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3 Great Lesser-Known Indian Destinations

Most people are familiar with the cities of Delhi and Mumbai but have never heard of some of the lesser-known Indian destinations that are just as enchanting to visit. Here we give you a sneak peek at three of our favourite cities to visit in India.



Known as the “Pink City,” Jaipur is a stunning Indian destination filled with adventure and culture. Lined with forts, palaces, and temples, this city is fast becoming a more popular destination amongst tourists. Plus, if you love trying new foods, the Rajasthani cuisine is sure to enlighten your taste buds. In fact, it’s been noted by foodies as some of the most exquisite Indian cuisine in the country. Here in Jaipur, there is indeed something for everyone – relaxing in the local gardens, shopping at the local bazaars for handicraft specialties or viewing the unique wildlife at the Ranthambore National Park right near the city.


Ahmedabad, India’s sixth largest city, is known for its religious festivals and mouth-watering cuisine that attracts visitors from far and wide. Tourists flock to the area each year to check out the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati, which displays the real living quarters of Mahatma Gandhi himself. Ahmedabad is also known for its many beautiful museums, stunning monuments, gorgeous lakes, modern shopping malls, fine dining restaurants, and fantastic night markets.


Known as the “Holy City” in the state of Punjab, it’s the most sacred city in this Western part of India. Located approximately 270 miles northwest of Delhi and close to the border of Pakistan, it’s easy to get to and is worth the visit. Here you’ll find the Golden Temple, which is arguably one of the most beautiful sights in all of India. This golden spiritual and cultural centre for the Sikh religion features a giant holy pool for pilgrims to bathe in, along with a beautiful array of colours and traditional music that plays throughout the complex.

The impressive display of art, history, culture and food throughout Amritsar and many of these other lesser-known Indian destinations will take each and every one of your senses on an exciting adventure.

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Cheap fights on Etihad


Etihad is the second largest fleet of airlines of the UAE with its head office in Khalifacity, Abu Dhabi. Offering a sophisticated flight deck with its new fleet, Etihad is committed to provide latest in-flight entertainment, operational efficiency, and impeccable services to its customers.


Etihad offers The Residence, first class, business class, and economy class travel options. Etihad proudly boasts that The Residence is the only three-room suite designed for two people, offered by a commercial airline.


From luxurious leather double seat sofa, two dining tables, and 6-foot 10-inch double bed with designer Italian linen in the Residence to a wide armchair and interconnecting apartments in first class to uniquely designed business studios and to smart head and shoulder rest in the economy class, Etihad caters to the comfort of its every passenger in all the classes.

Services provided by Etihad

Meet and greet

The meet and greet service can be availed for you or your guests at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, where the guest will be guided by an experienced personnel from the hospitality team through the airport procedure from their arrival to the transit or departure.

Special assistance

Etihad offers special assistance to unaccompanied minors, expectant mothers, and flyers with medical and special needs. Children traveling alone are provided special supervision from the time they check-in till they meet their guardians/family/friends. Wheelchairs for the elderly, special service for newborns and even conjoined twins can also be arranged with Etihad Airways.

Flying nanny

If you are looking forward to a little me-time while flying with Etihad airlines, you can avail their flying nanny services. Nannies by Etihad are approved by the renowned childcare training college in the UK, so you can relax that your children are in safe hands. 

Chauffeur service

Etihad offers free chauffeur service to its first and business class passengers from and to the airport. The guests are welcomed by porters at the kerbside and escorted to the premium check-in reception if requested.

Popular destination served by Etihad

From the most sought after to the not-so-explored destinations, Etihad covers almost every place you can think of. Some of the countries you can fly to with Etihad include:



Etihad covers most of the top Indian metro and interior cities. EY is the most preferred airline by travellers flying to Ahmedabad and beyond as custom and Immigration is done in Ahmedabad. EY also provides best routing for Nepali customers as they have one stop flight to Kathmandu via Abudhabi hub.



Etihad covers top cities in Pakistan including ISB/KHI and Lahore. EY is the most preferred airline by travellers flying to Pakistan as travellers prefer one stop via Abu dhabi.


