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Customs Clearance At Mumbai International Airport

Mumbai is the Indian city where dreams come true and Mumbai International Airport is certainly a place where your dreams impersonate.

The Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport receives all the cheap flights to Mumbai from major international countries. It was formerly known as Sahar International Airport but after given the new name, it is now most commonly known as CSIA. This is one of the busiest airports in India.

The Mumbai International Airport

Spread over a huge area of 1500 acres, CSIA handles over 31 million passengers in a year. With 5 fully operational terminals and cargo facilities, Mumbai International Airport handles almost half of the total air traffic to South Asia along with Delhi and Chennai International airports.

The newly constructed terminal 2 at CSIA is a grand and most splendid terminal in India. Amazingly decorated with architectural finesse and beautiful interiors, T2 at CSIA is the best international terminal you would ever visit.

There are multiple check-in counters at CSIA that generally open 4 hours before the departure time of the flight and closes 1 hour before the flight departure. There also are information screens that display the information about check-in counters for respective flights. Additionally, you can also use the self check-in kiosks to select the desired seats and to print your boarding pass. The boarding pass through self check-in kiosks has to be stamped before you proceed for security and customs check. For immigration, you are required to complete the arrival/departure forms available at the terminals.

Custom Clearance At CSIA

Regular customs rules are applied all over India whether you arrive via cheap flights to Delhi or cheap flights to Chennai at any Indian city. If you have some dutiable items, you will need to proceed through the red channel at the airport and if you do not have any dutiable item, you can safely pass through the green channel. Here are some useful tips for custom clearance on arrival/departure at CSIA.

On Arrival

  • Ask for help at the help desks before entering the green channel if you are in doubt
  • Wrongful declaration of dutiable content may lead to fine and severe penalties so declare your contents truthfully
  • Alcohol or wine more than 2 liters is a dutiable item
  • You will need to declare any foreign currency over USD 5000 or equal
  • Even if you shop at the duty free shops at the airport, duty charges are only exempted up to the duty free allowance limits
  • Carrying narcotic drugs is a criminal offence

At Departure

  • Carry all the necessary documents for foreign currency
  • Check your baggage contents to be permissible before check-in
  • You will be required to take export certificate from customs department for expensive items like jewelry or video camera
  • Carrying narcotic drugs is a criminal offence

Custom officers can check your content at anytime so it is recommended to declare your contents honestly to avoid any upsetting situation.

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Ahmedabad International Airport At A Glance

Often denoted as “Manchester Of The East” – the city of Ahmedabad is being served by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. Located at a distance of 8 kilometers from the main city, this is one of the busiest international airports in India. All the major airline operators have frequent flights flying in and out the Ahmedabad international airport.

With a newly inaugurated terminal, the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International airport in Ahmedabad is stretched over 1,124 acres to handle domestic and international flight traffic. Over 9 million domestic and international passengers use the airport facilities of this airport that connects all the major international and local destinations. Since Ahmedabad is the capital city of Gujrat and it also is the main cultural and industrial hub in Gujrat, there is lot more to know about this splendid airport.

Facilities At Ahmedabad International Airport

The airport currently has 4 terminals with spacious parking and welcome lounges. Other facilities at the terminals include multiple check-in and immigration counters, wi-fi internet connectivity, eating joints, flight information display, mobile charging points and aerobridges.

There are excellent facilities for baggage services and one could find luggage trolleys conveniently available all around this airport. A large number of duty free shopping stalls and food joints make this airport a passenger friendly place.

Custom Procedures

Whether you board cheap flights to Delhi or cheap flights to Chennai to enter into India, the regular Indian custom guidelines operates everywhere in India. You are required to walk through the green channel if you do not have any dutiable item and through red channel in case you are carrying some dutiable goods. If you are not sure of the duty charges and whether or not a particular item comes under dutiable item, it is recommended to pass through the red channel.

Alcohol is strictly not allowed at the Sardar Vallabhbhai International airport; however, foreign passport holders are allowed to carry limited amount (2 liters) without any duty charges. The custom officers may consider checking you baggage thoroughly if you are carrying alcohol or wine and this may delay your passage a bit. If you are carrying cash over USD 5000, you will need notifying it to the custom officials at Ahmedabad International Airport.

Immigration Procedures

All the foreigners travelling to India via Ahmedabad International Airport need to fill up the arrival form and Indian customs declaration form. These forms entail information about all the dutiable or prohibited items. Meat products, meat, poultry, fish, seeds, flowers, fruits, dairy products are generally prohibited items on the board. You are not allowed to carry maps or literature in which the external Indian boundaries are shown incorrectly. Adult passengers are allowed to carry a laptop or a notebook each.

