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How To Book Cheap Flights To Anywhere

No matter what your destination is, booking cheapest flight is utterly preferred by all. Who does not want to book cheap flights to Bangalore or to Delhi or other Indian destinations?

Here are our hacks to grab the best deals of cheap flights:

1. Start looking For Flights As Early As Possible

Most airlines generally release flight tickets 11 months before the actual flight date. Start searching flight tickets as early as possible and keep checking the fares at least once every week.

Because flight rates fluctuate quite often you cannot predict the price in advance. So, set a price that you feel comfortable with as you search the tickets. Keep ready to immediately book the tickets when you see the happy price.

2. Book At The Best Time      

There are no fix rules, but you must know the basic trends. On holidays, weekends and festivals, the demand is huge and during these times, prices are higher.

However, you can still grab the best deals if you book in advance - about 3-7 weeks in advance for domestic flights and 10-11 weeks for international flights. Worst time to buy tickets to any destination is within 2 weeks and more than 5 weeks of flying.

If you want to know which day of the week is best to book cheap flights to Hyderabad or other destinations – book in middle of the week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best.

3. Know When To Fly

It is generally seen that flying on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays can get you cheapest of rates because these days generally have less passengers. Fridays and Sundays usually are expensive days for flying.

4. Keep The Dates Flexible

Keeping your travel dates flexible is the best trick to catch best deals. Spend some time in researching the preferred rates. If your dates are locked, it gets challenging to get best deals.

5. Fly On Odd Hours

Flying on odd or not-so-popular hours like early morning or late night can get you cheaper tickets.

6. Take Round Trip Ticket

If feasible, take a round trip ticket because they are cheaper. Sometimes, one way flying is so costly that round trip ticket is cheaper.

7. Fly Where You Have The Deals

If you have your destination fixed and you spend days and weeks to search the deals for that fixed place, you are doing it wrong. Look for the places that are affordable for you and already have deals to grab.

Simply find a website like that lets you select the destinations and lists the cheap flights to your preferred destination. If deals for your destination are not available, book tickets for the nearest spot that has exciting deals.

8. Use Your Status Or Age

Some flights offer special discounts to students, children and executive travelers etc. Use your age or status wherever appropriate. Do not hide the leg injury you had last year if it could fetch you a good deal.

9. Signup For Notifications

Most airfare sales may go unannounced. To get information about such sales, subscribe the newsletter of your favorite airline. By doing so, you may even be notified over email about the cheapest last minute deals. You may even follow them on social media for more information.

Whether you are trying to book cheap flights to Amritsar or Delhi or anywhere else in India, we hope that above tips will be helpful to catch the best deals to your desired destination.