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5 Reasons to Travel the World


Need some inspiration to distract yourself from your summer blues? Or are you finally ready to throw caution to the wind and live out your dream to explore the world? Either way, we’re here to help! Travelling is always a valuable and enriching way to broaden your perspective, appreciate the surreal beauty of our planet, and learn about new cultures – and even yourself during the process. Though the reasons to travel will always differ for every person, here are some of our top reasons to travel the world to help inspire you to take the leap and jet-set abroad.


Make Meaningful Friendships

Even when you travel solo, you’re never really alone since meeting and making new friends happens more naturally than you’d believe. Whether you’re waiting for a bus, catching a boat across the river, or checking out local hotspots, you’ll be brushing shoulders with so many other people who are doing exactly what you are – making travel a priority. Travelling is also the best way to make meaningful lifelong friendships with people you can truly connect with on a deeper level.


You Learn So Much

Ask anyone who’s travelled, and they’ll tell you just how much they’ve learned throughout their journey. Travel goes hand-in-hand with learning because when you’re in a foreign place, it automatically forces you outside of your comfort zone. When you’re forced to figure out how to navigate, fend for yourself, and strike up a conversation with locals, it keeps you on your toes and lets you learn and discover so much more about yourself and the world around you.


The Adventure

Of course, adventure is everywhere you turn when travelling abroad, which means there’s never a dull moment. Whether you’re eating new local cuisine, zipping over a tree canopy, hiking up a mountain, diving under the ocean or learning how to barter at local markets, travel is one of the best ways to inject some fun and excitement into your life.


Offers Time to Reflect & Change

Whether you’re celebrating a new stage of life or trying to mend a broken heart, travelling is something that will always instigate self-reflection and change. It can help you overcome challenges and grief, or it can give you the nudge and confidence you’ve been looking for to get out of a stubborn rut and take another big leap.


Teaches You to Appreciate What You Have

When we see visions of poverty splashed across the TV or social media, it can feel unsettling and heartbreaking until a distraction comes along to help us forget. We naturally get caught up in our own little bubble. But when you experience it and are faced with it head-on, it’s not something that you can easily turn away from. Travelling abroad opens your eyes to the conditions that so many people around the globe are living in. It teaches us to appreciate what we have and be more responsive and caring to those that aren’t so fortunate. 


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