The new immigration forms also include information about your passport number and details of the countries you have visited or traveled in past 6 days. If you are coming to India from China, Bhutan, Nepal or Myanmar, you are eligible for Rs 6000 duty free allowance but if you are coming from any other countries that are listed before, you can avail up to Rs 35,000 duty free allowance.

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Custom & Immigration Information For Chennai International Airport

The Chennai international Airport is currently serving the metropolitan city of Chennai. The old name of the city was Madras and thus, the Chennai International Airport is also popularly known as MAA or Madras International Airport. Situated near Pallavaram, this international airport is approximately 9 miles in distance from South of the city.

Chennai International Airport is currently the third busiest airport in India other than Delhi and Mumbai International airports that receive many cheap flights of Mumbai and Delhi. The airport handles over 10 million domestic and international passengers every year. This ISO 9001-2000 certified airport includes newly constructed international and domestic terminals, over bridges, parallel runway, multilevel car parking and multiple conveyor belts.

Terminal Features

The domestic and the international terminals have building that also includes a restaurant and administrative office. Apart from that, the terminals also feature fundamental passenger amenities like snack vending machines, retiring rooms, communication centers, health scan, dormitory accommodation, internet connectivity and many others. For handicapped passengers, the Chennai international Airport has special assistance and reserved parking area.

Immigration Guidelines

The Chennai International Airport has separate air bridges, check-in counters, security gates and conveyor belts for domestic and international passengers. All the arriving/departing international passengers need to go though the immigration process before leaving the airport. Completely filled arrival/departure forms, passport and other necessary documents need to be presented. Make sure that you carry appropriate visa to enter into India via Chennai International Airport.

Customs Guidelines

Just like any other international airport in India, the Chennai international airport also has two channels. The passengers with no dutiable item passes through the green gate and the passengers with dutiable items need to proceed through the red channel. Before you show up for the customs, you must check:

1. The free allowance limits

2. The value of the dutiable item you are carrying

3. That you have completed the custom declaration slip

In case you have some dutiable items or if you are not sure whether or not an item is dutiable, it is advisable that you proceed through the red channel. If you fail to declare the dutiable item, you might be charged with severe penalties.

If the value of the dutiable item is under the free allowance limits and you are not carrying any prohibited good, you can pass through the green channel without any difficulty. The custom officers may check your baggage in regards to the details filled on your custom declaration slip. If required, the officers may also examine your baggage via x-ray screening.

The arrival hall of the Chennai International Airport features the bank counters to deposit the charged duty. The custom officers do not collect any custom duties directly. The bank counters are operated by Bank Of India.

Prohibited Items

The goods that are prohibited for import or export come under the law of custom act. Some of the items that are prohibited include:

  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Wild animals and their parts or products
  • Narcotic drugs
  • Human skeleton and many others

Other than the prohibited goods, there also are certain restricted items, such as:

  • Arms & ammunition
  • Drugs and medicines
  • Antiques or replicas
  • Sandal wood
  • Valuable jewelry and some other items

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5 Things That Signify Hyderabad

When you want to explore South Indian cities, there is another option than simply booking cheap flights to Chennai; let’s explore Hyderabad this time.

It’s good to know more about the city before you step into the famous Hyderabadi zone. So, here are the top 5 things that distinguishingly validate Hyderabad to be Hyderabad…

1. Charminar

Charminar is Hyderabad’s identity, the signature of the city. It is as significant to the city as The Taj Mahal is to Agra and The Eiffel Tower is to Paris.

The Charminar was built in 1591 AD and it graciously boasts best of Islamic architecture of that era. It beautifully adorns the banks of river Musi in Hyderabad. This inspiring square monument is a romantic and elegant edifice with all its amazing details and dignity.

Some of the best markets of Hyderabad surround Chaminar with over 1500 shops selling a variety of pearls, jewelry, food and other exquisite stuffs. The popular markets to visit here include Pather Gatti and Laad Bazaar.

2. Hussain Sagar

Hussain Sagar is a man-made picturesque lake that was created in 1562 by Hussain Shah Wali. It is truly as captivating and beautiful as you would see it in any travel brochure in your cheap flights to Delhi or other cities.

In the middle of the lake stands the tallest monolithic statue of Lord Buddha. It’s worth spending an evening or two in the magnificence of Hussain Sagar as it also offer a lot recreational activities for the entire family. You can enjoy the rides on speed boats and water scooters.

You may also book for 48 seated boats with on board entertainment and food facilities to take you closer to the statue through Lumbini Park.

