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Explore our new design and mobile responsive website - NanakFlights

Explore our new design and mobile responsive website:

We have launched a new user friendly and mobile responsive design of our website.  The new and responsive design allows you to book your flights with ease. Rather than searching airline after airline for the cheapest flight, the least amount of layovers, the quickest flight time and the best connections, Nanak Flights does it all for you! We handle all the heavy lifting and make booking a flight an enjoyable and exciting experience.

The new user interface is very clean, and we have made it very simple. All the content is aligned to various sections and you can easily navigate to different pages.

We have added beautiful pictures for our top selling destinations and even customer reviews are right on the home page, so no time is wasted in getting all of the important information right away.

After you enter your origin and destination in the flight search section, it takes just a few moments to find the absolute best deal for you and shows your flight options at the top of the page, so immediately you get a very quick overview and comparison of your flight options. As you scroll down, you can go over various flight options and find what works best for your travel experience. All the flight information is concise, easy to read and is in a very clear format, making it a breeze to book!

Visit online or on your mobile for the best booking experience or call our travel agents today at 1-855-722-9977.

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Please have a look at our mobile responsive design:


How to prepare yourself for long-haul flights | Things to keep in mind

How to prepare yourself for long-haul flights

Have an unbearably long flight ahead of that dream vacation, you spent months planning? You might want to check out a few pointers/ things you should keep in mind for a comfortable (and happy) journey.

Boarding a long flight ahead of that dream vacation can sure be a daunting task. And yet, amid the humdrum of pre-bookings, packing and the excitement of sailing to the unknown shores, this aspect of a journey is often left out, unattended. One of the most underrated parts of your vacation, long flights can leave you tired, jet-lagged and sleep deprived if not planned out carefully.

Yes; you read that right. A little pre-planning and overhand preparation before setting off on your adventure trail can go a long way in lighting up your mood, relaxing your body and ensuring that you have a great day ahead. However, if we left you wondering where to start from, fret no more! We already have it covered for you. Take a look at some of the most frequently given bits of advice from the experts, before flying the skies.


Pre-planning ensures you board your flight well-equipped and stress-free. This especially comes handy if you are an anxious traveller.

     Sleep is important

If you intend to catch up on your forty winks on the flight itself, you might be in for a rude shock. With limited space and amidst crying babies, you don’t really get a chance. A better option, though, is to travel well rested and avoid a bad jet lag later.

     Take a look at your travel documents

Take some time to sort out all your travel documents you might need for the journey and save yourself from that last-minute anxiety.

     Pack right

Check the weather conditions of the place you are headed to and pack accordingly. Play fair between must-haves and wants. Learn to travel light.

Book the right Airlines

A bad flight experience may leave you tired, unhappy and irritated. Especially if it’s a long one. However, a little look into the matter can leave you kickstarting your vacation on a good note. Here are the things you should keep in mind before deciding on your air carrier.

     There should be ample of legroom

If it’s a long flight, your primary task is to make sure you are at your prime comfort level. Legroom, though small, is one such aspect that adds up to your ease in a major way. Try comparing legroom measurements offered by different flights as well as the seat width and prices.

     Choose your own seat

Most airlines allow one to choose one’s seat while booking the flight. Avoid booking the seats at the back of the plane.

     Check the food

While most long-haul flights offer a great deal catering to a wide range of preferences, it is always a good idea to pre-check with your airlines if you have any special requirements.

     Be aware of the flight’s restrictions

It is a better to be aware of the baggage weight restrictions and other such restrictions than paying a hefty fee later.


Remember, comfort is the key. Try and get an upgrade whenever possible.

Know your Needs

You need to be well equipped for a good in-flight experience. Here are the things you should consider carrying - neck pillows, chewing gum, eye masks, noise-cancelling headphones, travel toothpaste and a toothbrush, earplugs, your own blanket and pillow, and some sanitary wipes to keep clean. If you have any other special requirements, like specific medical prescriptions or some homemade snacks, add them to your bucket list.

Health Check

A long-haul flight requires you to sit at the same place for an insanely long interim of time. And if you are not prepared for this, it might take a toll on your health. Research has shown that long flights often pose the risk of dehydration, sleep deprivation and deep vein thrombosis. The good news is, you can easily ward off these risks by keeping a few points in mind.

     Keep hydrated

As mentioned earlier, long flights tend to leave you dehydrated, and the only solution to that is drinking enough water or electrolytes at regular intervals throughout the journey. Try to avoid consuming any alcoholic beverages.

     Avoid the risk of DVT

DVT or deep vein thrombosis is the formation of blood clots in deep vein for insufficient physical activity or being in the same position for an extended period of time. For a flight running for more than 4 hours, the risk is more than just apparent.

Try getting up and walking around the aisle at regular intervals. Flex your leg muscles and do some body stretches to increase the blood flow. If you are prone to this, you might want to consult your doctor and take along some compression stockings or blood-thinning medicine with you.

Look for good flight connections

We understand you might be looking for as little travel time as possible. And why not? When heading for a good stress-buster holiday, who wants to waste away those extra pockets of times on mundane stuff?

And yet, it is often advisable to leave a humble time interim between your two flights. Aiming for tight flight connections often leaves one with little room to collect and secure all the luggage, clear the customs, grab a meal(if needed) and freshen up. Nevertheless, it is important to decide on a connection that gives you enough time to board the second flight smoothly.

Ease away that Boredom

Your long flight means over five hours of nothingness and monotonicity, shackled to a single corner. Sounds boring? How about jazzing up your journey?

     Check out the airline’s entertainment options

Several airlines provide their travellers with in-flight connectivity along with some good movie options and reading facilities. Do a little homework, and check in advance the facilities provided by your airlines to make that long flight more endurable.

