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Really Useful Travel Apps You Must Have On Your Smartphone

We all travel for fun and work. Successful traveling needs proper planning ahead of time. Doesn’t matter if you have booked cheap flight tickets to travel alone or in a group or with family, new age mobile apps can really help taking stress out of the whole traveling experience.

Apart from keeping you highly organized, following useful apps are utterly important to enjoy traveling without worrying about route maps, expenses, currency and other such nasty travel nig-nags. Here are our top recommendations:

1. Citymapper

If you have been using Google maps, Citymapper would bring a playful change. It has way more detailed journey information and planner as compared to Google. Even better, Citymapper has real time cycle routes, Uber integration, departure details and disruption alerts.

This app is free and is available for Android and ios platforms. It is currently covering over 30 (rapidly increasing) cities worldwide.

2. Tripit

It is just like your smart pocket size travel agent. It pulls on all your travel information together from confirmation emails of cheap flights, hotel room and car etc. It assembles all the information into a single itinerary.

Just keep forwarding your mails to the app and it will do the rest. It even makes it easier to share your travel plans with others and that places it as a very handy app while coordinating a group tour.

3. Duolingo

With more than 70 million registered users, Duolingo is a well-designed language learning mobile app. It is a fun app to learn basics of any language although it doesn’t replaces interactive tuitions to completely learn a language.

Designed like a game, Duolingo helps you enhance your vocabulary and grammar before you head to a foreign country.

4. XE Currency

When you need currency conversion, XE Currency is the app to look at. Besides simple currency conversion, this app is also adorned with many business oriented features like historic currency chart and rates of precious metals.

The best part is that it even functions offline with last updated rates and that it can convert all currencies of the world.

5. App In The Air

This smart and very straight forward app is what you need for flight tracking. With best airport and airline coverage, App In The Air keeps you constantly updated with flight status even when you are offline.

It also helps you manage your time at the airport by dividing the entire process into 4 stages – check in, boarding, take off and landing. All this and more would help never missing a flight. This app can also work in coordination with the above mentioned Tripit app to import all the travel information about flight and hotel bookings.

So, next time when you plan up a travel, don’t forget to get above mobile apps on your smartphone. As these apps take care of every chore related to your journey, all you need to do is to book cheap tickets & flights with us for your preferred destination and enjoy the trip.