3. Hyderabadi Biryani

Biryani is a popular rice dish that is cooked with either lamb or chicken. It is basically a Mughlai dish but the city of Hyderabad has taken it to a completely new level to famously be called as “Hyderbadi Biryani”.

It is hard to find a single local here who would spend a whole week without feasting on spicy and flavorful Hyderabadi Biryani. You will find it being sold with accompaniments like mirchi ka salan, chutney and raita at every twirl & turn of the city, you must try some while you are in the city and you’ll come again for more.

4. Ramoji Film City

Spread over 1666 acres, Ramoji Film City is the largest and most astonishing integrated film city in the world. It is the most visited place in Hyderabad as it also offers many tourism and recreational activities.

It has an amusement park along with many natural and artificial landscapes. This is the largest place where a number of Indian films are shot with world class facilities for film making. It has also been recorded in Guinness Book Of World Records for being the largest film studio complex. The unbelievable sets and excellent film making infrastructures are worth a visit.

Double ka Meetha

After a spicy treat of Hyderabadi Biryani, Double Ka Meetha burts into your mouth with just the right amount of sweetness and typical Indian distinctiveness. It is the most popular Hyderabadi dessert that is served at almost every occasion and in every house.

It is made with bread, milk, sugar, dry fruits and generous pours of clarified butter. It is truly worth extra walk or jog to compensate the intake of calories.

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Let’s Discover The Hidden Gems Of South India

The southern cities of India behold exceptionally beautiful and captivating monuments that one shall not miss when in India.

While most of the popular tour packages offered by several tour operators include majority of hill stations and metropolitan cities of Northern states, the jewels that India has in its splendid Southern vicinity remain unexplored and pure. Especially as cheap flight to Chennai and other southern cities are easily available with Nanak flights, let’s discover few of such hidden gems of South India.

Charminar In Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

This exemplary mosque was built in 1591 by Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah. The beauty of this beautiful build has not faded since it was build and it stands in the busy city of Hyderabad as the most famous landmark.

The building has its name “Charminar” (meaning four minarets or domes) because of its wonderful architecture that has four minarets at the top. The grace of Charminar gets even better at night in dazzle of hundreds of lights.

Mysore Palace In Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore is known as the city of palaces and Mysore Palace is the biggest and finest of all. It took from 1897 to 1912 to build this master piece where royal families of Mysore have been residing for many generations. Its unmatched charm and elegance is hard to be found anywhere else in the entire world.

One could get an idea of how grand it is by its spacious halls. It consist a hall for private audience, an audience chamber, a public darbaar and Deewan-e-aam in where the royal king would address to people and their grievances. It also has a huge wedding hall and an extended Armory with a large collection of arms.

Kamaraj Memorial House In Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu state. Chennai is a valuable treasure since it warmly displays great personalities of historical people who contributed in the development of the city in form of beautiful monuments.

Kamaraj Memorial House is one of the finest monuments in Chennai that is dedicated to Shri MG Ramachandran kamaraj – the chief minister and famous politician of Tamil Nadu. Visitors can see this monument everyday when it is open for public viewing between 9 Am and 6 PM.

Padmanabham Palace in Kerala

Kerala is a perfect place to slow down your life and enjoy natural beauty and a lifestyle that is deeply attached to the nature. Kerala is famous as a honeymoon spot but even honeymooners do not miss to visit the Padmanabham Palace.

This magnificent palace is made of wood. It was built in 16th century by Travancore rulers and it makes a must visit place for everyone to appreciate the meticulous wonder of art and architecture.

Pallava Monuments In Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

These gracious groups of monuments are a World Heritage site. When you are in Tamil Nadu, you simply cannot miss to experience the silent charm and historical exquisiteness of these striking monuments.

The land of South India is full of many such amazing gems; even if you are on a month long vacation in South India, days will fall short to explore all the scattered gems. We recommend you start with above mentioned to have a marvelous experience in a short time.

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Bangalore: The Current Heartthrob Of India

Bangalore is popular as “The Garden City” and “The Silicon Valley” for its wide spread tropical greenery and identified technology hub in India. Bangalore is the capital city of state of Karnataka and it surely is the number one cosmopolitan city in Asia growing at a rapid speed. To put it simply Bangalore is the current heartthrob of India.

This beautiful city hosts many multinational corporations, tech parks and outsourcing industry. Bangalore is also blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year, splendid parks, architectural master pieces, natural lakes and best of restaurants, pubs and shopping malls. These make a very good reason to immediately book your cheap flights to Bangalore for next business or leisure trip.

When To Visit Bangalore

Although Bangalore can be visited any time of the year for business purposes but if you need to be in Bangalore for a family trip, months from October to February are the best. Rest months of the year observe a lesser tourist traffic, so, if you want to enjoy less crowded tourist spots, you may visit Bangalore during the months of April till August.

