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5 Reasons to Visit Cochin, India This Year


Considering taking a trip to Kerala this year? If so, don’t skip out on visiting Cochin! This culturally rich port city – also known as Kochi – is perched on the south-west coast of India. For centuries this was the principal trading port of Indian spices for the Portuguese, Dutch, and British. Today, it’s a vibrant city that blends old-world charm with lush landscapes, modern conveniences, and dazzling ocean views. Just take a walk through the city, and you’ll find an intriguing blend of European style houses, the crumbling remains of the British Raj, and even an English village on the coast.


Explore more about the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” and how Cochin has come to be one of the most popular travel destinations in India.


A Dynamic City with So Much to Offer


Cochin is one of the biggest port cities in the state of Kerala, and it once played a significant role in trading spices to western countries, dating back to the 14th Century. These colonial roots can be seen today throughout the city with a charismatic mixture of both European influences and local flavours. With this unique blend, you can find just about anything in this dynamic city, from spice markets to beaches, art exhibitions to eco-tours, and much more.


Watch History in Action


Cochin is a photographer’s dream. Even if you’re just on the hunt for your next perfect shot, you won’t want to miss seeing the infamous Chinese fishing nets that were originally brought over from the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan and are still used today.


These aren’t just any standard fishing nets. These are unique installations that are operated from land. They get lowered into the sea each day and always draw a crowd. Just head over to Fort Kochi to watch the fisherman cast their nets during the morning. It’s always an amazing sight to see facets of history still being used in action today!


Indulge in Mouth-Watering Food


Of course, as a colonized city with such an array of cultural influences, you can find an impressive selection of mouth-watering food that will tingle your tastebuds. With a large variety of multicultural cuisines available,  you can explore different unique flavours from India and across the globe.


Fascinating Museums


If you want to learn more about the fascinating history of Cochin, there are a number of excellent museums to check out. The Indo-Portuguese Museum and the Kerala Folklore Museum both offer comprehensive collections and artifacts that are worth a visit for any history buffs.


Visit One of The Oldest Churches In India


Did you know that the oldest European-constructed church in India is located in Cochin? Built in 1503, it was the first of its kind in the country and contains significant cultural roots as it changed over many hands throughout the years. First constructed by the Portuguese, it was then taken over by the Dutch in 1663, and once the British invaded in 1795, it was changed to an Anglican church and named it St. Francis.


Ayurveda Spas


What better way to enjoy your adventures abroad than with some R&R time at the spa? Ayurveda is the oldest form of healing science in the world, and Cochin is famous for its spas. There are a number of five-star spas situated in the city that will melt your stress away and leave you feeling pampered. The Fragrant Natura Kochi, Mirror Magic Spa, Prakruthi Ayurveda Spa, and the Taj Malabar Spa are a few popular ones to try out with different treatments offered by each facility.


When you’re ready to visit Conchi, allow us to help you plan your trip at Nanak Flights!