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Why Your Kids Will Love Butchart Gardens In Victoria

When you have cheap flight to Victoria booked for a family vacation, take your kids to the Butchart Gardens and they will love it. This world famous garden sees about a million visitors every year and it is an excellent choice for a family visit.

The garden opens at 9 in the morning and children below 5 years of age get a free entry. The garden is perfectly sized for a pleasant family visit and it is rare for someone to get lost. Here are our recommendations of some fun activities in the Butchart Gardens to keep your kids happily entertained:

Give Your Kids An Additional Eye

Buchart Gardens have beauty sprinkled at every corner and it is a nice idea to hand over a camera to your kids here. They can not only practice their photographic skills but can also capture great pictures as a memento to take back with them. The additional eye of the camera would enhance their senses to appreciate nature and fall in love with it. Whether it is the Japanese garden, rose garden or sunken garden, everything is gorgeous and worth-clicking a few snaps.

Walk With Them For New Discoveries

These gardens are walk-friendly and they are not too large to discomfort young ones walking with you. In fact, there are plenty of fun features like flower ways, bridges, stepping stones and fountains etc that your kids will dearly enjoy. If you want, you can also avail free services of family discovery guides who will answer all the curious questions and would help all of you to learn a lot while you stroll leisurely.

Try Ice Skating

Butchart Gardens are open 365 days a year and Victoria has mild weather with very less snow fall. Ice skating, greenhouses and indoor gardens are open for public only during winters. Ice skating at Buchart Garden is a fun experience for whole family. If you want, you can bring your skates or could rent one at the garden. You can even avail wrist guards and helmets here. In the evening, entire garden is illuminated with beautiful lights.

Enjoy Live Concerts & Fireworks

In the months of July and August, your kids can enjoy amazing firework show setup by Disney in Butchart Gardens. Just for this show, your kids would demand to book cheap flight tickets to Victoria every year. This is a specially designed 30 minute show of choreographed fireworks featured every Saturday night. Make sure that you catch your seat early as this is a very popular show and don’t forget to bring a blanket or jackets for your kids.

On each night of July & August, Buchart Gardens get a new life with live concerts. The concerts are arranged in the open air amphitheatre and the appropriate artists entertain you with family-friendly music such as jazz, folk, classical, contemporary, classic rock and world music.

Besides this, there also are food joints and restaurants in the garden to ease hunger while walking through. So, just book cheap tickets & flights to Victoria with us and let your kids have a wonderful time at the Butchart Gardens, Victoria.