How To Reach Bangalore

Bangalore is well connected to other Indian cities through efficient flight, train and bus services. It is easy to find good deals of flight bookings to Bangalore as it is for cheap flights to Delhi. The efficient and modern Bangalore International Airport is in Devanahalli that is always busy with local and foreigner tourists.

Staying In Bangalore

Since Bangalore is visited by a huge number of businessmen, tourists and entrepreneurs from all corners of the world, it has well developed staying options to suit every requirement and budget. You can easily find budget staying and deluxe accommodations through online reservations. The guest houses in the city center offer comfortable and budgeted staying in Bangalore.

Shopping In Bangalore

Shopping in Bangalore is an exemplary experience with world class malls, state owned and private stores. The large Jeweler’s Market will surely get you enchanted with beautiful jewelry. Other major shopping places are at Residency Road, M.G. Road, Commercial Street and Brigade Road. If you can bargain well, head to markets in Shivaji Nagar, Malleswaram and K.G. Road.

Food Choices In Bangalore

Bangalore is a multicuisine heaven for food lovers. Plenteous restaurants, eating joints and cafes serve delectable food that you could hardly resist. Many restaurants here serve Continental, Indian, South Indian, Mexican, Thai, Mughlai, French and Western Cuisines. Dosa, idli, uthapam, vada and samosa can easily be grabbed from the street food sellers to be enjoyed as you shop and explore the city.

What To See In Bangalore

Apart from visiting vibrant pubs, amusement parks and multiplexes, Lal Bagh and Tipu Sultan Palace are not to be missed when you are in Bangalore. Lal Bagh is a beautiful garden on Mughal concept spread in 240 acres. It has wonderful plantation including plants of rare species and that are from French, Afghan and Persian origin. The sculptures here will have you enchanted with their aesthetic charm.

Tipu Sultan Palace is like a walk in the past. This amazing heritage site has beautiful articrafts of the time when it was built in 1781-91in a museum. Fountains, gardens and engraved balconies make this place alluring and a must see site.

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The Southern Splendors Of India

According to a competitiveness report of travel and tourism in late 2013, India is ranked at 65th spot among total 144 countries. In another report from World Tourism Organization, India is expected to grow as one of the biggest tourist destination in South Asia with over 9 million arrivals by 2020.

While western and northern regions of India are still developing their tourism sectors to be more appealing and enjoyable, South India regions of India offer great touring experience. If you are planning an overseas short trip to India or if you are in India and wish to explore South India, cheap flights to Hyderabad and other major South Indian cities are easily available for your convenience.

The South Scope

There are many reasons that significantly contribute for making South India a perfect holiday destination. The beauty of South India can nicely be embraced in a short trip of 3 or 4 days since this region is sophistically connected through constant and convenient flight services (domestic and international). Here are few (not all) points why you will love the Southern splendors of India:

1. Convenient Travelling Options

Many domestic and international airlines connect main South Indian cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Vizag and Bangalore etc through regular and very convenient flight services. You can get some fantastic online deals for cheap flights to Bangalore or other places. It is also a nice idea to take a bus ride from Bangalore to Chennai or Hyderabad to enjoy the beautiful sites by the road. Frequent bus services provide easy travel options.

2. Excellent Infrastructure

Since South regions have recently emerged as one of the sought after tourist places in India, it encompasses excellent infrastructures and facilities. You can easily find budget hotels for economic trips or world class hotels if you enjoy luxury staying. The local transport and public facilities are also well maintained here to offer you an expedient traveling and staying time.

3. Stable Climate

Climate in South India is almost stable throughout the year. You can visit here any time of the year without worrying about facing extremes of heat or cold. During rains, it may get a bit humid but otherwise, it is a pleasant and enjoyable place throughout.

4. Splendid Coastlines

Northern and Western regions of India do not have coastlines excluding some in West Bengal and Gujarat. South India cities boast gorgeous sea and tremendous coastlines to be enjoyed during your tour. If you love water and adventure sports, coastlines in Hyderabad and Chennai are just perfect. It provides a playful spot for entire family.

5. Tourist Spots

Major tourist spots in South India include:

In Hyderabad

  • Charminar
  • Golconda Fort
  • Birla Mandir
  • Hussainsagar Lake

In Chennai

  • Elliot’s Beach
  • Anna Zoological Park
  • Kapaleswar Temple
  • Covelong Beach

In Bangalore

  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden
  • Bangalore Palace
  • Ulsoor Lake
  • Vidana Soudha

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