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Cool Coffee Destinations In Montreal

A cup of coffee is what you need after your cheap flights to Montreal to kick on your trip with right mood. Luckily, Montreal houses some of the best coffee destinations to rejuvenate you instantly.

Here is our list of perfect independently owned coffee paradises serving expertly brewed cups especially for you:

1. Café Myraide

This café is scattered all over Montreal with three posh branches at Mackay Street, West Sainte-Catherine Street and West Saint-Viateur Street. It is easy to find a branch right after your cheap flights to Montreal lands you here.

Café Myraide is very popular amongst the local coffee aficionados and it is also a beloved spot for instagrammers for its inspiring décor. But, what makes this place top our list is their fine coffee grains that are sourced from top roasters in Vancouver.

2. Café Odessa

Café Odessa at East Beaubien Street is a small cozy place with only 10 seats to enjoy your perfect cup of java in absolute solace. No matter if you like hot or cold coffee - Café Odessa serves you the best shot. Here, you could choose among different types of brews like drip coffee, cold brew, espressos or lattes.

3. Le Carlet

Located at the heart of the Old-Montreal city, this Café at McGill Street is a gourmet coffee shop and a restaurant. This bistro and boutique is popular for serving best lunches in the city and it is much loved by local residents and tourists because of its brilliant décor and excellent service. So, when you need a refreshing java-fix, you know where to go.

4. Pikolo Espresso Bar

Pikolo Espresso Bar at Du Parc Avenue is a favorite coffee stop for students as it is conveniently located between two busy universities – UQAM & McGill. On your visit, you will find this café to be the most picturesque one with stunning interiors and fine accessories. It has two levels and it is much known for its kicking 3-ounce miniature lattes that are made with single origin coffee beans sourced straight from Roasters in Portland.

5. Moustache Café

Located at East Beaubein Street, this café is preserved by local and they are not willing to let this secret spot be shared as it may get spoiled. But this is the place that has cozy ambiance and inviting aromas of coffee that is brewed with Synchro espresso machine. You must also try their vegan smoothies for a little twist.

6. Laure & Fils

Laure & Fils with its 2 locations at East De Castelnau Street and East Jarry Street initially started as a solo venture at Villeray but now it is double venture at most idyllic locations. With prime locations, this café is also proud to be serving Montreal-brewed coffee. During summertime, you could also catch their vintage blue truck in the streets of Montreal serving refreshing cups of coffee with snacks.

There are some more coffee paradises that are less famous but worth-an-explore in Montreal, for example, Tunnel Espresso that serves independently brewed coffee with amazing macadamia nut cookies and Replika for serving strong yet flavorsome espressos and lattes along with delicious snacks.

If you are a true coffee lover, these incredible cafés in Montreal invite you to book your cheap flights to Montreal immediately and taste their java shots.