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What Is the Best Time of Year to Book Cheap Flights?


Looking to book a cheap flight overseas? The tricks of the past can no longer get you those rock bottom deals. Fortunately, we know how to get the best rates in 2019. Use this quick guide to find the best time of the year to save big when booking your next vacation.



Skyscanner recently analyzed historical flight data and discovered that September produced the best flight prices when travelling internationally. But don’t fret – that’s not the only month you can get a good deal! August, December, October, and November also offer relatively cheap flights. If you don’t want to pay more than you have to, avoid booking in the summer – May, June, and July – these months have historically offered the most expensive rates. 


Book Well in Advance

Contrary to what you may have heard, flight prices don’t usually go down closer to the departure date unless the airline has seats that have not sold out. However, it’s never a good gamble to wait in the hope that the airline will have available seats – it’s rare they do. For popular destinations, it’s recommended that you book between four and six months in advance of your departure date. This ensures you get one of the lowest fare seats before they start to sell out. Rates often go up between the four-month and three-week period prior to the departure date.


Sundays Offer the Cheapest Rates

Tuesday is no longer the cheapest date to book. According to the ARC report, published for 2019, Sunday’s are the best day to purchase your flights. In fact, you can save up to 35% when booking on a Sunday. What days should you avoid? Thursdays and Fridays are still the most expensive days to buy your ticket, but they are often the cheapest departure dates.


You can find cheap flights year-round when you use our flight booking tool at Nanak Flights. Our Canadian-owned and operated agency runs an advanced search engine that scans up to 200 flight options from a vast network of travel partners to get you the best deals. We also compare our prices with our competition every day to ensure you’re getting the best prices guaranteed. And we offer a price drop and price match guarantee so that you always receive the best rate. Try our search engine out today and start planning your next vacation hassle-free!

Why You Should Book Your Flights to India Right Now


If you’ve recently decided to vacation in India, your next steps should be to plan out your itinerary and book your flights ASAP to make that dream a reality. And we recommend that you don’t wait! When travelling to some countries, booking early doesn’t always mean you’ll find a better deal. But when it comes to India – it does. In this article we’ll tell you why it’s essential to book your flights to India right now. 


Demand Is Up

India has become the world’s fastest growing wellness tourism destination. Yoga retreats, holistic health-based and spiritual growth travel has been rapidly in demand here. Plus, there’s been a steady growth in international business within India as well as a high domestic demand for travel which can highly impact the overall flight prices to and within the country. However, even with all this added pressure on airline carriers, people who take the time to plan can get ahead. For instance, business and domestic travelers usually book last minute or a few weeks out and wellness travelers usually are set on specific dates. If you can be flexible with your dates and book well in advance, you could get ahead of the price surges.


There’s Only So Many Carriers

There’s only so many carriers that have decent flights and prices to India from Canada. And recently, Jet airways ceased their operations which means there are less seats available on the market than there was even last year. The sooner you book, the more likely you are to find a direct or 1-stop flight at a low price. Wait too long and you might have to book a flight with over 2 stops and at a much higher fare than desired. 


Seasonality Affects Price

The date you plan to travel on will also affect the price. If you plan to travel to India between June 1st and July 30th or December 10th and 24th, you’ll experience peak season pricing, especially if you’re booking last minute. The best prices occur when you travel between January and mid-May, September and October, and when you book your flight at least 6 months in advance. It’s also important to note that you will experience surcharges on most airlines when travelling over the weekend. Booking your arrival and departure date mid-week will also allow you to save more. 


At Nanak Flights, we specialize in travel to India. Our online search engine scans through all the carrier’s prices to find you the lowest price for your flight. We also have a number of city guides to help you plan your trip and our team can even arrange tours for you throughout the city. Find out more about our services and give our search engine a try online today!

Cheap Flights to Rome? Sign Us Up!


