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Best Places for Dating Ideas in Calgary

Best Places for Dating Ideas in Calgary

No matter how much relationships are tied down to virtual assistance, there is nothing that you can trade for an ideal date. You maybe into a relationship for a long time or simply trying to speak up about your feelings – a perfect date in Calgary could be all that you need. We have added some of the best places you could choose, but first you must check the cheap flights to Calgary, and then make bookings for your date.



Starting off with the patent – going out for coffee never gets old. The ‘ideal first date’ is still about meeting at a café. When in Calgary, you must taste Kawa’s coffee treats. They have fabulous matcha lattes and exclusive beer. Kawa hosts live jazz shows in the evening and warms up your date a little more.

2.Paper Street

If your date loves to eat, you must take her to Paper Street. This place exhibits a laidback charm of the city, but has a touch of international street-food traditions. The ‘buttermilk fried chicken waffle cone’ is a must try for everyone who’d like to taste unique street food delights.

3.Broken City

Calgary hosts quite a lot of standup comedy events. You could opt for Yuk Yuk's or The Comedy Cave. You will also find events according to days – for example, Broken City hosts Monday Comedy Night, but the days can change for another week. When you book the cheap flights to Calgary, make sure you make booking for such dates too.

4.Boomtown Pub & Patio

Meeting up for a drink can also be a classic idea. You could like the upmarket for wine tasting or perfect cocktails, or you could also go for a group date at a public sing-a-long. If you’re dating out during the summers, you must go to a patio.

5.Sandy Beach

We could give you a list of summer date ideas in Calgary, but what’s better than hitting the beach? Two of you can learn kayaking from the University of Calgary’s Outdoor Centre or embrace the sunshine at the Sandy Beach. It is also ideal for group dates if you’re traveling with more friends in here. Don’t miss out on booking the cheap flights to Calgary in advance.

6.The Locked Room

If you’re bored with the most common and casual date nights, you could choose to get to an escape room in Calgary. Imagine being locked up in a room with your partner and solving a mystery to escape. You will have to solve problems and puzzles together, and that can help you understand each other well. You will need advanced bookings for this, so do that after you have booked your cheap flights to Calgary.

7.Olympic Plaza

There are two types of dates for people in the winter months of Calgary – something that helps you hide from the cold and something that lets you enjoy the cold. You could go skating at the Olympic Plaza and gulp up hot chocolate. You could also want to stay indoors and snuggle up with your loved up as you watch snowfall from your hotel room. Make sure you book your cheap flights to Calgary before winter sets in.


Art lovers could head to the Bert Church Live Theatre at Airdie. The stage also has renowned people performing music and acts all through the year. As you plan your cheap flights to Calgary make sure you also have the tickets booked for the shows you’d like to see here. The auditorium fits in 377 people and uniquely lets everyone interact with the performers.

9.Telus Spark

Every second or third Thursday of the month, the Telus Spark puts up a special Adults Only Night. You get to experience interactive sessions while you sip through drinks. It is not just date-friendly, but also lets you get closer to your partner where you’d like to discuss biology with her in detail. It helps the relationship strengthen, as you get to show how concerned you are about each other’s well being.

10.Frank Lake Conservation

People often like dates that are filled with quietness and tranquility. If you too want to come out of the busy streets, you might love to visit the Frank Lake Conservation area in Calgary. People who have never tried bird watching will be surprised to see how peaceful a nature park can be.

You can hire binoculars and spot more than 190 species of birds in the lake. This lake has been listed as one of the important bird zones in Canada as per Duck’s Unlimited. The shallow lakes inhabit the prairie grasslands of Southern Alberta and add to the beauty of the environment.

11.Griffith Valley Ranch

If you’ve ever imagined kings and queens dating out on a horseback, here’s your chance to live the moment! Go through the rugged terrains at the foothill of Rocky Mountains in Calgary. You must check out the Griffith Valley Ranch on coming here. The area has over 4,500 acres of forest land, with valleys and plenty of streams.

