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Visiting India On Its Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated in India every year on 15th August. For Indians, it is a day of great significance and if you have your cheap flights booked for India during this time, you can enjoy a day full of many activities and celebrations.

 In India, Independence Day is a national holiday and various patriotic celebrations can be observed all across the country. This year (2016), 15th August is going to be all so special because India will celebrate its 70th year of independence.

It was not easy for India to achieve freedom from Britishers and many brave freedom fighters had to sacrifice their lives to see independence. On this day, schools, colleges, banks, government offices and business organizations etc are closed but public transport work as normal. This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Indian capital city – Delhi.

If your cheap flight tickets to Delhi are booked, here’s how you can enjoy Indian Independence Day:

Visit Lal Quila (Red Fort)

Red Fort is the most potent symbol of Indian history. It is the place from where the Prime Minister of India addresses its citizens on Independence Day. It was the epicenter of independence revolt in 1857.

Flag hoisting by prime minister in the morning on Red Fort is a great event to witness on Independence Day. There also are some colorful programs worth watching by students and artists from different states.

Shop The Sale

There are huge sales announced during Independence Day in India. It is the best time to shop in all-under-one-roof shopping malls and also over the online stores. You can also shop at the local markets to support local economy and manufacturing. Look for unique hand made products, clothes and artifacts – they make a special gift for your loved ones back at your hometown.

Enjoy Local Food

Special celebrations like Independence Day are also a great time to enjoy good food in India. Hit the popular restaurants to taste some delicious dishes especially made to commemorate Independence Day. Do not miss hitting the most renowned street food joints in the nearby local market to try food that is loved by locals.

You may also get to enjoy authentic Indian food prepared by some of your friends in India by dining with them. For a better experience, go for shopping local ingredients with them and give a hand while they prepare the meal for you.


Indian cities like Delhi are home to many historic monuments such as Red Fort, India Gate, Humanyu’s Tomb, Qutub Minar and more. Join the Independence Day festivities at these places and talk to the locals to know interesting facts about Indian independence struggles. You never know when you can come across a special story or person to utterly inspire you.

India is an amazing country with vivid cultural colors and vibrant people. Independence Day is a colossal opportunity to know more about this fascinating country and get a feel of its true magic.

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