Rome is a land of legend and mythology, known as the ‘Eternal City.’ The name signified that no matter what happened to the world and no matter how many empires fell, Rome would always remain and endure. To this day, you can still find many of the original architectural structures, sculptures, basilicas and ruins that date back nearly 3000 years ago. Nowadays, with the multitude of cheap flights to Rome, there’s been no better time to go visit! Find out here how to plan the perfect trip in this ancient and mesmerizing city. 


What To See

Your first stop should be to the infamous Colosseum. This iconic landmark was constructed in 70-80 AD and once held 80,000 spectators that would come far and wide to watch the famous gladiator tournaments. It is a true sight to behold and worth taking a tour of. Some of the other important sites not to miss include the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, the ancient Pantheon temple, the Sistine Chapel and the stunning sculptures of the Trevi fountain. There’s also a large number of museums to explore in Rome where you can witness some of the most breathtaking artwork and sculptures in the world.


What To Eat

Famous Italian dishes like rigatoni carbonara, amatriciana and pizza al tagio aren’t the only things worth trying in Rome. Century-old dishes can be found in many of the restaurants here too. Just ask any local and they’ll tell you not to miss out on trying fritti – a deep-fried appetizer that’s perfect before diving into your main course. Some of the most popular fritti here is the suppli, a fried-rice ball mixed with ragu and mozzarella. Another local favourite dish is the Fiori di Zucca – battered zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies – a tantalizing experience for your taste buds! For vegetarians, don’t miss out on trying a dish called Cacio e Pepe, which is hand-rolled tonnarelli noodles with salty pecorino cheese and pepper. Of course, Rome is also dotted with many traditional cafes serving delicious Italian espresso and mouth-watering gelato – a must have!


Where To Rest

Rome is also home to a number of beautiful parks and gardens to explore and spend some quiet time wandering through. In fact, Rome is one of the greenest cities in all of Europe. A trip isn’t complete here without at least one visit to the Botanical Gardens which was established in 1883 and contains over 3000 rare plant species. The Orange Garden also offers a quiet oasis with beautiful orange trees nestled throughout the area. You can also park yourself at the Parco delgi Acquedotti to unwind and take in the sights and sounds of this great city.


What To Hear

Italians are known for their theatre, live music, and festivals. If you’re looking for a good night out on the town, you won’t have to go far to find whatever you’re in the mood for in Rome. Restaurants and clubs can be found all throughout the city, playing jazz, rock, and house music for the masses. If you’re looking to catch a festival while you’re here, the Rock in Roma is one of the largest ones in the city, taking place in June and July, featuring a number of concerts. Roma Summer Fest also takes place in the city and showcases many internationally acclaimed rock and dance artists. 

The Eternal City is full of exciting things to see and do. And you can keep more money in your pocket by booking with us at Nanak Flights. Our online booking tool will search through hundreds of sites to find the best price and deal available! Try us out today.


Why Book Your India Trip with Nanak Flights


Looking for a reputable travel agency to book your next trip? Nanak Flights offers incredible savings on flights to India from every airport in the world. Find out why you should book your flight with us for your next adventure abroad.


The Best Deals To India


Why book through a generic agency when you can book your India trip through a company that specializes in budget flights and travel options dedicated to India? We partner with more than 100 airlines and travel wholesalers in Canada to bring you the best savings on domestic and international flights. With our easy-to-use booking platform, you can find cheap flights in a matter of seconds to any major destinations, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta and more. Whether you want to explore Bollywood or the bustling city life of Hyderabad, we can help you get there with rates you won’t find anywhere else.


Resourceful Travel Guides


Not sure which city to visit or which of the top sites to visit? Our tailored-made city guides will give you all of the advice and up-to-date information that you need to plan the vacation of your dreams. From top hotels and restaurants to museums, guided tours, and monuments – get all the expert tips you need right on our site.


Customized Tours


Are you looking for something customized? We also provide tours and packages offered at the best prices possible. Just contact our staff by email or phone, and we’ll help arrange a memorable experience for you and your family.


