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Weird But Fun Places To Stay In Canada

Booking cheap flights to Canada and planning a vacation is a wonderful idea. This great white country in North is packed with lodging alternatives. Plenty of choices sometimes can confuse you especially when you are looking for an unusual place to stay. Fret not. We are here to help.

Canada sees a lot of travelers particularly in winter months to enjoy cool events and festivals. In case you want to sleep on the weirdest yet fun bed in Canada, you will need to go through following of our recommendations. You might think it’s bizarre but they must be visited for a distinctive experience:

1. Free Spirit Spheres

Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia

It may be the weirdest tree house you could ever find to stay. They are like giant floating orb and you will be sleeping in a wooden sphere hung between the trees. Children below 16 years of age are banned to stay here. The spheres have been named in reference to the untamed spirits existing within all of us. Each individual sphere has a unique name like Melody or Eve. It is absolutely fun spending a night here.

2. The Boatel

Location: Toronto

It is a boat cum hotel; hence it’s Boatel! This huge 65 feet yacht has everything – elaborated dining room, living room and two bedrooms as well. The Boatel has inspiring interiors of baller mahogany. This practically is the Toronto’s only B&B&B hotel (bead, breakfast and boat). It is worth booking cheap flight tickets to Toronto just for staying here.

3. Snow Village

Location: Montreal

When you are in Canada, it is easy to find an ice or igloo hotel; but this particular hotel is a notch up. They have got Jagermeister – the ice bar, an ice chapel and Pommery – the ice restaurant. At the entrance, they also have their mascot – “Snoro” who is dressed in fury outfit like a French-Canadian. Everyone is welcomed to hug the cute Snoro for free.

4. The Vancouver Aquarium

Location: Vancouver

In Canada, just about anyone can sleep with fishes. At the Vancouver Aquarium, you can make advance reservation to sleep inside of the aquarium. This would be a fun experience especially if you have kids along.

5. The Jail Hostel

Location: Ottawa

It could be a perfect stay for people who want to experience how it feels sleeping in the jail without actually going and killing someone. This was once a real prison that now is a jail hostel open for public. The jail cells of that time are now rooms where you stay. The courtyard of this hostel still has the gallows from last public execution. You can also enjoy the “Mugshots” bar in the hostel.

All the above hotels and boatels of Canada are set to give you an awesome stay in most unusual site. To experience such amazing hotels, you first need to book cheap tickets & flights with us. So, what’s the wait for? The world of weirdest / unique hotel stay is calling you.