Book cheap Etihad flights to Kazakhstan and gear up for a mysterious and thrilling adventure trip. Adventures maniacs can look forward to activities like skating, skiing, and snowboarding while the explorers can get engrossed in unique and captivating customs.


Etihad Airways take you back in time when you travel to Greece. The birthplace of the Western Civilization, Greece is the land of mesmerizing architecture at Santorini, the enchanting culture at Athens, and breathtaking beaches at Crete.


The land of vast and splendid landscapes comprising forests, mountains ranges, and rivers, Germany should be there somewhere on your travel bucket list. Get free tickets from Etihad to Berlin for the gripping nightlife, or to Munich for colorful festivals and beer halls or to Frankfurt for neck breaking skyscrapers.

United Kingdom

Explore the United Kingdom, the birth land of The Beatles and Shakespeare with Etihad and make your trip memorable to the T. The airlines ensures to make your trip one-of-a-kind the moment you board the flight.


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Ahmedabad International Airport At A Glance

Often denoted as “Manchester Of The East” – the city of Ahmedabad is being served by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. Located at a distance of 8 kilometers from the main city, this is one of the busiest international airports in India. All the major airline operators have frequent flights flying in and out the Ahmedabad international airport.

With a newly inaugurated terminal, the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International airport in Ahmedabad is stretched over 1,124 acres to handle domestic and international flight traffic. Over 9 million domestic and international passengers use the airport facilities of this airport that connects all the major international and local destinations. Since Ahmedabad is the capital city of Gujrat and it also is the main cultural and industrial hub in Gujrat, there is lot more to know about this splendid airport.

Facilities At Ahmedabad International Airport

The airport currently has 4 terminals with spacious parking and welcome lounges. Other facilities at the terminals include multiple check-in and immigration counters, wi-fi internet connectivity, eating joints, flight information display, mobile charging points and aerobridges.

There are excellent facilities for baggage services and one could find luggage trolleys conveniently available all around this airport. A large number of duty free shopping stalls and food joints make this airport a passenger friendly place.

Custom Procedures

Whether you board cheap flights to Delhi or cheap flights to Chennai to enter into India, the regular Indian custom guidelines operates everywhere in India. You are required to walk through the green channel if you do not have any dutiable item and through red channel in case you are carrying some dutiable goods. If you are not sure of the duty charges and whether or not a particular item comes under dutiable item, it is recommended to pass through the red channel.

Alcohol is strictly not allowed at the Sardar Vallabhbhai International airport; however, foreign passport holders are allowed to carry limited amount (2 liters) without any duty charges. The custom officers may consider checking you baggage thoroughly if you are carrying alcohol or wine and this may delay your passage a bit. If you are carrying cash over USD 5000, you will need notifying it to the custom officials at Ahmedabad International Airport.

Immigration Procedures

All the foreigners travelling to India via Ahmedabad International Airport need to fill up the arrival form and Indian customs declaration form. These forms entail information about all the dutiable or prohibited items. Meat products, meat, poultry, fish, seeds, flowers, fruits, dairy products are generally prohibited items on the board. You are not allowed to carry maps or literature in which the external Indian boundaries are shown incorrectly. Adult passengers are allowed to carry a laptop or a notebook each.

The new immigration forms also include information about your passport number and details of the countries you have visited or traveled in past 6 days. If you are coming to India from China, Bhutan, Nepal or Myanmar, you are eligible for Rs 6000 duty free allowance but if you are coming from any other countries that are listed before, you can avail up to Rs 35,000 duty free allowance.

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If Regular Tourist Spots Bore You, Food May Excite You!

Traveling is a very eclectic experience. Some people would get on with their cheap flights to Delhi tickets just to shop at Dilli Haat and some other types of travelers would always be excited getting cheap flights to Ahmedabad to explore the beautiful heritage sites like Bhadra Fort, Sarkhej Roza and many others. If you are kind of a person whose idea of traveling seems to be indifferent from all such itchy feet travelers and if you find regular tourist spots, sightseeing and shopping really dreary and tiring; food can definitely inspire and excite you to travel new destinations with undeniably interesting, fresh and scrumptious options to try out.

