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Top 5 Summer Getaways From Delhi That Are Cheap Too

Delhi is the capital city of India which also is the main gateway to enter India via flights to Delhi. If you have landed in Delhi during one of the hotter months, you may find the heat unbearable.

Luckily, at just a short distance from this capital city, there are some amazing destinations that have pleasant weather and immense beauty. We list here some of such cool getaways from Delhi that will save you from scorching heat and won’t hurt your pocket too.


Popularly known as lake district of India – Nainital is just 285 kilometers away from Delhi. You may either choose to reach Nainital by road or by train. If you choose train, you will need to take a taxi from railway station to reach Nainital.

Nainital could be an ideal spot if you love being in the midst of mountains, lakes and valleys. There are several temples and beautiful parks to be seen. No matter what you do and where you go in Nainital, serene natural splendor will always accompany you.


Located in the Uttarakhand state of India, Mussorrie is the popular most hill station of India. It is about 282 kilometers away from Delhi and it takes nearly 7 hours to reach this destination by road.

Being a busy holiday destination, there are many places worth visiting in Mussorrie such as lal Tibba, Kempty Falls and Mussorrie Lake. The weather here is pleasant throughout the year.


Surrounded with lush green forests, Dharamsala is home to Dalai Lama. Situated in the Himanchal Pradesh, it is another popular Indian hill station at a distance of 473 kilometers from Delhi. You can book bus to Dharamsala as soon as your cheap flights to Delhi land or you can even take a train.

At Dharamsala, you will get to experience the Tibetan culture and their delectable cuisine. The city is full of beautiful monuments and temples to be visited during your trip. Some of the famous visitor’s spots are Mcleod Ganj, Thekchen Choling Temple Complex, Tibetan Library and more.


At a phenomenal height of 1640 meters in Himanchal Pradesh, Kasol will take around 10 hours drive by road from Delhi. If you love adventure and would want to go trekking, Kasol is an ideal place for you.

As a bonus, you are surrounded by splendid rivers, valleys and hills all over. Cheap holiday accommodations like hotels, lodges and homestays are easily available here.


At a distance of about 225 kilometers from Delhi, Rishikesh may not have as pleasant weather as rest of the destinations mentioned above but it still makes a very good place to visit for the array of water sports it has to offer.

The adventure zones and the spiritual centers of Rishikesh will turn your trip into a memory to last forever. Here, you can enjoy trekking, white water rafting, bungee jumping and much more. You can get train or local transports to reach Rishikesh from Delhi. When you are here, do attend the evening Aarti at the Ganga River.

So, set yourself for an ultimate trip to India via Delhi. Book your cheap flights to Delhi here and let the exploration begin.

Are You Ready For A Trip To India?

It is truly difficult to find another place like India. It is unique in so many ways that it will make you come back again for more.

Right from your cheap flights to Delhi to immense travelling through different Indian states, this country will give you an experience to last your lifetime. You may get a little frustrated by all the hustling and culture shocks nudging around you but if you go prepared about what this country has to offer, a great experience awaits you.

1. Give Your Body Some Time To Adjust To Local Cuisine

A big part of traveling includes adjusting to the local cuisine that starts right when you board flights to Chennai or other Indian cities. And in India, you get a whole array of different smells, spices and flavors. In India, it is highly recommended to give your stomach some time to get used to local cuisine.

Before straightaway diving up to street food, get yourself acclimatized by eating non spicy food at good restaurants. Once you get used to it, million exotic dishes of India will surely delight you with their distinct flavors.

2. Be ready For An Uneasy Stomach

No matter how careful you are, chances are there that your tummy gets upset with the food choices you make. As you are already taking your time to adjust to the flavors, you are still very likely to get an uneasy stomach. But this should never hold you back from visiting India or trying out it’s delicious food.

Food is a big part of your travel experience; so, don’t restrain yourself from trying authentic Indian food to regret it later. Instead, carry some medicines in case your stomach feels a little uneasy.

3. Dress Modestly

When you are in a foreign country, it is expected of you to respect their culture and to dress appropriately. In India, consider it a thumb rule to always keep your shoulders and knees covered.

When you visit some religious places in India, make sure that your legs and arms are covered. People of India are more open-minded than you expect and would never see you with disrespect but maintaining proper dress requirement at certain places is important.

