look for travel information like best destinations, routes, maps, flights and hotel booking deals and everything else. Majority of young people perhaps don’t even know what is a travel agent and what do they do? And if they know a few local travel agents they would assume them only to be of use to certain class of people who do not know how to use computer or internet to solve everyday bustles of life, and we are very sure that you are definitely not one of them.

Think Again…

A reputable travel agent like Nanak Flights can make your travel experience even more convenient and relaxed than tiring your fingers constantly clicking over various sites to get cheap flights to Ahemdabad or anywhere else in the world. The real deal with us is that we get you better flight and hotel booking rates than what is available for general public. This is through discounted rates directly from the authorized facility. We also get you access to exclusive and totally unique lodges and staying hotels that are hard to be found on any major hotel booking sites. Wouldn’t you love the peaceful environment of lovely little lodges that are not much crowded with general tourists?

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Top Tips To Book Cheapest Air Tickets With Nanak Flights

Who doesn’t like to save money whether it is over footwear or cheap flight tickets? Most people generally take flight tickets to be a standardized account and buy the tickets online without much research and comparison of the price per services offered.

Nanak Flights is sincere travel agency Brampton with cheapest flight to Vancouver, Canada, India and rest of the world. We are highly motivated to bring your cheapest flight booking options with best of services to make your travel exceedingly comfortable. We love to see our patrons happily satisfied when they save money on travel tickets; that is why we bring here top money saving tips to book cheapest flight tickets with us:

1. Check Flight Fares Often & Early

It is a fact that airlines tend to change their air fare quite constantly. It would not harm to keep checking the fares of preferred airlines as soon as you know that you need to fly. Once you keep the track of the prices, you would know when it is the cheapest deal to book your ticket. When you see the right deal at Nanak Flights website, book it immediately because same charges may not be available for a long time.

2. Make A Deal At The Right Time

It’s all in perfect timing like a hit between the stumps. It is often studied that people end up paying more if they book their tickets too late. For example, if you need flight ticket to Mumbai, it would cost you less to book it 49 or 7 weeks in advance than to book just a week before your actual travel date. Ideally, 3 or 4 week prior to travel date is a good time to book your cheap tickets with us.

3. Consider Holidays & Seasons

Availability of cheap flight ticket is inversely proportional to how full the flight is. You are likely to get better deals when the flights are not full. During holidays and festival seasons, flights are generally over boarded; it is recommended to book the flight tickets as early as possible especially if you are travelling during such busy times.

4. Be Eclectic In Selecting The Air Flights

With Nanak Flights, you can easily mix & match flights if you need to travel to many places. This allows you to choose the suitable most flight services with cheapest fares that essentially may not be same.

5. Sign Up For Instant Alerts

You can book for mobile email alerts so that you are exclusively informed about best deals for your travel requirements. Signing up for email alert is simple at Nanak Flights.

6. Consider Excess Charges

Some flights may offer cheap tickets but may charge you heavily for carry on or baggage. So make sure you check all such additional charges before making your final purchase.

8. Look For Price Drop Guarantee

Nanak Flights offer you price drop guarantee that get you $100 credit for next ticket purchase if the price of the ticket drops during the period when you purchased the ticket and your final travel date. This feature can save you big money.

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See the Western Jewel of India

Located on the North-West coast of India, the state of Gujarat is known as the Jewel of the West because of its well developed beauty and attractions.

Gujarat contains many religious, cultural, and historical landmarks. It is the state with the longest coastline in India, contains wildlife sanctuaries and hill resorts, religious landmarks including the Jain temples at Taranga, the Sun temple at Modhera, and around 800 additional temples across the sacred Shetrunjaya hill!

In general, the months of October and March offer ideal weather. A good railway network connects Gujarat to major cities, and you can book tickets through us by searching online for tickets to major airports like Mumbai and Delhi, and taking a train to your desired attraction in Gujarat. If you prefer to call our Brampton based travel agency, we can customize your trip in more detail.