In India and especially in Mumbai, street food often charms more than any sophisticated menu at an urbane restaurant or food joint. The real flavor of Indian cuisine and spices can be best tasted in the local street food that is served hot and hygienically. So, here are the top choices for the innate food lover in you to indulge in Mumbai.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is the most popular and very common street food in Mumbai that you will easily find everywhere. It is basically a mixed vegetable dish with lots of aromatic spices served with pav (a type of bread roll). The best thing about this king-of-street food is that you can literally enjoy it any time; it’s delicious and filling too. You will find many Pav Bhaji stands near the central station or at the beaches but if you want to have the best of all, just try it at the Juhu Beach or visit Sardar’s refreshments in a five minute walk from Mumbai Central. Sprinkle some lemon over the bhaji and just dig in your fingers.

Vada Pav

Now this is another very convenient typical Mumbai street food. You can simply pick it up and go snacking anytime. The fried vada (patty) is made with potatoes and loads of garlic and chilies, dipped in gram flour batter. The golden fried vadas are then sandwiched in buttered pav with some chutney. Vada Pav is equally enjoyed by students, businessmen, travelers and even foreigners. A lot of students flock around Anand Vada Pav stand opposite Mithibai College at Gulmohar Road. You would surely not like to miss on it if you are nearby.


Who could resist the smoky, tender and yet so crispy kababs. If you love non vegetarian food, kababs are the best option in Mumbai to pop in your mouth. The seekh kabas are made with meat cut into bite sized chunks marinated in a mix of spices and yogurt. They are then sewed into sticks and grilled over coal fire to give it amazing charred look and taste. Some popular kabab joints like Sarvi at Dimtimkar road have been serving delicious kababs since more than 90 years.

Milkshakes And juices

Health conscious people in Mumbai can enjoy very refreshing and very light juices and milkshakes in warm evenings at some of the best juice bars like Bachelorr’s at Chowpati Sea face. An expanded variety of chocolate, strawberry milkshakes and fruit smoothies can be tried here along with some great fruit juices like Liquid marble and lychee delight.

There are many other street eateries the serve excellent sea food, chaat and of course Bhel puri at each corner of this huge city. So, if all these delectable food choices stimulate your taste buds, you can right away book cheap flights to Mumbai at

If You Are Young And Love To Travel

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In Ahmedabad, Winters Get Hotter!

Ahmedabad remains hot almost throughout the entire year. If you have got your flight ticket to Ahmedabad booked for the hotter months of April to September, the sightseeing and outdoor events can be little too exigent if your body is not used to handle extreme heat. So, if you really want to explore the truest essence of this beautiful and culturally rich city of Gujrat, India, the best time to visit is in winters during October to March.

Winters in Ahemdabad would not give you chills but would rather bestow a pleasant weather to enjoy natural grandeurs of the city without stressing about heat strokes and sweat. The city temperature hangs between 10 to 36 degrees with colder evenings but warmer days. Although Ahmedabad is a vivacious place to be in at anytime of the year, it just gets even more jovial and congenial in winters with line of magnificent festivals and events that fittingly fall during colder times of the year. The warmness of cheerful people and grandly celebrated festivals make Ahmedabad a lot hotter in winters. Let’s explore what Ahhmedabad’ian winters have in store for you…

The Colorfully Vibrant Celebration Of Navratri In October

 If your cheap flights to Ahmedabad are landing you in Ahmedabad during the month of October, you simply cannot afford to miss the grand celebration of Navratri that continues for 9 nights. The city is literally drenched in total festival spirits with colorful Garba (local folk dance form) venues and fine-looking natives in traditional dresses. Loud upbeat music and rhythmic yet passionate dance moves would surely get soaked in your heart & soul to be cherished forever.

The Sparkly Diwali Celebration In November

Diwali or Deepawali in Ahmedabad is celebrated with abundant lights and sweets. The festival continues for 5 days that is celebrated each year during end of October or start of November. This is one of the major Hindu festivals with great mythological significance. You can experience Diwali to be one of the most gratifying experiences in Ahmedabad if you could be a guest to an Indian Hindu family. Plenteous sweets and fire crackers on the third night of the festival adds to the total magnificence of this festival.

The Merrier December With Christmas

Although there are very few people who are Christians in Ahmedabad but that doesn’t fades the happy and celebratory spirits of Christmas in any way. The markets get superfluous with plenty of gifts and delectable food items to be enjoyed during the festival.