For more than four decades, the Griffin family has provided several horses and allowed riders of
all levels to hire them. You can take up annual membership or hourly rides with your date, and go on unguided tours. These bookings must be done in advance, like you book the cheap flights to Calgary.

12.The Classic Soda Shop

The Classic Soda Shop at Marv has the right soft drinks that you should taste on your visit to Calgary. As you go inside Marv you feel like walking into a 50s movie set. The place will give you an essence of retro styles that you might have had heard of, till now.

You will be greeted with doo-wop tunes on a jukebox, watch the servers help you in the uniforms of the 50s, and gaze at the walls covered with stickers and posters of singers who played at that time. The soda shop is tucked away in the core of Black Diamond, and you will get floats, sundaes, banana splits and sodas here.

13.The Blues Can

The Blues Can is another place to get some live music. It is located in Inglewood and has performances every night. They also have ‘live blues jam’ on Saturday afternoons. Since this place brings in touring acts from all across the globe, you need to stay updated to know what to expect and when.

14.New Orleans Creole Cookery

If soft tunes are more of your thing, you could eat at the New Orleans Cajun Creole Kitchen. They serve you authentic Cajun delights, as you can sway at the soft beats. The songs here will have words that you’re probably struggling to convey.

Calgary has something to serve for everybody, and they can also be opted for, according to the season you travel here. From the sandy beaches or the icy cold times, from the rugged terrains to the nature park, there is something for everybody. You know what your partner would love the most – all you need to do is book the cheap flights to Calgary, book your date, and let the rest do the talking.

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Things To Remember When Boarding The Flight During Pregnancy

Things To Remember When Boarding The Flight During Pregnancy.

 Travelling while expecting a child can be a challenge to many. Ahead are a few tips and things to remember when boarding the aeroplane for pregnant flyers.

Pregnancy is a period which has a number of emotions involved at the same time. There is excitement since a new family member is awaited, there is anxiety if the child is receiving the proper nutrients from the mother’s body, there is nervousness of childbirth and also the anticipation of immense pain to speak of a few. Utmost care is given to the expecting mother and the child in her womb to ensure a healthy family life ahead without any complications or difficulties. Life goes on a usual during pregnancy, in the sense that the mother travels, goes to the word, exercises as recommended and also doesn’t ignore the household chores. A woman is an all-rounder, and this creator of life does wonders. However, one must be cautious while travelling by flights due to changes in air pressure, elevation, temperature and similar other aspects.

Ahead are a few tips to help you travel better and that you must remember while boarding the flight.

Second Trimester:

Well, that’s exactly when you must consider getting on an aircraft while flying. By this time, the morning sickness from the first trimester of 9 months has already reduced considerably, and the weariness of the third hasn’t started showing any signs yet. It is recommended that one mustn’t embark on a journey after 36 to 38 weeks of pregnancy. The best is to ask your doctor before making a move because he knows best since that’s his field of expertise. No point taking a chance and risking the baby’s life. It is also suggested that it is wise to already keep information of your airline’s policies for pregnant passengers, in order to avoid last minute harassment and chaos which can stress the mother and that is not okay either.


In The Country:

To explain it in one line, it is better to choose domestic destinations as travelling international may be more tiring and a long journey is a big no-no. No one can predict what may happen while once in the air. Proximity to home ensures less distance from relatives who can rush anytime as needed and less contamination or total change in the eating habits and lifestyle. The body too requires time to adapt to its surroundings, and it is uncertain if the delicate child has such an immune system. High altitudes must be avoided while beaches are appreciated for their soothing effects.


Prenatal Record:

Carrying them is no harm. Just like a little infant constantly needs care and affection, similar is the expecting mother’s condition who can need medical help at any time of the day or night. Keeping records handy ensure that they can be used as a reference by any local doctor too and not just the one who is handling the case. Keeping one’s health insurance in the bag is also spoken highly of. These documents are as essential as the passport and should not be treated lightly at any cost.