4. Be Ready For Negotiations

Before catching your cheap flights to Mumbai or other Indian destinations, if you have done a little research, you would have read or heard about several taxi scams that they charge too much or drive you around in circle and so.

When you find yourself in such situations, always negotiate beforehand. Try to get your local guide or hotel book services for you. This will ensure that you are never ripped off.

5. Be Flexible

As you visit India, try to remain as flexible as possible. You know, odds can happen at any point of time and things may not go as you plan. You may get stuck in the traffic or in the herd of cows crossing the road. This is common in India. Just enjoy your ride. Probably you won’t experience anything like this elsewhere, so, enjoy it while you are here.

If you love taking things out of your comfort zone and exploring new things, you will love your visit to India. Got to India with an open mind and embrace whatever comes your way, you will never look back again.

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Exploring Calgary A Little Deeper

Calgary is a place of growing sophistication and continuous cultural evolution.  There are many reasons in Calgary (from great food to spectacular surroundings and entertaining buskers) for which you would like to book flights to Calgary for a fun filled holiday.

Calgary is often misunderstood in terms of its true essence and culture. But people are wrong on many counts. Join us as we explore the Calgary city a little deeper:

The Peers Of Calgary

Before anything else, Calgary is a young city. It is generally said that Calgary is developing to be like New York, Chicago or Paris or Kansas City; but these cities are not the true peers of Calgary. They may certainly have overlapping histories but they are not alike.

The real peers or cohort of Calgary are the new cities like Dubai, Singapore, Dallas or Phoenix that have literally emerged from empty spaces and mud to a global hub. With all its modernity, Calgary still dwells the usual Canadian culture, peace and good government.

The Young People Of Calgary

People of Calgary are young and that is like a mixed blessing for the city as well as for its populace. It gives the city an inspirational vibe of youth and optimism. Calgary people are exuberant and are thirsty for risks.

Plus, they also have a hint of recklessness and a petulant character. But, that is stereotypical Calgary. It is a land of busy oilmen and ranchers with big trucks, easy money and expansive sprawl. It just spreads youthful ambiance all over the place.

The Ambitious City

This young city is also free and unfettered. People here are a bit inventive by nature and they do not fear experimenting. Calgary is an energetic city with ambitious strivers that have big ideas. No wonder, it is emerging as entrepreneur’s paradise. The city has great social fluidity and powerful structure. It is absolutely ready to take its deserving place in the world’s table of global import.

The innovative energy of the people living in Calgary will win your heart. You may come here via cheap flights to Calgary to leave in a year or two but at the end you will want to stay here forever.

It Is Wild

Calgary is a beautiful but wild city with rivers shaping its contour. The fast flowing streams from the mountains, the aquatic highways and the confluence of the two rivers proffer wonderful surroundings and ample of wilderness.  

The provincial park that is included within the city is a retreat for deer, owls, beavers and wolves etc. The rivers of the city are set to give you an exemplary fishing experience. Calgary is a perfect glimpse of untamed nature weather you are hiking, fishing, watching birds or just enjoying lazy afternoon stroll.

The Rocky Mountains on the edges and rural wilds just down the road are a big part of Calary’s wild allure. When you book cheapest flights to Calgary for a holiday, make the most of it. This little “Cow Town” of yesterday is an aspiring city of today that will be the biggest metropolitan of West Canada tomorrow. To book your tickets right now, just click here.

Be Safe From Heat During Travel

Summers are the perfect time to enjoy camping trips, hiking trips, a great beach tour and much more. The soaring temperatures of summer cannot kill the traveler in you but while you take cheap flights to Calgary for a delightful summer holiday, it is important to stay healthy and safe while traveling.

As humidity level and temperature rises in the summer, you need to avoid the risks of heat associated illness especially when you are traveling. Here are some expert tips to avoid common heat issues during travel:

1. Dehydration

It occurs when your body loses more water (in form of sweat or urine) than you drink. In this condition, our body lacks enough water to carry out normal functions. Old people and young children are at high risk.

Symptoms of dehydration may include less urine, sticky or dry mouth, dizziness, headache and thirst. See a doctor immediately if you feel fainting or when you cannot hold nay fluid in the body.

