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With the price of air travel seemingly always on the rise, it is helpful to find low cost alternatives. This is particularly true in Canada, where many people still live in locations not easily accessible by the big carriers. Prior to the existence of Nanak Flights, these residents were left with little choice but to travel great distances to get to an airport, only to pay expensive fares to get where they need to go. There is now another option, and Nanak Flights is winning over the hearts and minds of Canadians across the country as they seek to travel the globe. No matter what airport one chooses to leave from, Nanak Flights can find a cheap flight that will save money in the end.

Challenges and Obstacles Are Overcome

One of the challenges facing travel agents today is finding a great routing for travelers without forcing them to pay exorbitant fares just for the convenience. Nanak Flights sees this as a challenge, and they willingly embrace it. Their skilled team of travel professionals is rather adept at searching out various options for getting to and from any destination in the world. Imagine that you need
cheap flights to Vancouver. They have specially negotiated fares with many carriers, and for those that they don’t, well they can still find out which is the cheapest option. They pass these savings along to the consumer, and everyone wins.

Advantages of Using Nanak Flights

Not only does Nanak Flights take great pride in finding the cheapest airline tickets available for any given routing, they also are known for their superior customer service. Travelers today have many things to take care of when planning their trip, so it is comforting to leave the flight arrangements to the professionals. They will work behind the scenes to arrange an itinerary that provides maximum comfort at the lowest possible price. While there are certainly online travel agencies out there that will advertise the same concept, they lack the customer service and personal attention that Nanak Flights provides its customers.

No matter how simple or complex the journey might be, Nanak Flights will work with any Canadian that contacts them. They view every individual as the VIP that they are, which is why they have become so popular throughout the region. If you are in need of travel arrangements and would life to find discounted flights, they are the people that can do it for you.


Montreal – The Perfect Destination For Every Type Of Traveler

It doesn’t matter what type of a traveler you are – foodie, romantic, adventure lover or festive junkie – if you have your cheap flights to Montreal booked, you are sure to land at a perfect destination.

Montreal is a home to top chefs, romantic getaways, cobblestone streets, amazing graffiti artists and millions of fun loving inhabitants. If you walk a few miles on the streets of Montreal, you are very likely to meet like-minded people and suitable places you love to spend time at.

If you are yet not convinced, here is the proof:

For The Insatiable Foodie

Right from the moment you board your cheap flights to Montreal, you would get to hear phrases like “farm fresh”, “best local produces”, “from farm to table” and “craft cocktails” etcetera. There are about 4000 plus restaurants and exclusive food joints in Montreal; that means your palate is going to have an absolute treat here.

Just to get you an idea, there are more than 40 types of egg benedict being served in the popular L’Avenue that also includes a steak version and duck confit. For insatiable foodies are there is much to relish on. You have late night clubs serving cocktails, splendid dessert bars and many locally sourced fine-dine restaurants in Montreal. Even the street food is very fancy and flavorful with fresh ingredients used very respectfully.

For The Romantic Vacationers

Montreal is a perfect place for romantic vacationers, Montreal is a place to bask around and get lost in the beautiful memories. There are cozy cafes, cobble stone streets and wonderfully preserved buildings of yesteryears where you can let your romance come alive.

For example, Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal draws a lot of visitors for its amazing architecture; you can take relaxed strolls here and when a pause is needed, you can stop at one of the spots for a refreshing cocktail or a cup of coffee.

For The Art Lovers

There are quite a few art museums in Montreal but if you dislike standing in queues or need a little more practical experience, take a guided tour with audio that lists unknown historical facts.

The city also hosts Montreal Mural Festival for 11 days in which 50 street murals decorate the buildings with their free art amidst of live music and DJ. Local graffiti pieces and pop art portraits are always there to be admired by eclectic art lovers.

For The Cultural Enthusiasts

The life of a city pulses in its people and culture. If you have boarded cheap flights to Montreal to explore more about cultural richness of the city, skip the regular accommodations in the comfortable downtown. Rather, get comfortable and mix up with people at the local eateries and small alleyways with signs in foreign languages. There are many languages, food, colors and spices to be explored.

Taste the best pho in the Chinatown while talking to local residents or explore the lesser-known cultural neighborhood in Little Burgundy or indulge in the Montreal’s jazz scene or shop at the local markets; it is all a great experience.

So, it doesn’t matter what type of a traveler you are – the destination always got be Montreal. Book your flight right here.   

Beginners Guide For Hassle FreeTravel To Montreal

Montreal is a lively city with year round activities to be enjoyed by the whole family. If you have your cheap flights to Montreal booked for a family vacation and if you have never been there before, we get you covered with our comprehensive beginners guide:

Staying Options

You get enormous choices when it comes to booking accommodations in Montreal. If you like to stay in the charming old port area, you can consider staying in the Westin Montreal. It’s a great family accommodation especially for kids as they can enjoy in their outdoor pool with glass bottom.

If you love exploring the city, stay in the downtown where you get an easy access to popular museums, restaurants, shopping centers and metro for convenient commutation. You can check out The Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel which is at a walking distance from city’s main railway station. This accommodation also offers great views of downtown Montreal and Mount Royal.