Do Not Pick Heavy Objects:

Do not rush to carry your luggage on your own just because you feel you can do all that a man is capable of doing or simply because you do not want others to work for you. It turns out; it’s okay sometimes to be the spoilt queen and not work. Let others help you while carrying the heavy bags and suitcases. Do not bend too much as it could result in an injury to the child which may also lead to a life-long regret on your part. Try avoiding those screeners since their rays have the potential on high long-term damage. Instead, request for a pat-down security check. Taking help is okay.

 Hydration And Snacks:

These are essential for the effective and efficient functioning of even those who are not pregnant. The re-circulated air in the plane can cause dryness and lack of moisture. Drinking ample water is very important to remain hydrated which also avoids a feeling of nausea, dizziness and complete blackout. Eight to twelve glasses of water must be consumed each day. Regular munching on dry snacks is equally significant. While salted products are to be avoided as they may cause retention of fluids and consequent swelling. Raisins, carrots, un-cut fruits and granola bars are endorsed.



Blood circulation is essential. Taking an aisle seat allows easy access to the washroom as well as provides space for walking up and down at frequent intervals, lest there is a high chance of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis which can have severe effects. Putting on warm socks is also a suggestion to keep the blood concentration proper for smooth flow without any obstruction. Being restful is the key. Do not shy away from stretching the legs and arms regularly. Others will either judge or not care, but that shouldn’t matter to you since your body and child must be your number one priority. Let the world assume what they want to.


Avoid The Vent:

 As per the rules, you will not be allowed to have a seat by the emergency exit. But also avoid a place which is directly under a vent that blows direct air. Expecting mothers are more prone to catch a cold than the rest. Thus, one should not be exposed to potential viruses. It is also proposed that a hand sanitizer should always be kept in the handbag.


“Prevention is better than cure” is one motto that every family member of the pregnant lady as well she and the others around her must live by. A small mistake could lead to eternal suffering for some other being. These points aim to answer a few frequently asked questions that arise in the mind while boarding the flight during pregnancy. This is a beautiful experience which must be cherished and enjoyed since not everyone is blessed to give birth to a child and rear it up. Travelling can be stressful at times and especially when one is about to have a child and is going through immense physical along with social changes.

Rest back, take a trip, be careful and do let us know how helpful this was.

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Golden Triangle package Itinerary details

Following are the 6 Nights/7 Days Itinerary details for Golden Triangle Package (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur).