Experienced and Knowledgeable Agents


Our agents are a team of passionate and well-seasoned travel professionals who have extensive knowledge about travelling to India. They will help answer all your questions and do whatever it takes to ensure that your experience goes smoothly. We also have a dedicated ‘schedule change’ team that will advise you if there are any changes to your departure times.


Round The Clock Multi-Lingual Support


When you book your India trip with Nanak Flights, you’ll also receive 24/7 support to assist you with your needs. If you have a problem or question, you can reach out to our call center anytime, and our multi-lingual staff will help.


Advanced Booking Technology


Our system is designed to find the cheapest flights for you. Every time you search, our booking system will check up to 200 different options from our network of travel partners and then compare our prices with our competition to ensure you get the lowest price possible.


Accredited and Trustworthy


Why choose us over our competitors? Nanak Flights is a proud Canadian-owned and operated business that’s IATA and TICO accredited. We also use SSL encryption on our website so that you can book with confidence and keep your personal info safe.


We’ve helped thousands of customers find the best fares to and from India and beyond. To try it for yourself, head over to our website and use our search function to get started – you won’t be disappointed!


Which Languages Do You Really Need for a Trip to India?

India has an astonishing 19,569 languages, according to the 2011 census! If you’re planning a trip to India, you don’t need to worry about carrying several thousand dictionaries in your luggage, as almost 97% of the people you’ll meet speak one of the 22 so-called scheduled languages. Even more reassuring is the fact that lots of people speak English pretty well.

The 22 scheduled languages include Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Tamil and Urdu. Hindi has around 420 million speakers, while Bengali has 82 million. All of the schools in India, however, teach standard Hindi, which is based on a colloquial version of the language spoken widely in and around Delhi.

Then there’s the different states…

Several of the Indian states, while speaking standard Hindi and English, also have their own official state languages. Bengali, for example, is spoken in Bengal, while Telugu is spoken in Andhra Pradesh and Marathi in Maharashtra.

…and the regional dialects

While Hindi, which is an Indo-Iranian language is widespread in northern and central India, lots of different dialects exist, branching off from the central “spine” of standard Hindi. You could see Hindi as being shaped and changed in pretty much the same ways as Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese have been adapted in Europe. These languages are all derived from Latin, and even today they have lots of words in common, but quite a bit of distance has developed and it’s hard to describe these languages as dialects – they have become distinct from one another.

If you’re heading to southern India…

The southern regions of India have much more diversity in their languages and so if you’re planning to rely on Hindi, you might find fewer people to talk to. Even when it comes to the bigger industrial cities like Hyderabad, Madras and Bangalore, there are significant differences between languages and dialects.

The upside to this, though, is that English is widely-spoken and popular. You will have to get used to some of the Indian-English – or Hinglish – idioms and peculiarities. For example, if an Indian friend is explaining something to you and asks you if you “…have any doubts?”, they’re asking if you have any questions, not whether you believe them or not. Your “good name” is your first name and if someone’s “taking a class”, they’re teaching, not learning. Realistically, you could spend the rest of your life learning all the particulars, so find a good phrase book, absorb a few and then just wing it!

In southern India, the main languages are Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. These are Dravidian languagesso they have some similarities in structure. They also have a few borrowed words from Hindi, albeit with a few pronunciation and meaning tweaks.

The alphabets

Most of the widely-spoken languages use the Devanagari alphabet, which was first developed to write down Sanskrit. This system of writing goes from left to right and you’ll see a horizontal line above each letter; each letter also represents a single consonant or vowel sound.

You can learn to read Devanagari without learning the letters by using the International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (IAST). In this system, each Devanagari letter is represented by a Roman alphabet character which is most similar to the Devanagari version.

Is it Hindi or Urdu?

