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If you are planning a trip to India from Canada, either to visit family or have an adventure, you will need to book a flight. Traditionally most people would seek out a travel agent to help them find the right ticket, on the right dates and for the right price, but travelers are increasingly turning to the internet to book their tickets online. Booking online gives you the convenience to check the dates yourself, compare prices between airlines quickly, and gives you the control to make your booking when you want. As a consumer, you are free to check the competition and choose the best and the cheapest, so why choose Nanak Flights?

Unbeatable Prices

Nanak Flights has arrange contracts with the major airlines with a focus on India to ensure that we can match or beat our competition. Flights from Toronto to Delhi, Vancouver to Chennai - don't take our word for it; use our booking engine to search for tickets on your preferred dates and compare us to the others. If you are not satisfied that we are offering the best deal, call us (1-855-722-9977), visit our office in Brampton, or send us an email for a free flight quote. If you contact us directly we can offer even better fares than the ones you can find online. We have cheap tickets to India and around the world, and we want to help you get there.

Great Service

We are fully Canadian owned and operated, and our staff goes the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied with our service. We speak English, Punjabi and Hindi, and are happy to assist you with special requests. Many of our online competitors operate websites with no staff to help you individually. Nanak Flights is a real travel agency, staffed by people with years of experience in the travel industry. Our reviews are great because we care.

Gas Cards and Price Drop Guarantee

In addition to already low prices and staff dedicated to handling your requests, Nanak Flights will also provide you with a $5 gas card for every purchase you make with us which can be redeemed at the major gas station of your choice. If you're booking multiple tickets for your family and friends, the dollars will add up quickly. As if this wasn't enough, we have a Price Drop Guarantee which guarantees that you can earn up to $100 credit with us if the price of your ticket drops after you purchase. Sometimes airline ticket prices fluctuate because other passengers cancel their bookings and free up seats. We pass these savings onto you so you will never feel bad about buying early.