Day 01 Arrival in Delhi:
Meet our representative upon arrival in Delhi and check-in at the hotel. India's capital & a major gateway to the country, Delhi is contemporary and a bustling metropolis which successfully combines in its fold the ancient & the modern. Its strategic location was one of the prime reasons why successive dynasties chose it as their seat of power. New Delhi also reflects the legacy the British left behind. Overnight in Delhi.
Day 02 Sightseeing in Delhi:
After breakfast, proceed for a full-day tour of Old and New Delhi. This fascinating city has been in existence since the 6th century BC and has seen ups and downs from the rule of the Pandavas right up to the British Raj. Visit Jama Masjid, which is the largest mosque in India, commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan. The courtyard of the mosque can hold about 25,000 worshippers. Enjoy a rickshaw ride in Chandni Chowk, the busiest market in Old Delhi…noisy, chaotic and uniquely Indian. You will then visit drive past to the Red Fort, which was constructed during the rule of Emperor Shah Jahan and served as the residence for the Mughal royal family. It continues to be significant till date, as every Independence Day, the Prime Minister makes a speech from its ramparts as the Indian flag is hoisted. Later, drive past to India Gate, President House and several other government buildings in Edwin Lutyen’s Delhi before you head toward Rajghat, the memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. This simple memorial marks the spot where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated in 1948. Thereafter, visit Humayun’s Tomb, commissioned by Humayun’s wife Hamida Banu Begum in 1562. It was the first garden tomb built in the Indian sub-continent where the Persian architect used red sandstone on a large scale. Later in the evening visit the Qutab Minar, which is the tallest brick minaret in the world; it was commissioned by Qutbuddin Aibak, the first Muslim ruler of Delhi. Overnight in Delhi.
Day 03 Delhi–Agra (210 kms/ approx. 4 hours):
After breakfast, drive to Agra. Arrive and check-in at your hotel. Later, proceed for Half Day City Tour of Agra. Visit the Red Fort, which was commissioned in 1565 by Akbar. The beautiful yet forbidding structure is a handsome example of Mughal architecture. Later, visit the Taj Mahal … a mausoleum built as a symbol of Emperor Shah Jehan’s devotion to his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal. Considered an architectural marvel, its construction took thousands of workers over 21 years to complete. Overnight in Agra.
Day 04 Agra–Jaipur (230 km/approx. 5 hours):
After breakfast, drive to Jaipur and enroute Visit Fatehpur Sikri, which was built by Emperor Akbar and is home to many historical buildings. Akbar wanted to make Fatehpur Sikri his headquarters; however, he had to abandon it due to shortage of water. The Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chishti enshrines the burial place of the Sufi saint who lived a religious life here. Today, Fatehpur Sikri is a UNESCO World heritage site. Further drive to Jaipur and check into your Hotel. Jaipur is the gateway to the magnificent and vibrant state of Rajasthan. Evening take a stroll in the markets of Jaipur for the traditional dresses and shoes, curio shops, blue pottery etc. Overnight in Jaipur.
Day 05 Jaipur:
Proceed for full-day sightseeing trip of Jaipur, also known as the Pink City. The city of Jaipur is capital to the state of Rajasthan, famous for its colorful culture, forts, palaces, and lakes. Jaipur owes its name to the founder of the city, warrior king Sawai Jai Singh II. Visit the Amber Fort. The best way to explore the fort is to ride up to it on Elephant back. Prominent structures inside the fort are the Diwan-i-Aam, adorned with latticed galleries, the Ganesh Pol, with a beautiful painted image of Lord Ganesh, and the stunning Sheesh Mahal, a hall decorated with thousands of tiny mirrors. Later, stop to photograph the beautiful Hawa Mahal, also known as the “Palace of the Winds.” This beautiful façade with its ornately carved latticework windows was designed so the ladies of the palace could look out onto the streets unobserved. Later you will visit the City Palace… again, a synthesis of Rajasthani and Mughal styles. The museums here showcase rare and ancient manuscripts, arms dating back to the 15th century, and costumes of erstwhile royalty. Later, visit the Jantar Mantar Observatory, comprising geometric devices for measuring time, and tracking stars in their orbits. Overnight in Jaipur.
Day 06 Jaipur–Delhi(250 km/approx. 5 hours):
After breakfast, drive to Delhi and check-in at hotel. Spend rest of the day at leisure. Alternatively you may go for shopping in evening. Overnight stay in Delhi
Day 07 Departure from Delhi:
After breakfast, you will be transferred to Delhi airport/railway station for return flight back home.



Hotels included in the Golden Triangle Package. Price per person with minimum 2 persons.
CityNightsCategory A - $699Category B - $649Category C - $599Meal Plan
Delhi 3 Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar Park Inn By Radisson Surya International Breakfast
Agra 1 DoubleTree By Hilton Four Points by Sheraton Taj Vilas Breakfast
Jaipur 2 Holiday Inn City Centre Four Points by Sheraton Libra Breakfast


Following are the Golden Triangle Tour Package Inclusions: 

  • 6 night accommodation in well-appointed rooms as mentioned above hotels or equivalent
  • Cycle-rickshaw ride at Chandni Chowk, Delhi
  • Elephant/Jeep ride at Amber Fort
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary by private tourist vehicle
  • Assistance at the airport & Hotel check-in / check-out
  • Services of English-speaking guide during sightseeing tours
  • Drivers allowances, toll taxes and Govt. Service Tax