Some people in the northern areas of India will say they’re Urdu speakers and you might think it’s a totally different language. It’s not – they’re the same but they use a different alphabet. Hindi uses the Devanagari system while Urdu uses a Persio-Arabic script. The grammar and vocabulary are the same and if there’s no word for a particular object or concept, speakers will “borrow” a word from either Sanskrit or Persian to fill the gap. Urdu and Hindi speakers don’t have any difficulties communicating with one another; if an unfamiliar word crops up, the speakers will have enough language in common to explain it fully to the other.

Get to grips with Hinglish

Hinglish is the mash-up of Hindi and English (as if you needed telling by now…). It’s primarily English with a dash of Hindi. Most of the English is British English, some of which dates back to the days of the Raj, and then some American English thanks to media, TV and films.

The most pronounced difference that English-speakers find with Hinglish is the pronunciation. It doesn’t take much getting used to and you’ll soon get the swing. For example, you’d say “in-VIN-ci-ble” but your new Indian chums will say “in-vin-CI-ble”. They tend to place the stress on the penultimate syllable. Then there’s the “v” and “w” pronunciation, which is the same whether it’s a “v” or a “w” – a mixture of the two sounds that you, as an adult, will never be able to replicate properly.

It’s only a word

One thing that you’ll need to get the hang of pretty pronto is the use of “only”. It’s not just used to show or express limits or limitation, it’s also used to emphasise something. If you needed to find a mechanic, for example, a friend might recommend one to you with “He can fix your bike because he’s a bike mechanic only,”. This means that while he’s an all-round great mechanic, he’s especially good with bikes.

When you’re eating out, your server might ask you if your meal was “…enough, or less?” and this means he or she is asking if you need more to eat or if you’re full and satiated.

Getting personal

Very few people find Indian manners and courtesies discomfiting as they’re very well-mannered people. There’s one idiom that has raised eyebrows among the unready, though, and that’s the use of “you” plural. There’s no plural personal pronoun in Hindi, so Hindi speakers will say “you people” (“tum log”) when they’re referring to you and your friends or family. They’ll also use it when they’re talking about cultural differences, like “You people love macaroni cheese and ice hockey,”. To Western ears, this can sound slighting or prejudiced, but it’s just the same as “You guys,”, “You Canadians,” or simply “you” when you know it’s addressed to more than one person. There’s zero offence or prejudice involved.

Just use your smarts

Lots of Indian idioms are self-explanatory. When someone is talking about their family members, they may talk about “grandmother-dad”, which means their paternal grandmother. Swedish has a similar construction – “mormor” for maternal grandmother, “farmor” is the paternal grandmother, for example. It makes much more sense than Granny Biscuits and Granny Montreal, in fact, because non-relatives know who’s who!

Plurals are another group of words that are tweaked a bit. Indian people will often say something like “sheeps”, “cattles” or a “fleets” of ships. They’re pluralising words that are already plurals, but when it comes down to it, English can be downright awkward at times!

Good manners and getting what you want

Everyone is very polite and courteous in India, but you might find that you sometimes need to follow up a request or an order. Back home, you’d feel a bit of a pest and use a preamble to a waitress like “Sorry to bug you,” before asking about your starters. In India, you don’t need to be so shy. You can approach your server and just say “samosa samosa,”; repeating the word emphasises that you’ve already ordered and that you’re following up. It’s not rude at all, although the first time you do it, you’ll cringe…

So, to sum up

You should endeavour to learn some Hindi, Bengali or whichever is the prevailing language in the state you’re heading to, but remember that English and Hinglish will get you quite a long way. While locals will love the fact that you’re making the effort, they’ll also be keen to try out their English skills on you. If you’re not too confident with other languages, India, despite its multitude of dialects and tongues, is actually a very welcoming and easy place for you to get about. Just one of the many contradictions of this amazing country.

What are the Most Popular Flights from Canada to India?


Want to visit India? Whether you’re looking to have as seamless and stress-free of an experience as possible or just want to know which airlines to trust with your ticket, it’s a good idea to consider which flights are best suited for you. If you can’t stay in the air long due to health issues or time constraints, you should know that usually, the most popular flights are the ones that are the most convenient.  

