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The Southern Paradise – Vancouver Island

From North to South, the Southern Vancouver Island expands about 460 kilometers in length. With more than 3400 square kilometers of pristine coastline, the Southern Vancouver Island is nothing less than a paradise.

As you plan and book cheap flights to Vancouver for a vacation, do not miss visiting this popular tourist place which is awarded as one of the top island in North America. It has everything to delight everyone – from lush green rain forests, snow capped mountains, clear beaches, sparkling river to throbbing surf and best weather conditions in whole of the Canada.

The Climate

Spring starts to make its mark on the Southern Vancouver Island by the end of December with beautiful blooms of cherry blossom. Spring lasts by May and summer remains till October. Overall, you can book cheap flights to Vancouver to enjoy the amazing Southern Island at any time of the year.

Activities For Outdoor Adventurists

If you enjoy outdoor adventures, there is a lot to do in this island – like you can enjoy sailing in one of the most protected place. Other things to try here include world class experience of scuba diving, sea or white water kayaking, hiking, cycling, whale watching and lots more.

In your leisure, go for a game at one of the groomed golf courses or simply enjoy laid back fishing during any time of the year or take an exploring eco-tour. No matter what you do here, you are always in midst of best natural panorama in the entire world.

Indoor Activities

If the adventurous outdoor activities are not something you utterly enjoy, your options for entertainment are pretty splendid. There are many wonderful gardens throughout this island where you can spend great times with family.

You may also explore the decent art galleries, craft shops, artisan shops or simply enjoy a fine dinner at the world renowned restaurants or enjoy live theatre and opera symphony. If you want, you can try your luck at one of the many casinos or spend a day exploring the world class museums; the list is expansive.

What To Do In Southern Vancouver Island

Although the Southern Vancouver Island covers a very small area, there still are many things to make your holiday an incredible experience. When you are here, do not miss visiting the Botanical Beach at Port Renfrew; you may enjoy the marine trail across Juan de Fuca plate. There also is a massive tide pool at the beach.

You can also take an excursion tour into the wilderness of the island for best fishing experience. Between Port Renfrew and the magnificent Sooke district, there are many fantastic beaches that are worth visiting for their own distinct reasons but they all have something common – they are all very enticing.

Sooke community is also very popular for its pothole park where you can freely swim in the naturally formed small pools of the Sooke River. There also are many historical sites, waterfalls, cycling and hiking trails for your enjoyment.

If you are booking cheap flights to Vancouver just for a short trip, you might not enjoy all activities that Southern Vancouver Island has to offer. So, why not plan a long family trip especially when flight tickets can conveniently be booked right now.