Following are the Golden Triangle Tour Package Exclusions: 

  • Air tickets and airport taxes
  • Supplement for entrances – INR 4500/CAD 90 (per person)
  • Items of personal nature like laundry, phone calls, tips to guides/drivers etc.
  • Camera/Video camera fees applicable at monuments


For the visual and performing arts there are the Kamani Auditorium, the Chamber Theatre at Triveni Kala Sagam, FICCI Auditorium, the India International Center, Siri Fort, LTG Auditorium, Pragati Maidan and Sri Ram Center.

For music lovers, Delhi has the Shankarlal, Dhrupad and Tansen Festivals in February and March and the Vishnu Digamber Festival in August, featuring India's greatest musicians performing Roshanara Festivals of music and dance organized by Delhi Tourism.

Galleries include Vadehra Art Gallery, Art Heritage, Triveni Art Gallery, Art Today, Sridharani Gallery, Eicher Gallery, Gallery 42, Dhoomi Mal Art Centre, Gallery Escape, Lalit Kala Akademi, LGT Gallery, Gallery Ganesha, Gallery steps, AIFACS, Max Mueller Photo Gallery, British Council Divisio Gallery, Gallery Romain Rolland, the Village Gallery and Khirkee Gallery.

Best Way to Travel on a Budget

Traveling provides an opportunity to see family, friends and a chance to see places where you have never been before whether you are on a personal vacation or a business trip. When determining the best method to travel it is important to consider distance, time frame and extra expenses so you can decide which is the most cost effective. In many cases, destinations over a day away are typically faster to get to by flying and when you can bundle car rental and/or hotel with the airfare then you can save a lot of money.

Cheap tickets are best found using online travel agencies or website vendors that do specialize in searching across all airlines for you to find the most affordable prices for you. They provide all the essential information for round trip or one way flights and users can select the exact flight they want that works within their schedule. The first step is to choose the airports you are flying out of and into and remember to consider options because getting into your destination a little farther out may save you money because it is not a highly trafficked area.

The best part of utilizing these online vendors, other than the cheap tickets, is they give you an opportunity to bundle necessary components of any travel trip or you can purchase the airfare on its own. This saves you time, money and energy because you don’t have to go to multiple sites to make reservations or look for the best deal on car rentals. They will do that work for you as well as offering travel insurance in case you have to cancel or delay your trip. You can choose not to purchase this but you will not be covered or refunded if something happens like baggage or trip delay, cancellation, etc.

There are many expenses that go along with seeing the world or just taking a trip to a new state but when you take advantage of cheap tickets offered through reliable vendors then you can save money in all different areas. Go online today and start planning your next trip using the best tools and resources at your disposal!

Hidden Attractions Of Victoria

Victoria houses most popular tourist attractions of British Columbia. You can board cheap flights to Victoria to explore these lesser-known places for best ever travel experience. There are numerous tourist places in Victoria like Royal BC museum, Craigdarroch Castle and much more that sometimes it is difficult to decide where to start from. This season, we suggest you to get started with some off-beat places that we are listing here:

Dragon Alley

Out of many nooks and corners of Chinatown, Fan Tan Alley is a popular place that is also the narrowest street of Canada. While most people enjoy strolling in Chinatown, take a mysterious escape to Dragon Alley. Revitalized recently, Dragon Alley has plenty of eclectic shops, many studios, restaurants and many other places to shop and relax. This alley connects Herald and Fisgard Street; do not miss the red “Dragon Alley” road sign on the Fisgard Street to locate this hidden getaway.