This is where the NanakFlights team can help – our very own sales specialists have insider knowledge on international flights to and from India! They utilize extensive research that rivals that of other competitors. Here are some of the most popular flights from Canada to India, based on their findings. 


Air Canada

For non-stop service to Delhi and Mumbai, Air Canada is a safe bet. Flight number 42 from Toronto to Delhi and flight number 43 from Delhi to Toronto both operate seven days a week for plenty of convenience. You could also board flight 46 from Toronto to Mumbai and flight number 47 from Mumbai to Toronto 3 days per week during Air Canada’s winter schedule. Popular cabin choices include Premium Economy for added legroom and Business Class for unique features such as pod-like seats with sleeper functionality. 


Jet Airways

Want great service and creature comforts? Perhaps consider Jet Airways’ lounges with ample seating, vending machines, and coffee shops such as at their Amsterdam location. Speaking of which, passengers on Jet Airways flights from Canada to India will only make one stop, in Amsterdam, and won’t have to go through a security check while there. Jet Airways is also known for its convenience to Baroda customers, as they offer the best connections. 


European Airlines

If you fly with Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, Brussels, KLM, Air France, or Alitalia, you can use almost any European hub to reach your final destination in India. Don’t forget that, combined with a non-stop Air Canada flight in either direction with a joint venture partner, you can have a smoother and more streamlined flying experience. 


British Airways

Are you looking to upgrade to Premium Economy without those premium fees? British Airways may be an excellent choice for you, as their Premium Economy cabin is very popular due to lower-than-normal ticket prices. They also use their London hub for international connections between Canada and India, making for a great stopping point to stock up on supplies and take a breather between flights. 


China Eastern, China Southern, and Air China

These Asian airlines are especially popular choices for journeys from Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton due to their very low pricing. Some of their seat sale fares start from $700 (CAD) including taxes to India, making for a very competitive and cost-effective way to fly internationally.


Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline is all about convenience and high-volume passenger transport. Their double-decker, four-engine Airbus aircraft travel between Toronto and Dubai, but Emirates is also now flying five times a week to India. Many flyers prefer this airline because their baggage and customs are both handled upon landing in their final destination in India.


This is merely scratching the surface when it comes to the number of popular and convenient ways to visit India by air. Take a look at our complete list of flights suited to international travel to and from Canada, and don’t forget to book with us for increased savings potential!

Here’s What You Should Be Doing on Any Vacation!

Are you getting ready to plan your next vacation? Before you start organizing where to go and where you’ll stay, you’ll also need to think about what you’re going to do once you arrive. There are a number of things you should be doing on any vacation in order to make the most of your trip, and here we’ll show you exactly what those are so you don’t miss out!


Sure, you could lie at the beach for your whole vacation or decide never to leave the resort, but you’ll be missing out on a wonderful opportunity for seeing everything that the destination has to offer. Exploring the area during your vacation gives you a chance to expand your perspective, learn about a new culture, and appreciate what you have. Trekking out into new territory is truly exhilarating. So get out and explore!

Trying Something New

What’s the point of going on vacation if you don’t try something new and exciting? By looking online or searching through your recommended itineraries, you can find a number of things to do and places to discover that you’ve never done or seen before. It’s always refreshing to shake things up a bit when you’re away on vacation, so why not let down your guard a little and step out of your comfort zone?


Eating Local Cuisine

Your holiday is not complete without trying some of the local cuisines. When you’re away on any vacation, make sure to head out to one of the local hot spots. This will give you some real insight into their local culture and allow you to try unique flavours and maybe even discover your new favourite dish!

Photographing Everything

Don’t forget to take photos of everything. Your vacation is a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch some unique and engaging photos to share back home with family and friends. It’s also when you’re at your best — relaxed, adventurous, creative, and happy. It’s a nice way to remind yourself of what excites you and why you need to travel more.