The High Flying Spirits With Kite Festival In January

Kite festival of Gujrat and specifically Ahmedabad is now a world known festival. Great numbers of kite flyers gather in Ahmedabad from all across the world in January. It is truly stunning to watch big, colorful and boundless kites hording the sky limitlessly.

Get Drenched With Holi In March

In the beginning of spring, Holi is celebrated with coloring each other. The colored powders were traditionally made with medicinal herbs but in some older parts of Ahmedabad you can still experience the same old tradition that is very beguiling and safe.

These are some of the most common festivals of Ahmedabad celebrated during winters apart from many music festivals, film festivals and other religious festivals like Eid, Raksha Bandhan and Guruparb that also fall in winters.

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Ahmedabad, A Cultural Feast Amid Progression

Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujrat which is a rapidly developing Indian state. Located on the banks of Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad has been the home of great Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel who actively contributed in independence movement of India when it was ruled by British. With constant and affirmative efforts from the state government of Gujrat to support tourism in their state, Ahmedabad enjoys to be one of the most visited and vivacious city in Gujrat. Many cheap air flights to Ahmedabad are operational all through the year to provide easy travel.

The typical Gujrati culture that is very colorful, vivacious and passionate is quite evident in various religious and ethnic communities in Ahmedabad. Simplistic manner, cheerful people and innate zeal to live every moment to its extreme makes Ahmedabad the most enjoyable place in India.

Festivals And Celebrations

It would not be an exaggeration to denote Gujrat and particularly Ahmedabad as city of festivals and celebrations. Prominent Indian festivals like Holi, Eid Ul-Fitr, Gnaesh Chaturthi, Christmas and Gudi Padwa are enthusiastically celebrated in Ahmedabad but annual kite flying festival on 14th January and nine nights long festival of Navaratri is celebrated with full ardor and ethnical rituals. Navratri is specifically celebrated with enchanting Garba (energetic folk dance of Gujrat) performances at various venues in Ahmedabad. If you could get flight ticket to Ahmedabad during the months of October and November when Navaratri and Deepwali are celebrated, you can witness most happy people dressed in most colourful dresses performing the most amazing dance form in groups. It is truly amazing! Apparently October to march is the best time to visit Ahmedabad when festivities are on and weather is pleasant.

Food Choices

A great variety of Indian food and international cuisine can be tried in Ahmedabad while some of the food outlets in Hindu and Jain communities would only serve vegetarian food. A tremendous variety of street food and snacks can also be tried in Ahmedabad that are simply scrumptious and filling. Do not miss to feast on special Gujrati Thali with assorted vegetarian food items and sweets for a different flavor of Ahmedabad.

Places To Visit

There are many temples, historical places, museums and sightseeing spots in Ahmedabad for you to explore and exhilarate. Sun temple in Modhera has finest architecture and magnificent carvings to let you feel the ancient excellence of art.  Sabarmati ashram, kankaria lake, Dada Hari Vav and Jama Masjid can be visited for total peace and tranquility. If you like to see the ancient docks of Indus valley civilization, you can visit Lothal that is just 85 kilometer southwest from Ahmedabad. Other palces for excursion in Ahmedabad include Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, Science city, Shanku Water Park and Sarkhej Roza. Shopping enthusiasts can visit following popular market in Ahmedabad for ultimate shopping experience of local goods and garments:

·         Kapasi Handicraft Emporium

·         Law garden Night Market

·         Manek Chowk

Ahmedabad is popular for its colorful Chaniya Choli (traditional Gujrati female dress), rare wooden crafts, brass and metal works.

How To Reach Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is well connected to rest of the Indian cities and world through frequent bus, train and flight services. Cheapest flights to Ahmedabad can be booked online from India. Flights to India in Ahmedabad land at Sardar vallabh Bhai Patel International Airport which is connected to London, Muscat, New York and Colombo with cheap flights to Ahmedabad services. Major cheap air flights to Ahmedabad include:

·         Jet airways

·         Spicce jet

·         Indigo Airlines

·         Air India

·         Go Air

Ahmedabad is an unceasing source of liveliness and enjoyment.