Family Outing Options

The word “M” does not always refer to the museums, there is much more than just museums in Montreal. And most of the popular museums in the city are kid-friendly with guided tours and special workshops.

You can even take your family for a fun-filled day outing to Espace Pour La Vie in the Olympic Park that has botanical gardens, biodome, insectariums and a newly build planetarium. Unlike any other museum, animals of the biodome are not stuffed and showcased for display from behind the glass; in fact, the biodome takes you and your family through five ecosystems in America with home-grown animals.

As your kids enjoy watching the animals in their natural habitat, your entire planning of boarding cheap flights to Montreal and taking your family for an outing proves to be utterly great.  

Montreal even gives you an immense opportunity to go back to Mother Nature. The year-round botanical gardens named Jardin Botanique houses around 22000 species of plants planted in 10 greenhouses and 20 different gardens. Here, you can even signup for a free guided tour and exhibition of the greenhouses.

Eating Options

When you need instant sugar fixes, head straight to Juliette Et chocolate to choose from a great variety of hot chocolates. While your kids delight on traditional chocolate milk, you can relish on vintage hot chocolate with salad and savory buckwheat crepes for a change.

And when you need to taste best of the poutine in Montreal, you can head to La Banquise in the neighborhood of Le Plateau Mont Royal. This place has more than 30 types of delectable poutiness including bacon, pepperoni, T-Rex, smoked meat and even hot dog. It is also the place to taste city’s best sandwiches and burgers. Open for 24 hours a day, this eating destination also serve lunch and dinner. Some other places to discover in Montreal are Mister Steer’s Milkshake for their steerburger and Suzy Q curly crisp fries.

All the above information will give you a happy first time tour to Montreal. Your kids will surely demand booking cheap flights to Montreal every year for their vacations; and you will be more than happy to take them there especially when you can get great deals on flights just with a click.  

Cool Coffee Destinations In Montreal

A cup of coffee is what you need after your cheap flights to Montreal to kick on your trip with right mood. Luckily, Montreal houses some of the best coffee destinations to rejuvenate you instantly.

Here is our list of perfect independently owned coffee paradises serving expertly brewed cups especially for you:

1. Café Myraide

This café is scattered all over Montreal with three posh branches at Mackay Street, West Sainte-Catherine Street and West Saint-Viateur Street. It is easy to find a branch right after your cheap flights to Montreal lands you here.

Café Myraide is very popular amongst the local coffee aficionados and it is also a beloved spot for instagrammers for its inspiring décor. But, what makes this place top our list is their fine coffee grains that are sourced from top roasters in Vancouver.

2. Café Odessa

Café Odessa at East Beaubien Street is a small cozy place with only 10 seats to enjoy your perfect cup of java in absolute solace. No matter if you like hot or cold coffee - Café Odessa serves you the best shot. Here, you could choose among different types of brews like drip coffee, cold brew, espressos or lattes.

3. Le Carlet

Located at the heart of the Old-Montreal city, this Café at McGill Street is a gourmet coffee shop and a restaurant. This bistro and boutique is popular for serving best lunches in the city and it is much loved by local residents and tourists because of its brilliant décor and excellent service. So, when you need a refreshing java-fix, you know where to go.

4. Pikolo Espresso Bar

Pikolo Espresso Bar at Du Parc Avenue is a favorite coffee stop for students as it is conveniently located between two busy universities – UQAM & McGill. On your visit, you will find this café to be the most picturesque one with stunning interiors and fine accessories. It has two levels and it is much known for its kicking 3-ounce miniature lattes that are made with single origin coffee beans sourced straight from Roasters in Portland.

5. Moustache Café

Located at East Beaubein Street, this café is preserved by local and they are not willing to let this secret spot be shared as it may get spoiled. But this is the place that has cozy ambiance and inviting aromas of coffee that is brewed with Synchro espresso machine. You must also try their vegan smoothies for a little twist.

6. Laure & Fils

Laure & Fils with its 2 locations at East De Castelnau Street and East Jarry Street initially started as a solo venture at Villeray but now it is double venture at most idyllic locations. With prime locations, this café is also proud to be serving Montreal-brewed coffee. During summertime, you could also catch their vintage blue truck in the streets of Montreal serving refreshing cups of coffee with snacks.

There are some more coffee paradises that are less famous but worth-an-explore in Montreal, for example, Tunnel Espresso that serves independently brewed coffee with amazing macadamia nut cookies and Replika for serving strong yet flavorsome espressos and lattes along with delicious snacks.

If you are a true coffee lover, these incredible cafés in Montreal invite you to book your cheap flights to Montreal immediately and taste their java shots.

Why Montreal Is The Best Family Vacation Destination

With a charming fusion of stone cobbled streets and tall skyscrapers with European elegance and American swagger, Montreal truly is unlike any of the other cities in the continent. Apparently, a lot of cheap flights to Montreal are easily available to take you to this unique destination for a fun filled family vacation.