Saving Money On Flights

Imagine what you could do with an extra two to five hundred dollars on your trip? That vision can easily become your reality when you save money on your flights. By using a service like Nanak Flights, you can get the best deals and cheapest flights available online so that you can have more money to spend on your adventures abroad.

What you should be doing on any vacation is enjoying yourself! Let us help you do exactly that by finding the perfect hotel, flight, and itinerary for your trip — all at an incredibly low price! You’ll get an adventure of a lifetime with a little more to add to your budget. To find out more about our travel services and our incredible discounts, visit our website today.

When Is the Best Time to Book for Your Summer Vacations?


Summer vacations are eagerly awaited by people across age groups. After all, it is the best time to unwind with the family and get geared up for the rest of the hectic year! But many people out there still fail to make the most of this popular school holiday season. Reason? Because they either don’t know when to start planning for their summer holidays or even if they do decide a destination in advance, they end up booking at the wrong time, paying a hefty amount for that much-needed vacation! Then there are last-minute travelers as well who end up paying the highest for their bookings due to the peak season.

To avoid such similar scenarios, you must book your summer vacations way in advance, which is what we are going to discuss about in this article.

The ideal booking season

Usually, people are at their leisure best when it comes to planning their summer holidays, leaving it until the last moment. That only leaves them with limited choices and higher rates. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose out on visiting your favorite destination, it is ideal that you book your trip at least 3 to 5 months in advance. Although the advance booking largely depends on your choice of holiday destination, a booking of minimum 3 to 5 months in advance can save a significant percentage of your money - anywhere between 20 to 30 percent to be precise.

January is considered as the ideal month to lock your bookings if you are planning your summer trip based on the school vacations. Even September is popular to book for your next year’s summer trip. But if you feel making such an early commitment can make you lose out on future discounted rates, think twice. After the Christmas holiday season ends, demand hits an all-time low and the hotels and tourism industries are relatively desperate to supply their offerings. That’s when an early-bird booking can get you cheap flights, low deposits, free child space as well as exciting accommodation deals. It’s a simple dynamic, you bring them business and they bring you attractive discounts!

In fact, most of the popular hotels and villas around the globe get a full house by the first week of April itself. Hence, you must confirm your bookings months in advance for a pleasant memorable experience.

Flight bookings for summer vacations

Airfares are directly proportional with holiday season and travel dates. The ticket rates skyrocket when the departure date approaches and goes down considerably during off-season. For example, just a week or two before Christmas, you would find it hard to fly to Europe or the States, as they are already full and the ones which are available are too costly for non-business travelers. The same theory applies with summer holidays as well.

Therefore, if you are planning to go for an overseas summer vacation, say to Europe, book your flight tickets at least three months in advance. Almost all the airlines announce special holiday discount rates that run for a couple of days for such advance bookings. You can avail attractive deals on your flight with savings close to few hundred dollars per ticket on your round trip. Moreover, booking a midweek flight for both your journeys can save a few more dollars too.

Hotel bookings for summer vacations

Booking a good hotel is necessary while vacationing. After all, a comfortable and rejuvenating stay is all you want during your holidays. However, you may have to compromise on your luxurious stay or shed more money for it if you book hotels at the very last minute. As with greater demands of peak holiday periods such as summer, hotels increase their rentals too. Although hotel fares depend on the region you are planning to visit and their peak tourist season, that should not keep you from making an early-bird booking.

An ideal time to book hotels for your summer vacations is minimum three months before you plan to depart for your trip irrespective of the destination. There are also people who confirm their favorite hotels, rental holiday homes or villas six to eight months in advance. It can greatly help you save on your summer trips across the globe.

For example, if you are heading to the US for summer, booking prior to three months of your departure can help you save up to 9% while booking Budapest hotels for summer 3 to 5 months in advance can save up to 35%. If Middle East is your summer holiday destination then booking a hotel 2 months in advance can get you up to 19% savings, as per the research done.

