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Ahmedabad International Airport At A Glance

Often denoted as “Manchester Of The East” – the city of Ahmedabad is being served by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. Located at a distance of 8 kilometers from the main city, this is one of the busiest international airports in India. All the major airline operators have frequent flights flying in and out the Ahmedabad international airport.

With a newly inaugurated terminal, the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International airport in Ahmedabad is stretched over 1,124 acres to handle domestic and international flight traffic. Over 9 million domestic and international passengers use the airport facilities of this airport that connects all the major international and local destinations. Since Ahmedabad is the capital city of Gujrat and it also is the main cultural and industrial hub in Gujrat, there is lot more to know about this splendid airport.

Facilities At Ahmedabad International Airport

The airport currently has 4 terminals with spacious parking and welcome lounges. Other facilities at the terminals include multiple check-in and immigration counters, wi-fi internet connectivity, eating joints, flight information display, mobile charging points and aerobridges.

There are excellent facilities for baggage services and one could find luggage trolleys conveniently available all around this airport. A large number of duty free shopping stalls and food joints make this airport a passenger friendly place.

Custom Procedures

Whether you board cheap flights to Delhi or cheap flights to Chennai to enter into India, the regular Indian custom guidelines operates everywhere in India. You are required to walk through the green channel if you do not have any dutiable item and through red channel in case you are carrying some dutiable goods. If you are not sure of the duty charges and whether or not a particular item comes under dutiable item, it is recommended to pass through the red channel.

Alcohol is strictly not allowed at the Sardar Vallabhbhai International airport; however, foreign passport holders are allowed to carry limited amount (2 liters) without any duty charges. The custom officers may consider checking you baggage thoroughly if you are carrying alcohol or wine and this may delay your passage a bit. If you are carrying cash over USD 5000, you will need notifying it to the custom officials at Ahmedabad International Airport.

Immigration Procedures

All the foreigners travelling to India via Ahmedabad International Airport need to fill up the arrival form and Indian customs declaration form. These forms entail information about all the dutiable or prohibited items. Meat products, meat, poultry, fish, seeds, flowers, fruits, dairy products are generally prohibited items on the board. You are not allowed to carry maps or literature in which the external Indian boundaries are shown incorrectly. Adult passengers are allowed to carry a laptop or a notebook each.

The new immigration forms also include information about your passport number and details of the countries you have visited or traveled in past 6 days. If you are coming to India from China, Bhutan, Nepal or Myanmar, you are eligible for Rs 6000 duty free allowance but if you are coming from any other countries that are listed before, you can avail up to Rs 35,000 duty free allowance.

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