Do It The French Way

If you want to experience rich French culture, Montreal is the best place to be in. Montreal is the largest French speaking city in Canada that is also popular for its colorful festivals and the exceptional “Joi de Vivre”. Amid Montreal’s old-world charm of heritage parks, buildings and narrow lanes from 18th and 19th century, Montreal is happy to also reflect out as an urban city.

Enjoy The Sophistication

It has some classy boutique hotels that reflect contemporary lifestyle in the posh locations and there also are newly build flashy skyscrapers that already seem to be competing for their space in the vivid skyline. Your cheap flights to Montreal will land you in a sophisticated metropolis that is nestled in the beautiful riverside. To make sure you thoroughly enjoy your vacations in Montreal, there also are cosmopolitan eateries, cool shops and many great festivals.

Experience The Local Lifestyle

For sightseeing, Montreal has much to surprise you. There is no end to the list of things you can do here on a family vacation. You can stroll to the Mount Royal plateau to reach chic designer fashion boutiques, wrought-iron staircases, lively art scenes and funky nightspots bustling in the streets. Your family can also enjoy a horse driven carriage ride along the thriving St. Laurence River that proffers immense beauty to the Old Montreal. The harbor front is always buzzing with many activities throughout the day.

Relax & Relish

If you just want a relaxing escape from modern life hustles, find your space in Pole des Rapides that is an expansive 21 kilometers park to enjoy a leisurely cruise along the enchanting Lachine canal. For a unique travel experience, visit the Le Village Gai which is a large gay district in North America. Here, you can dine outside during summers at one of the best restaurants or you can enjoy a sip of steamy hot cappuccino during winters in Little Italy.

Taste A Bit Of Montreal

The local cuisine of Montreal is simply divine and this city claims to have largest number of busy eateries per capita in whole North America. The food truck food is very popular in Entire Canada and these trucks are winning fans all over with their delectable food preparations like fried squid, crepes, maple syrup products and other eclectic dishes from dim sum to Pakistani kebabs.

Party Hard

Montreal is always set with a party vibe. There are many local and international festivals like Jazz international festival, just laugh festival and many more. Festivals in Montreal are the best times to be a part of its culture and experience the best of local food and rituals. Montreal en Lumiere festival in winters is not to be missed as it lines up wonderful outdoor shows for your family to enjoy.

So, why wait any longer? Just get your bags pack and get your cheap flights to Montreal booked in a jiffy to experience the amazing city of Montreal.

Exploring Fun Quotient In Montreal

If your cheap flights to Montreal have just landed you in this splendid city and you are in search of fun things to do, here are the suggestions.

See The World’s Tallest Inclined Tower

Structured at an angle of 45 degrees, it is a 574 foot giant structure – a part of the Olympic Park built for 1976 games. It is the tallest inclined tower in the whole world. Due to several delay and worker’s strike, the tower is still incomplete but you can take a ride to the top of the tower to get a stunning 360 degree view of the Montreal city.

See Brother Andre’s Heart Kept In A Jar

The heart of Brother Andre is kept in a jar at the 4th floor of the Saint Joseph’s Oratory. It is safe behind a locked gate and thick glass sheet. The body of Brother Andre rests peacefully in a tomb built beneath the Oratory. Saint Brother Andre is rightly credited with many miraculous healings and he was canonized in the year 2010.

You may want to see the heart for the reason that it was stolen for ransom in month of March, 1973 but on church refusal to pay the ransom amount, the heart was returned in the month of December, 1974. Since then, it is well protected in a jar.

Check Out The Fossils At Musee Redpath

The Musee Redpath in the McGill University Campus is a pretty good place to spend time and exploring dinosaurs, rocks, minerals and other sections on prehistoric Egypt. It is a lovely place to be in especially when kids are accompanying you. After their cheap flights to Montreal, they will surely enjoy special signage that features various dinosaurs. A smiling T- Rex will announce that the museum is now open while a weeping triceratops will announce that it is now closed. It is a free museum to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Visit The Oldest Bookstore

Archambault is the oldest bookstore in the Montreal city. The first of its outlet was opened in 1896 and now the Archambault’s headquarters with a seven storey building is located at 500 Rue Ste Catherine. At this bookstore, you will find many books in English and French languages. You can also buy CDs, records and DVDs here but the real catch is at the top floor of the building where amazing musical instruments are sold. You can buy pianos, drums or guitars or other musical instruments that are well displayed in separate rooms. Here, you may also catch up a recital sometimes.

Buy Maple Syrup                                            

There are many stores in Montreal that only sell local products. If you like maple syrup, you can buy your favorites from the wide variety of maple syrup produced in Quebec. You can also purchase maple candies and cookies, local made beer and jams to be taken back home for friends and family.

Eat & Eat

If you are a hardcore foodie, Montreal is the place to be in. There are a lot of restaurants and food joints that serve delicious treats from lobster pasta to smoked meat sandwich and from poutine to bon bons. Montreal is a foodie’s heaven to eat while you explore the beautiful city.

To experience all these fun activities, we arrange cheap flights to Montreal with best deals. Just click at this and get mesmerized by Montreal.