When you can stay at one of the best hotels with such enticing advance booking offers, then waiting for the last-minute discounts doesn’t make sense at all!

Cruise bookings for summer vacations

There is nothing better than spending your summer holidays than cruising along the sea. In fact, summer is the peak season when people of all ages set their eyes on a wonderful cruise trip on the Caribbean, Alaska, Northern Europe or the Mediterranean region. But as with other vacation options, cruises also get full and costly as the holiday season approaches. That’s why you must decide and confirm your cruise bookings way in advance.

While booking for a cruise summer vacation trip, timing is everything. The ideal time to book for cruise trips is at least nine months in advance. That gets you the best possible deals for your summer holidays which can save you hundreds of dollars. In fact, most cruise lines also provide exciting early-bird offers such as low introductory rates, cabin or suit preference, special dining packages, free air tickets, onboard credit points, cabin upgrades or even refundable bookings in case you change your mind to cancel the trip later.

You can avail such discounts during wave season which falls between January to March. However, different cruise lines have their own discount season as well, so it’s better to research and look out for the best. At the end, it all depends on your destination and the best time to sail.

Now that you have all this essential information, don’t wait and start booking for your summer vacations right away to grab the best deals.


How You Can Save Money While Travelling with Homestays

How You Can Save Money While Travelling with Homestays

We all love to go on vacations at least once a year. But one of the trickiest parts of planning the perfect holiday is staying within budget. Most people go overboard while booking accommodations for their travel plans. It mainly happens because they want a comfortable place to stay which also offers a lot of amenities. Every little feature that you add to your accommodation package costs you something, which is why coming up with an alternative is a must.

One of the simplest ways of saving money on accommodations while traveling is by choosing homestays instead of hotels. They are not only cozy and comfortable but are also way more affordable. Apart from this, homestays also add to your overall travel experience. In this article, we are going to talk about eight ways with which homestays allow you to save money.

Experience local culture for free

Besides visiting attractions another reason for traveling to new destinations is getting to know the local culture. Most travelers staying in hotels need to visit local villages or hang out spots to understand the cultural preferences of the citizens. However, if you are staying in a homestay, it becomes very easy for you to communicate with the locals without spending extra money.

More so, if you are traveling during the festive season, then you might even get a chance to experience it during the stay. This will give you a more realistic insight into the culture of the destination without it being tempered. On the other hand, people staying in a hotel usually have to book their tickets for such cultural festivals which can be an added expense.

Homestays are cheaper than hotels

The base tariff of a hotel usually depends on its location and the amenities that it provides. It means a hotel located in the central part of the town will be way more expensive than the ones on the outskirts. Similarly, the more amenities that the hotel offers, the more you will end up paying for the room.

Whereas, when it comes to homestays you can get an extremely comfortable room for half of the price. Irrespective of the location, homestays offer a very competitive tariff for the same type of accommodation which makes them perfect for travelers. This means you can save a lot by choosing homestays over hotels.

Conveniently located

We all know how difficult it is to travel from one part of the city to the other especially when you are staying in a far-flung hotel. This also means that you would end up spending a lot on your commute so that you can visit different attractions that the city has to offer. That is why booking rooms in a homestay can be an excellent way to save money.


Homestays are residential buildings owned by the locals, which means they are usually in a convenient location. This allows you to travel throughout the city without having to spend a lot. Apart from this, most homestays are also accessible by local modes of transportations which gives you a cheaper alternative to commute within the city.

Save on tour guides

While visiting a destination for the first time, we tend to hire guides so that they can show us all the famous attractions and places. But when you are living in a homestay, you can ask your host about all the places that you should visit. They can also guide you regarding all the different ways that you can use to reach the location without having to book a full day tour cab.

In other words, your hosts can also act as your tour guide. It gives you an opportunity to save money while you are traveling. The additional benefit of choosing a homestay is that you get to visit favorite local hangout spots which no guide would tell you about. This can include anything from cafes, restaurants to live event locations.