     Carry that book

Reading is a great way to pass away some of those blank hours with ease. Invest in some good page turner, whodunnit novel or better still, re-read some of your favourite ones. Alternatively, one can spend the time browsing through your favourite magazines and newspapers.

     Take along some of your e-gear

Electronic gadgets like laptops, tablets or a Kindle reader make for some great time-pass.

Dress Right

How you dress, play a major role in framing up your in-flight experience. This should not really come as a surprise when you’d be wearing the same dress for up to seven hours. When deciding on your clothing, here’s what you should keep in mind.

     Avoid wearing jewellery

Your jewellery will not only set off the security alarm but can also become irritating to wear in the long run. A better option is to save them for flaunting on your vacation.

     Choose your footwear wisely

Trust us; you don’t really want to run around, clacking on your 4-inch heels, whilst boarding your flight. Try wearing some comfortable close-toed shoes instead.

     Wear comfort clothing

We are talking about loose, layered garments that allow proper ventilation, sans belt and tightly fitted stockings. Dress according to the climate and remember to carry that extra sweater in case it gets cold.


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Things To Remember When Boarding The Flight During Pregnancy

Things To Remember When Boarding The Flight During Pregnancy.

 Travelling while expecting a child can be a challenge to many. Ahead are a few tips and things to remember when boarding the aeroplane for pregnant flyers.

Pregnancy is a period which has a number of emotions involved at the same time. There is excitement since a new family member is awaited, there is anxiety if the child is receiving the proper nutrients from the mother’s body, there is nervousness of childbirth and also the anticipation of immense pain to speak of a few. Utmost care is given to the expecting mother and the child in her womb to ensure a healthy family life ahead without any complications or difficulties. Life goes on a usual during pregnancy, in the sense that the mother travels, goes to the word, exercises as recommended and also doesn’t ignore the household chores. A woman is an all-rounder, and this creator of life does wonders. However, one must be cautious while travelling by flights due to changes in air pressure, elevation, temperature and similar other aspects.

Ahead are a few tips to help you travel better and that you must remember while boarding the flight.

Second Trimester:

Well, that’s exactly when you must consider getting on an aircraft while flying. By this time, the morning sickness from the first trimester of 9 months has already reduced considerably, and the weariness of the third hasn’t started showing any signs yet. It is recommended that one mustn’t embark on a journey after 36 to 38 weeks of pregnancy. The best is to ask your doctor before making a move because he knows best since that’s his field of expertise. No point taking a chance and risking the baby’s life. It is also suggested that it is wise to already keep information of your airline’s policies for pregnant passengers, in order to avoid last minute harassment and chaos which can stress the mother and that is not okay either.


In The Country:

To explain it in one line, it is better to choose domestic destinations as travelling international may be more tiring and a long journey is a big no-no. No one can predict what may happen while once in the air. Proximity to home ensures less distance from relatives who can rush anytime as needed and less contamination or total change in the eating habits and lifestyle. The body too requires time to adapt to its surroundings, and it is uncertain if the delicate child has such an immune system. High altitudes must be avoided while beaches are appreciated for their soothing effects.


Prenatal Record:

Carrying them is no harm. Just like a little infant constantly needs care and affection, similar is the expecting mother’s condition who can need medical help at any time of the day or night. Keeping records handy ensure that they can be used as a reference by any local doctor too and not just the one who is handling the case. Keeping one’s health insurance in the bag is also spoken highly of. These documents are as essential as the passport and should not be treated lightly at any cost.


Do Not Pick Heavy Objects:

Do not rush to carry your luggage on your own just because you feel you can do all that a man is capable of doing or simply because you do not want others to work for you. It turns out; it’s okay sometimes to be the spoilt queen and not work. Let others help you while carrying the heavy bags and suitcases. Do not bend too much as it could result in an injury to the child which may also lead to a life-long regret on your part. Try avoiding those screeners since their rays have the potential on high long-term damage. Instead, request for a pat-down security check. Taking help is okay.

 Hydration And Snacks:

These are essential for the effective and efficient functioning of even those who are not pregnant. The re-circulated air in the plane can cause dryness and lack of moisture. Drinking ample water is very important to remain hydrated which also avoids a feeling of nausea, dizziness and complete blackout. Eight to twelve glasses of water must be consumed each day. Regular munching on dry snacks is equally significant. While salted products are to be avoided as they may cause retention of fluids and consequent swelling. Raisins, carrots, un-cut fruits and granola bars are endorsed.



Blood circulation is essential. Taking an aisle seat allows easy access to the washroom as well as provides space for walking up and down at frequent intervals, lest there is a high chance of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis which can have severe effects. Putting on warm socks is also a suggestion to keep the blood concentration proper for smooth flow without any obstruction. Being restful is the key. Do not shy away from stretching the legs and arms regularly. Others will either judge or not care, but that shouldn’t matter to you since your body and child must be your number one priority. Let the world assume what they want to.


Avoid The Vent:

 As per the rules, you will not be allowed to have a seat by the emergency exit. But also avoid a place which is directly under a vent that blows direct air. Expecting mothers are more prone to catch a cold than the rest. Thus, one should not be exposed to potential viruses. It is also proposed that a hand sanitizer should always be kept in the handbag.


“Prevention is better than cure” is one motto that every family member of the pregnant lady as well she and the others around her must live by. A small mistake could lead to eternal suffering for some other being. These points aim to answer a few frequently asked questions that arise in the mind while boarding the flight during pregnancy. This is a beautiful experience which must be cherished and enjoyed since not everyone is blessed to give birth to a child and rear it up. Travelling can be stressful at times and especially when one is about to have a child and is going through immense physical along with social changes.

Rest back, take a trip, be careful and do let us know how helpful this was.

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