Ghost Tours

Don’t be surprised if someone tells you that Victoria is one of the most haunted places in Canada. There are a lot of murder stories, love and hanging stories to enchant you forever. You would love to catch cheap flights to Victoria for experiencing these thrilling ghost tours. The Ghostly Walks is developed by famous storyteller and historian – john Adams. He along with his expert guides take you to the most haunted spots in Victoria. It will surely be a unique experience for you and for entire your family.

Glass Sidewalks

One may not consider Glass Sidewalks as an attraction since many people walk over these spectacular purple prisms every day but it is certainly something to hold everything else for a moment and give it an eye. These prisms are historical blocks of translucent glass paved in late 19th century. It was initially installed to let the sunlight enter the below basements and since then, many of the glass prisms have been destroyed or removed but you can still find some of them reflecting their true eminence at the Johnson Street or along the Broad Street. 

Downtown Markets

Summers in Victoria are the best times to dive into the vast pool of downtown markets. During summers, these markets are flooded with best of the local fresh produces and artisan food items. You can also shop here for incredible art pieces and hand crafted jewelry. Head straight to Moss Street Market or to Ship Point Night Market to make best use of your time and money.

Thunderbird Park

This is the most extraordinary but mostly overlooked feature of Victoria. This park is situated just next to the Royal BC Museum and it has the most amazing display of totem poles along with First Nations Monuments. There also are two mesmerizing historical buildings (St. Anne’s Schoolhouse and Helmcken House) that you will appreciate for its intricate artwork and architecture.


Every visitor and even residents of Victoria must visit these places as they are sure to give you loads of memories. So, do not wait any longer, just book your cheap flights to Victoria right now and get on for a fun-filled exploration of these hidden attractions. 

Flying with babies: Points to be noted


In every real man there lies a hidden child that wants to play. If I had to pick the most beautiful creation ever by god, I would have definitely ended up choosing a bunch of children. Their weeping sounds that almost shatters a glass, their mischievous behavior that keeps us running behind them always, their wonderful expressions and many more would transform the stressful adult in you to a fun loving kid. But there are few cases, where you would really give up on kids and one such instance is while traveling. We present to you a few points that will educate you on flying with your babies.

Before we go on into what needs to be checked before you fly, let us make a note of who can fly? By which, I mean babies of what ages can fly?

Airline policies change often and it is always a better option to either check your airline’s website or to call them ahead.

Babies ideally should be at least 7 days old to fly. A few airlines indeed allow younger infants to fly, upon a doctor’s written statement, while others have 14 days as the minimal requirement for the babies to fly. None of us would want to fly a 14-day infant except for an emergency J

Now, here we go with the tips for you to fly with your babies.

Car Seats:

There are two aspects to the use of car seats. One being that, you could save money by not booking your infant a ticket, instead pay an extra baggage allowance for your car seat and the other being to free yourselves from flying with your kids sitting on your lap throughout the travel, while your better halves enjoy their flight J. Car seats these days are allowed by almost all major airlines and checked at the gates through boarding and helps ensure safety of the kid.


The word Medication reminds me of a saying - “Prevention is better than cure”. It always good to carry an emergency sheet with your child's health information or save it on your smartphone. If in case you have a list handy and your kid needs some medical attention, the list can help you better.

That way, everything is in one place if you need it.

Food and Comfort:

This time it is not about the kid and it’s about the women. If you do breastfeed your kid, don’t forget to buy a drink after you go through the security gates, since it is very important to keep yourself well hydrated. And for those women who do not breast feed, may be for some reason are advised to carry ready-to-use formula for their babies. However, this has to be handed over to the security officers during the screening process.


When you are just changing a diaper, you will want to keep things simple. You will never want to take their shoes, socks and jacket on and off, every now and then. A comfortable suit would be a Pajama or their favorite tees to keep them away from weeping Turning up white and white is definitely going to be a bad option. Always carry at least one change of clothes for both you and the kid. You just can’t complain on the quality of diapers after it had leaked.

Hope these points will make some sense to add up something to your travel... Have a hilarious travel with your naughty ones

Airline Connections - How to Manage Connecting Flights and Have a Happy Journey!



