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Bannerghatta National Park: Greatest Wildlife Attraction In Bangalore

If you love to watch exotic animals in their natural habitat, we recommend booking cheap flight tickets to Bangalore and a visit to Bannerghatta national Park in Bangalore.

Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka and hence it is one of the most popular tourist spot of the state. Besides many of the beautiful parks and vibrant night life options, Bannerghatta national park is among the major attractions of the city.

Just at a distance of 22 kilometers from the South city, Bannerghatta National Park takes about an hour to reach from the city center. A lot of transportation options are easily available from main city. You can either take local buses, private taxis or auto to visit Bannerghatta National Park. Since Bangalore is a normally a tourist frequented city, there are many developed options for easy commutation.

More About The Park

The best thing to be enjoyed at the Bannerghatta National Park is that it is situated amidst magnificent hilly region that covers a giant area of about 25,000 acres. No wonder it is renowned as one of the richest zoological and natural reserves in Karnataka. This national park was founded in 1978 and since then Bannerghatta National Park has expanded enormously to become top most wildlife attraction in whole of India.

Whether you are a serious animal lover, naturalist, botanist, historian or simply a tourist who is curious to explore the main attractions, Bannerghatta National Park has a lot to offer and serve your need of adventure.

What Not To Miss In The Park

While you are in Bannerghatta National Park, there are some distinguished attractions within the park that you must not miss:

The Snake Park: A splendid snake park features in the Bannerghatta National Park of Bangalore. The snake park includes a great variety of snakes. You and your family are sure to be amazed by the wonderful collection of reptiles and snakes.

The Zoo: The zoo in the Bannerghatta National Park is full of amazing animals such as tigers, lions, elephants, rhinos, crocs, cheetals and many more. There also is a small theatre. The animals are reserved in their most natural habitat and best cleanliness.

The Butterfly Park: This Park is famous all over India. You can see stunning range of butterflies and insects here.

Apart from these distinguished and well maintained parks, Bannerghatta National Park also has a museum, audio visual room and a conservatory.

More Adventures In The Park

Rich flora & fauna, lush & tall trees and beautiful landscapes welcome you as you book your cheap flights to Bangalore. All this natural grandeurs concentrate to be satiated in Bannerghatta National Park. Adventure seekers can take a safari tour to track down lions and tigers; if you are lucky, you can spot white tiger as well.

For trekking enthusiasts, there are many ponds and some ancient temples within the park premises. Even if you seek total peace and tranquil, the natural sceneries of Bannerghatta national Park will offer enough times to relish and relax.

To visit the Bannerghatta national Park, you can book cheap flights to Bangalore here.