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Best Chocolate Experiences In Montreal

Everyone is fond of chocolates. The amazing taste of chocolate is capable of winning hearts and filling you with immense pleasure. Anytime is good to have chocolate but there couldn’t be any better time than Christmas and new year to enjoy chocolate treats.

While chocolate is considered good for health, fortunately, people of Montreal have plentiful supply of chocolate. Montreal has such brilliant chocolatiers that people from rest of the world should book cheap flights to Montreal for enjoying the incredible deliciousness. If you are visiting Montreal and want to enjoy best chocolate, here are our suggestions:

Cacao 70

Present at two great locations – St-Catherine O and St-Catherine E, Cacao 70 is an ideal place to enjoy a fab desert after dinner. Cacao 70 has an impressive menu for chocolate lovers including crepes, waffles and cakes covered with ample of chocolate. They even have personal-sized fondue sets to make you drool but their hot chocolate menu is not to be missed; it has 15 amazing flavors from all across the globe.

Suite 88

It is a wonderful chocolate lounge locals love to spend time at. The best thing about Suite 88 is that they make small batches of hot chocolate so that it’s always fresh. Another thing that is great about Suite 88 is their usage of fine products straight from France, Belgium and Switzerland. Their expansive menu consists of hot chocolate, biscotti fondue, gelato and many other delicious deserts.

Juliette Et Chocolat

Located at St-Catherine O, St-Denis and Leduc, Juliette Et Chocolat has endless chocolate dishes in its menu. It has a sit and relax kind of an atmosphere with a chocolate bar. The bar has a laid out menu along with a list of place of origin. It is an absolute delight to enjoy a cup of melted chocolate here.


If you have booked cheap tickets & flights to Montreal for impressing your special lady, Leonidas is a perfect place to go to. It offers a great range of chocolate flavors. It serves everything from classic hot chocolate to orangettes and personally sized pre-made chocolate boxes to be carried away for self help when needed.

Divine Chocolatier

It is a wonderful place to visit in any season because it sells both – hot chocolate and ice creams. It has a great menu but what you should never miss here is their dark chocolate truffle.

Cocoa Locale

It is a small chocolate bakery at Parc, Montreal. They bring their chocolate directly from France. You get some of the tastiest chocolate treats here and no wonder it is a favorite chocolate destination for locals. Order some chocolate brownies, cake or pastries, they are all sure to be super delicious. They sell out really quick; so, make sure you reach here early.

Whether it is for treating yourself or impressing someone special, the chocolate shops in Montreal are truly incredible. A lot of chocolatey goodness awaits you in Montreal this festive season, just book cheap flight tickets to Montreal right now and indulge yourself in the gooey God’s nectar.