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A Few More Useful Travel Apps For Your Smartphone

Traveling must be fun and not stressful. While you can easily book cheap flight tickets with us, there are many things other than just tickets to be taken care of during a tour.

Earlier, we have had some posts talking about most useful mobile apps while traveling and here are a few more to be added to your smart phone making your journey a pleasant experience. Take a look:

1. Google Translate

This app is for travelers who are more serious about learning the local language of the place they are visiting. This app is most useful when you need to quickly translate words for day-to-day travel activities.

The best thing about this app is that it is extremely easy to use – just hold the phone camera up to a sign, menu or any text, Google will translate it for you instantly. So, this is an essential app if you are traveling to a foreign country.

2. Time Out

When you are in a new place, this app will help you with ideas of great things to do. Time Out app includes all major cities of the world. It has Amsterdam, Singapore, New York and every other exciting city you can think of.

The app covers pretty much everything from restaurants to bars and live events to tourist attractions – you will surely find something that would interest you. The app even allows booking table at a restaurant or show tickets. You can also create a customizable travel guide with this app.

3. Splittr

There are quite a few mobile apps to help you split your bills but Splittr stands out of all. It is the best app for travelers because it has a simple platform that also allows sharing the total cost between groups. As you book cheap flights, hotel rooms and taxi etc, just keep entering the expenses and rest everything would be done by the app.

It can even store the information about who paid the bill. It is a great app for long travels and multi-country trips. It supports many currencies without you having to manually convert them.

4. LiveTrekker

This app creates a wonderful digital journal of the places you travel. It is the best app to look back at your travel through an interactive map. It tracks your journey as you move with a red line on a map and marks up exact route you take.

It even monitors the altitude and speed of travel. All these features make it a perfect app for adventure travelers. It is also a good app to look back at your travel routes and it becomes more fun because you can even add pictures, texts, videos and audios making it just like a multimedia diary that is sharable too.

In order to make use of all these amazing mobile apps, you first need to book cheap tickets & flights to your favorite destination. Nanak Flights is always up with best deals and price drop guarantee. So just get your mobile loaded with these apps and enjoy unforgettable time.