Free amenities

Like we mentioned earlier hotels usually charge you extra for all the different facilities that they provide making the overall cost too much. But in case of homestays, there are various amenities offered to the travelers for free. These can sometimes include internet connections, laundry services, and even airport pickup or drop facility.

Although, these things might not sound like a big money saver scheme. But they can definitely add to your convenience while you are traveling to a foreign land. Also, even if you request for additional amenities, the charges would be less than what it would be at a standard hotel. Remember that every little penny that you say while traveling can be used for something more important.

Complimentary meals

Finding budget-friendly places to eat while you are in a new city can be a little daunting especially when you do not know about the quality standards. This is one of the reasons why people like to book homestays. Most homestays provide a complimentary meal to their guests which is usually the breakfast. This allows you to save money for at least one meal.

More so, certain homestays can even provide you with two meals every day so that you do not have to bother about eating out. Although, such accommodations are a little more expensive than the regular homestays available in the city. But they are still cheaper than all the popular hotels put together.

Year around discounts

Everybody knows that the right time to travel to a new location is during the festive season as there are various discounts available on accommodations. But with the latest emerging trend of homestays, you can find fantastic deals year around irrespective of the tourist season. It means that even if you book a room in the middle of the year, you will still get a very competitive price.

Booking homestays can be an ideal way of saving money and not having to travel during a particular season. This also allows you to have a more comfortable and memorable trip as the destination would be less crowded. So the next time you are planning to travel on a budget make sure that you look through some of the homestays available at the destination.

Party with the owners

Parting with the locals is a great way to spend your evenings while you are traveling. However, this might mean that you have to pay an additional amount to get into a bar, lounge or any other place for that matter. This extra expense can be reduced by staying at a homestay as most owners organize evening get-togethers for their guests.

It can not only be a great way to meet co-travelers. But also to learn about the nightlife of locals. Some homestays also organize small cultural dance or song performances so that the guests can enjoy to their heart's content.

Besides helping you to save money homestays also give you the opportunity to make healthy bonds with people of different cultural backgrounds. Overall, it proves to be a great way of staying at new destinations while getting to know everything about the place. So the next time you are looking to save money on accommodations make sure that you book yourself a room in a comfortable homestay.

Cheap Flights

We partner with many airlines and airline consolidators to help find you the best prices for all flights and vacation packages booked through us. Get free quote for any vacation plan by email or by calling our toll free number 1 (855) 722-9977. You can also book cheap flights using our simple online booking engine.

NanakFlights welcomes Oman Air as its new Airline partner.

NanakFlights welcomes Oman Air as its new Airline partner:

Nanak Flights welcomes Oman Air as its new Airline partner. Oman Air is the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman. It was founded in 1993. Oman Air’s fleet consists of 6 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, 6 Airbus 330-300s, 4 Airbus 330-200s, 5 Boeing 737-900s, 22 Boeing 737-800, and 4 Embraer 175s.

for more information on the Oman Air, please check Airline's web site at the following url:

Destinations in India: Oman Air flies to 11 destinations in India (Delhi, Mumbai Goa, Kochi, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bangalore, Kozhikode and Jaipur).

Destinations in Pakistan: Oman Air flies to 3 destinations in Pakistan (Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore in Pakistan)

Destinations in Nepal: Oman Air flies to Kathmandu.

Destinations in Sri Lanka: Oman Air flies to Colombo.

Destinations in Far East:  Oman Air flies to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jakarta, and launched Guangzhou in China.

The routing is via Europe (London and Frankfurt) and then connecting to Oman Air’s hub of Muscat and further connecting to the final destinations. Oman Air uses Air Canada as its code share partner for flights to London and Frankfurt.

The introductory fares are very cheap. You can book either Oman Air flights online or by calling our call center.


Baggage information for flights to India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka: Oman air allows 2 pieces of checked in baggage to India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka and the baggage will be delivered to the final destination.


You can book cheap flights on Oman air by using our online booking engine at the following link: