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Customs Clearance At Mumbai International Airport

Mumbai is the Indian city where dreams come true and Mumbai International Airport is certainly a place where your dreams impersonate.

The Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport receives all the cheap flights to Mumbai from major international countries. It was formerly known as Sahar International Airport but after given the new name, it is now most commonly known as CSIA. This is one of the busiest airports in India.

The Mumbai International Airport

Spread over a huge area of 1500 acres, CSIA handles over 31 million passengers in a year. With 5 fully operational terminals and cargo facilities, Mumbai International Airport handles almost half of the total air traffic to South Asia along with Delhi and Chennai International airports.

The newly constructed terminal 2 at CSIA is a grand and most splendid terminal in India. Amazingly decorated with architectural finesse and beautiful interiors, T2 at CSIA is the best international terminal you would ever visit.

There are multiple check-in counters at CSIA that generally open 4 hours before the departure time of the flight and closes 1 hour before the flight departure. There also are information screens that display the information about check-in counters for respective flights. Additionally, you can also use the self check-in kiosks to select the desired seats and to print your boarding pass. The boarding pass through self check-in kiosks has to be stamped before you proceed for security and customs check. For immigration, you are required to complete the arrival/departure forms available at the terminals.

Custom Clearance At CSIA

Regular customs rules are applied all over India whether you arrive via cheap flights to Delhi or cheap flights to Chennai at any Indian city. If you have some dutiable items, you will need to proceed through the red channel at the airport and if you do not have any dutiable item, you can safely pass through the green channel. Here are some useful tips for custom clearance on arrival/departure at CSIA.

On Arrival

  • Ask for help at the help desks before entering the green channel if you are in doubt
  • Wrongful declaration of dutiable content may lead to fine and severe penalties so declare your contents truthfully
  • Alcohol or wine more than 2 liters is a dutiable item
  • You will need to declare any foreign currency over USD 5000 or equal
  • Even if you shop at the duty free shops at the airport, duty charges are only exempted up to the duty free allowance limits
  • Carrying narcotic drugs is a criminal offence

At Departure

  • Carry all the necessary documents for foreign currency
  • Check your baggage contents to be permissible before check-in
  • You will be required to take export certificate from customs department for expensive items like jewelry or video camera
  • Carrying narcotic drugs is a criminal offence

Custom officers can check your content at anytime so it is recommended to declare your contents honestly to avoid any upsetting situation.

The magnificent city of Mumbai has everything that you call “wonderful” that you should surely not miss. Book cheap flights to Mumbai with Nanak Flights.