Connections are bound to connect people. Sometimes, when connections don’t serve the purpose that they are intended to, the whole picture gets spoiled. With these connection citations, I am trying to connect you to the transits - “the connection points”.

Unless you are travelling to a major city with a huge airline hub, you will have to take these connection flights to fly from your place to the destination. There is always a chance of missing those connection flights if not planned properly. To ensure a smooth connection, we would recommend:

Avoid being tightly connected:

If suppose, you are travelling via Heathrow airport, which is one of the world’s busiest airports, you may end up walking to the departure gate, if in case the transportation factor between terminals is missing. Though they operate buses every six to ten minutes between terminals, passengers may find it difficult to commute to the gates for their outbound flights. With such constraints ahead, one cannot chose connecting flights with a transit time of 90 minutes. So, we would suggest you allow yourselves a minimum of 3 hours to connect to your destinations. This will not be a problem since most of the aerodrome allow up to 6 hours for connections to be made.

Baggage Transfer:

When you are not on a long trip, you won’t be carrying a lot. When you are overloaded, you are inviting trouble, if your airline doesn’t provide you the baggage transfer facility.

When your baggage is checked through to the destination at the departure airport, then you don’t have to collect baggage at transit hub since that will eat up a good amount of time from your pockets. Be sure to choose an airline that offers this baggage transfer and save time.

If these two trepidations are given sheer importance then your connection flight becomes pleasant..!!

At the worst case, if it happens for you to miss your connection flight, then what do you do? You still have a chance to fly at no additional cost. Take a look at how can this be possible?

Demand a seat to fly:

If a planned delay or cancellation of one flight segment causes you to miss your connection flight which you have booked under one booking number, then you can, by all means, demand for a seat in the next available flight. You are just a phone call away to avail this service, if you are expecting a delay. Once you land at the transit, you should look for your airline’s travel desk and follow the procedures to board the next available flight. As simple as that J

How do you manage the delay?

“Time and tide waits for none” marks the significance of time. Few things go out of control and this sort of delay falls under those few things. You will always have to be prepared to face the consequences of it. A few steps that you could take to manage this delay:

Drop by the Duty-Free shops:

Be it window shopping or shopping, for sure, it kills a lot of time. And if you have got women with you, you are already done for the dayJ. With kids onboard, the play becomes even more interesting. With women shopping and kids weeping, you can’t complain about killing time J

Plan for your stay at the hotel:

If the delay is going to be for 2-3 hours then waiting at the travelers lounge makes sense. But for a delay of more than 6-7 hours, the airline takes responsibility in arranging suitable accommodation for its passengers and incur transportation charges to the place of accommodation. Heathrow airport doesn’t have a place to stay during nights within their premises and hence in case of delays, airlines are bound to look for hotels nearby.

To be prepared, in case of such delays, let us carry an additional attire. Two pairs of clothing’s shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Hope that sums up the strategy to keep your flight pleasant through the transit!!! Safe journey!!!


Fort McMurray

With the mechanical life, a man leads today, he definitely needs a break. Plan your vacations at the right time to the right place at your budget and we are here to help you out. Fort McMurray can be your destination if you are looking forward to an exciting weekend trip with your expenses controlled J

Fort McMurray has some beautiful places to visit which would also feed you with some interesting facts and will help you all gain some knowledge. One such place would be the Oil Sands Discovery Centre.

