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Customs Information: Amritsar International Airport

Amritsar is a modern Indian city with great prominence. Since a lot of domestic and international tourists arrive at Amritsar to visit the Sikh holy place –The Golden Temple, Amritsar is the main tourism hub in Punjab. The city of Amritsar is served by Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport.

The Amritsar international airport has recently been renamed on the name of founder of the city who also was the fourth guru of Sikhs. This fastest growing international airport in Amritsar is the largest airport in North India with all the world class facilities and newly constructed terminal and functional cargo facility. The Amritsar International airport handles all the domestic and international cheap flights to Amritsar.

Airport Location & Terminal Information

The Amritsar International Airport is situated near Raja Sansi village on Anjala Road. From Northwest of the main city, the Amritsar International Airport is just at a distance of 11 kilometers and it is well connected to the city via local transports.

The newly constructed terminal is a strong build of glass and steel with interesting blends of Indian and modern designs. It can handle over 1200 passengers in peak hours. There are 30 check-in counters, 26 immigration counters, 4 x-ray baggage scanners, 12 security check counters, 10 customs clearance counters and 4 dedicated conveyor belts. Other facilities at the terminal include:

  • Flight information display screens
  • Escalators
  • Huge car parking
  • CCTV for surveillance
  • 4 aerobridges
  • Duty free shops in arrival hall
  • Currency exchange
  • Eating joints

Customs Clearance

As you arrive in India via any cheap flights to Mumbai or cheap flights to Delhi or Amritsar, you are required to go through customs clearance. Strict customs rules are followed over all the Indian airports. In order to clear the customs, all the passengers are required to declare the contents of their baggage to the custom officials. If you are found to be carrying some dutiable items, you will need to deposit the applicable duty charges to proceed with your journey.

The items that you carry in for your personal or household use can freely be carried but for other dutiable contents, you will need to pay the duty charges. There also is duty free allowance limit that is applicable to all goods whether you get them in with you or you buy it from the duty free shops at the airport.

If you do not have any item with applicable duty, you can pass through the green channel and if you have some chargeable items, you will proceed through the red channel to clear the customs. Non-declaration or wrong-declaration of content is a criminal offense in India. Thus, it is recommended to get assistance at the customs help desks in case you are unsure about whether your item is dutiable or not.

Additionally, there are certain items like alcohol more than 2 liters, explosives, sharp objects and drugs etc are restricted to be carried. Complete information on restricted or prohibited items can be checked at the airport.

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Connecting Delhi To Punjab Via Luxurious Bus Services

Nanak flights is your ultimate destination to make travel an expedient and enjoyable experience. After pioneering in getting you cheap flights to India, Canada and rest of the world, we have now extended our services further to make your journeys a classy and comfortable ride. Now you can also book for our most luxurious bus services from Delhi to state of Punjab along with your cheap flights to Delhi.

Bus services in India have munificently developed during the last few years to be more dynamic, frequent and convenient than ever before. The bus routes between Delhi and Punjab are also maintained to be in very good condition so that more and more people could take the easy routes. With buses departing at a very short interval, it gets more convenient to catch a bus whenever you land in Delhi.

Why Bus Routes

The State Of Punjab and its capital city Amritsar is a very popular tourist destination in India. The Golden Temple of Amritsar along with many other significant tourist locations and natural grandeur of Punjab attract millions of tourists to visit Punjab. Most of the international flights get foreigners land in Delhi and from Delhi they can either take up trains or buses to travel to Punjab.

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Our Exemplary Services

Our bus services are most helpful if you are traveling with kids and senior members of the family. We persistently take all possible care to ensure that you have best travelling experience. For this, we have strategically alliance with state-of-the-art Indian bus services. We maintain our bus facilities to be fully operational with facilities like:

  • Luxury coaches that comply to all the international safety norms
  • Best of entertainment during the travel
  • Well maintained air conditioned buses
  • Free services of mineral water
  • Complimentary coolie services to lug your luggage
  • In coach availability of attendant for instant help as and when you need

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The best part of our bus services is that you can conveniently book it along with your flight tickets. This ensures that you do not have to face any delay or botherations after you have landed in Delhi. According to your budget and requirement you can book for business or economy class tickets. We ensure the helpful, polite and very knowledgeable attendants help you with everything that you need.

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A Budget Vacation In Amritsar

Besides being the capital city of Punjab, Amritsar is also a popular and prominent Sikh spiritual center. Though, Amritsar is well known for the very beautiful Golden Temple, it is also known for its rich culture and delectable cuisine. Just like cheap flights to Delhi, cheap flights to Amritsar are also easily available from all the major cities.

This pious North Indian city is the best destination if you are on a budget vacation. Amritsar offers you great sneak into the timeless grandeur of olden times with immense beauty and excellent shopping experience. Overall, Amritsar is a wonderful holiday destination for the whole family. As you map out your trip to Amritsar, here is the brief of how, when and what to plan.

When To Visit

Amritsar observes extreme of winter and summer seasons; so, the best time to visit Amritsar is from end of July to November. Less cold months of February and March bestow a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy this young and vibrant city.

What To Do

  • Have A Peaceful Time At Harminder Sahib (Golden Temple)

Golden Temple which is also known as Harminder Sahib is the most visited place in Amritsar. The charm and tranquil of this place is truly divine and attracts a huge number of tourist from all across the world. Housed here is the holy Sikh book – “The Guru Granth Sahib” and this brings more than 100,000 worshippers in a day.

This pristine Sikh shrine is surrounded by a large lake of holy water that adds more religious worth to its magnificence. The Gurudwara is open for people of all religions, sex or race and you will be needed to remove your footwear and wash your feet before entering the premises. A visit to the Golden Temple is a must when you are in Amritsar.

  • Spend Some Time At The Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh is a beautiful garden near Golden Temple that commemorates the massacre of 13 April 1919 where British forces had killed Sikhs as they peacefully celebrated Punjabi New Year. This was a mass murder not a consequent of war and a lovely garden spread in 6.5 acres is laid to respect the dead. Here, you can still see the walls bearing the bullet marks.

A short film with details of history is run at the museum. The garden is open for all between 7 in the morning and 6 in the evening. This place will magically take you back in time to feel the splendor and valor.

  • Have A Quieter Time At The Durgiana Temple

Durgiana Temple is the Hindu place of worship in Amritsar. It is a smaller replica in terms of architecture of the Golden Temple with its name derived from Hindu goddess Durga. This temple is not as crowded as the Golden Temple but it still is a prominent holy place in Amritsar; so, if you need to spend some quieter time, Durgiana Temple is an ideal place.

What To Shop

Amritsar is famous for its colorful handicrafts, fabrics and carpets. You will get enough options to shop here economically and take back some gorgeous items for friends and loved ones.

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