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Exploring Fun Quotient In Montreal

If your cheap flights to Montreal have just landed you in this splendid city and you are in search of fun things to do, here are the suggestions.

See The World’s Tallest Inclined Tower

Structured at an angle of 45 degrees, it is a 574 foot giant structure – a part of the Olympic Park built for 1976 games. It is the tallest inclined tower in the whole world. Due to several delay and worker’s strike, the tower is still incomplete but you can take a ride to the top of the tower to get a stunning 360 degree view of the Montreal city.

See Brother Andre’s Heart Kept In A Jar

The heart of Brother Andre is kept in a jar at the 4th floor of the Saint Joseph’s Oratory. It is safe behind a locked gate and thick glass sheet. The body of Brother Andre rests peacefully in a tomb built beneath the Oratory. Saint Brother Andre is rightly credited with many miraculous healings and he was canonized in the year 2010.

You may want to see the heart for the reason that it was stolen for ransom in month of March, 1973 but on church refusal to pay the ransom amount, the heart was returned in the month of December, 1974. Since then, it is well protected in a jar.

Check Out The Fossils At Musee Redpath

The Musee Redpath in the McGill University Campus is a pretty good place to spend time and exploring dinosaurs, rocks, minerals and other sections on prehistoric Egypt. It is a lovely place to be in especially when kids are accompanying you. After their cheap flights to Montreal, they will surely enjoy special signage that features various dinosaurs. A smiling T- Rex will announce that the museum is now open while a weeping triceratops will announce that it is now closed. It is a free museum to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Visit The Oldest Bookstore

Archambault is the oldest bookstore in the Montreal city. The first of its outlet was opened in 1896 and now the Archambault’s headquarters with a seven storey building is located at 500 Rue Ste Catherine. At this bookstore, you will find many books in English and French languages. You can also buy CDs, records and DVDs here but the real catch is at the top floor of the building where amazing musical instruments are sold. You can buy pianos, drums or guitars or other musical instruments that are well displayed in separate rooms. Here, you may also catch up a recital sometimes.

Buy Maple Syrup                                            

There are many stores in Montreal that only sell local products. If you like maple syrup, you can buy your favorites from the wide variety of maple syrup produced in Quebec. You can also purchase maple candies and cookies, local made beer and jams to be taken back home for friends and family.

Eat & Eat

If you are a hardcore foodie, Montreal is the place to be in. There are a lot of restaurants and food joints that serve delicious treats from lobster pasta to smoked meat sandwich and from poutine to bon bons. Montreal is a foodie’s heaven to eat while you explore the beautiful city.

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