Oil Sands Discovery Centre:

Athabasca Oil Sands is the world’s biggest oil deposit and this is where the Oil Sands Discovery Centre is located. This educational facility is run by Alberta Culture and Tourism, Historic Site and Museums branch. The visual aids would make it a knowledgeable spot for its visitors. The economic value, history and futures of Oil Sands can’t be explained any better. Trying to visualize how would this be? Why to visualize? Earn a trip to McMurray. It’s easy with our rates J

MacDonald Island:

Ranging from golf courts to rock climbing to swim meets to gym and what not? Phew... You wouldn’t have seen this number of amenities within an island. This variety makes it a must place to visit. This is claimed to be the Canada largest community recreational center. MacDonald Island offers an opportunity to keep yourselves fit by joining one of their many sports and recreation leagues. As a part of their services, MacDonald Island helps in making the Total Fitness Centre operational. Have you ever had a thought about keeping yourselves fit? If not consider this place and you will always want yourselves to be fit.

Bison Sanctuary:

Bison is the largest Canadian terrestrial animal. This Bison Sanctuary is located off Hwy63 which is approximately 20 miles to the north of the city and close to Buffalo Viewing Point which is a unique spread of protected land that stocks a flock of bison. This land was once an actively functioning part of the city, which the city gifted back in accordance with the view to protect the area’s natural resources and to develop and eco-tourism destination J  Bison herd there would approximately be 300 in number. If you are looking forward to click a few snaps this very location, you will end up losing all your day doing so. This animals are usually habituated to stay at a single place for long and hence you cannot expect them to pose for you J

So, what are you looking for yet? Plan for your itinerary and pack your bags to fly to this land of Oil Sands and herd of Bison’s. Finding it difficult to get your tickets booked? Don’t worry, you can reach out to us anytime and we will book your flights at the price you want us to J



Happy flight!! Enjoy your scenic trip to Fort McMurray…

Ottawa – City of Museums


Museums can be a boring chapter in many of your books. But, we bet you will change your opinion once you land in Ottawa. Formerly named “Bytown” after British military engineer Colonel John By, the city of Ottawa is known for the long list of its museums. Here, we bring to you the best of museums in and around the city:

Canadian War Museum:

To become a democracy it would have cost many nations a hundreds of years and this nation is no exception. What it cost this nation to become one is architecturally sculptured in this monument. A perfect tribute to those brave hearts who took part in World War II. The exhibits at the museum will never let you take your eyes off them. It ranges from naval guns to tanks and from motorcycles to jet aircraft. The total space of the museum is segregated into different galleries each depicting various periods of war from the nations earliest times to the present conflicts. A must visit place for a historian who digs deep into World history J

Canadian Museum of Nature:

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin as quoted by Shakespeare stands true for long time now and will continue to last until such monuments are in place. The Canadian Museum of Nature includes all aspects of the intersection of human society and nature. The exhibits are placed at the Victoria Memorial Museum Building, which has a total 7 galleries namely,

Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery which contains the skeletons and miniatures about the extinction of dinosaurs.

Vale Earth Gallery which educates us about how the geological forces shaped planet.

Mammal Gallery which exhibits Canada’s wild animals.

RCB Blue Water Gallery which features a blue whale skeleton and exhibits about life found under waters.

Bird Gallery comprising of more than 450 Canadian bird mounts.

Animalium that exhibits live insects and

Stone Wall Gallery that runs us through the photographs and art displays about natural science.

One would wonder if nature includes all of the above mentioned exhibits. Certainly it does. Learn nature and help preventing it J

Canadian Museum of History:

Previously known as Canadian Museum of Civilization, this museum is one among the oldest cultural institutions of North America. Canadian Museum of History has also with it the Canadian Children’s Museum and an IMAX theatre with 3D capacity. So definitely a visit to the Civilization museum would be at you vision now. The museum has 3 halls where the exhibits are placed namely, the Grand Hall, the First Peoples Hall and the Canada Hall. With the Grand Hall known for its architectural masterpiece and the First Peoples Hall getting its root from 20,000 years of history, the Canada Hall is closed for renovation now are situated at respective levels of the building. Sheer entertainment guaranteed. Don’t miss out on this spot on your vacation to Ottawa.


Ottawa is real feast for the lovers of history and for those who love to research on whatever they get to. So don’t delay and plan your trip to Ottawa. Time and tide waits for none.