How To Avoid

·         Drink lots of fluids like water or good sports drink that are high in electrolytes

·         Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol

·         Eat fruits and vegetables that have high water content

2. Heat Exhaustion

When body loses essential water and salt, symptoms of heat exhaustion show up. It shows up as a result of prolonged activity in the hot weather. One could feel high pulse with heavy sweating. Untreated case may lead to dangerous heat strokes. Heat exhaustion is completely preventable. Visit the doctor immediately if the condition is worsening with time.

How To Avoid

·         Keep your body hydrated

·         Plan activities in shade and carry umbrella with you

·         Keep checking the urine color. If it is dark yellow in color, drink more water

·         Wear light weight, light colored and loose clothes

2. Heat Stroke

It is the most dangerous heat related illness. Its symptoms are similar to heat exhaustion with additional neurological symptoms like dizziness, confusion or coma. The body stops sweating and the internal temperature of the body soars up high. See the doctor immediately if the condition is out of control.

How To Avoid

·         Avoid heavy physical activities in the heat

·         Avoid the high heat period between 10 am and 6 pm

·         Drink water every half hour

·         Take break from the activities in the cool shady area

Some Important Things Of Concern

Other than these illnesses, there also are some things that you need to take care of during traveling in hot weather. As soon as you land from your cheapest flights to Vancouver and other popular holiday destinations, make sure that you take action to protect against following:

Insect bite –                 1. Use good insect repellent that at least has 10% DEET

          2. Cover full body if going to a place with heavy vegetation

          3. Take extra care from mosquito bite between dusk and dawn

Bacterial Infections -  1. Avoid visiting areas with wood and dense bushes

                                           2. Take shower as you return indoor

                                           3. Use permethrin on clothing

Swim Safely -               1. Always swim with a buddy

                                           2. Wear proper swim gear and life jackets while swimming in the current

                                           3. Only swim in the designated areas

For more of such useful information and to book cheapest flights to Calgary along with other Canadian destinations, visit

7 Easy Hacks For Frequent Flyers

It doesn’t matter if you already are an expert traveler or you want to become one, our following top hacks would surely help you in long run to have stress-free traveling. We have dug in deep to bring you these advices that will help novice and experts alike.

1. Take electronic Backup Of Important Documents

Backup all the important documents that could be catastrophic to lose (like passport, credit card, insurance policies and itinerary confirmations etc) electronically. Though it is imperative to take backups when you are catching short flights to Calgary Alberta or other Canadian cities, backups become quintessential when you are traveling overseas.

And while you are storing sensitive information like your credit card number, use special codes or numbers so that it is not so easy to decipher by other persons. This will save you from any harm in case your electronic device is stolen or misplaced.

2. Collect And Store All Addresses Ahead Of Time

Squandering your time on streets and hunting for the addresses is the last thing you would want to do on a tour. So, before you begin your traveling, send yourself an email that contains all the addresses of the locations you would want to visit.

You can even launch an application on your smartphone that would map the destinations you want to visit. You may use the wifi connections available at the airports to tick the locations you have already visited in the list and to map the next ones.

3. Check The Seating Chart

When you board on direct flights to Vancouver or any other flight, you must check if the seating configuration and numbers have not changed with your airlines. There are many online applications that can help you with this although you must remember that airlines change this information time to time and this could give a state of flux. So, keep a check.

4. Click The Photo Of The Parking Lot

Instead of completely relying on your memory, take a photo of the nearest sign at the parking lot where you have parked your car. Even better, record the information in a voicemail sent to self. This will save you from getting jostled at the parking.

5. Remember The Simple Rule

Regardless of the airlines, all planes have bigger number at the back and alphabets run from right to left when you face back of the plane. This simple rule will save much hassles and delays to get to your seat.

6. Get Food & Water

Especially when you are traveling with kids and family, its wise to carry food and water for you never know how much of water is provided by the service routines. For water, you can use the inflatable bottle that does not take much space when empty. Most of the airlines under-stock food items and best of the menu items generally finishes off at the aisle side before reaching your window seat.

You can either eat before you board or you can order food ahead with choices of veg, non-veg or kosher meals. This would ensure that you are served before the entire cabin and that your meals are fresh.

7. Don’t Check The Lengths Of The Security Check Line

In situations when you are getting late to catch your cheap flights to Vancouver BC and need to pass the security check ASAP, do not check the line length; instead determine which screener and machine is taking the shortest time.

These hacks will surely simplify your travel while we take good care of all your ticket booking requirements.