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Top Places To Hangout In Toronto With Family

If you have your cheap flights to Toronto booked but don’t know about the best places to hangout with friends and family, here are our suggestions to help you out. Our list does not include nightclubs but has restaurants and lounges for a good time with family.

1. Café Boulud

Located in the Four Seasons Hotel, this café is a revamped restaurant in the Yorkville area of Toronto. This place is the latest buzz of the town to be seen around. The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is quite relaxed and you can easily sit in the lounge to enjoy some good food and drinks with your family.

In this charming new look brassiere, do not miss trying the delectable rotisserie chicken and steak. If you are in the Yorkville area and you are not in a mood to have full meal, you can visit dBar which is in the same hotel.

2. Bellwood Brewery

This brewery is known for its wonderful selection of craft beer such as single hop pale ale, monogamy and the cat lady. Located in the Ossington area of Toronto, Bellwood Brewery also has a great patio that faces the busy streets of the city and it is an absolute delight to enjoy favorite drink here while watching the local crowd.

The food menu here is eclectic with food choices like cured salumi, grilled asparagus and Canadian cheese to be enjoyed with selective beer. With homely atmosphere, this is the place where you can sit and plan rest of your day or night.

3. Communist’s Daughter

If you are on a vacation in Toronto, you simply cannot book cheap flight tickets way back to your home without enjoying some happy music time in Communist’s Daughter. Situated at the Dundas Street West in Ossington, Toronto, this is a friendly place to hangout with like-minded people.

You can play your favorite song on the jukebox and dance to the tune but if you play a wrong number, people will start yelling at you.

4. Toronto Reference Library

If you feel a bit lonely in the city, there’s nothing better to curl up with a book in the Toronto Reference Library. It is also a great place to see and enjoy the company of local society. The best part of this library is that you can expand your mind in the free time and can hear top authors read their book in a live session that is arranged quite frequently here. Located in Yonge Street, Yorkville, this place is very popular; so, make sure you book in advance.

5. Dynasty Chinese Cuisine

In a mood for some dim sum but do not want to walk down to China Town? Head to this upscale restaurant in Yorkville. You can enjoy amazing Chinese version of heavy dumpling breakfasts. This place is also popular for its healthy bok choy broth and standard dim sum fare.

Apart from these, Toronto is a great place to be explored; so, do not stick to a spot but get to find your own favorite place to hangout while strolling in the streets of Toronto. Do not wait any further, just get the cheap tickets and flights to Toronto booked here and set out for a great time with your gang.

Why You Will Love Traveling Canada

Canada is among one such travel destinations that’s vast, cool and full of surprises to attract a lot of tourists to book cheap flights to Canada every year. If you have been to Canada before and if you plan a revisit, you will surely find Canada ready with new things to explore and exciting experiences to live. In case you have never been to Canada, here are the most enthralling reasons why you will love traveling Canada:

1. Canada Is Bigger Than You Think

It is a big country with its limits expanding up to 10 million square kilometers. This includes water bodies and mountain ranges. As a perfect holiday destination, Canada has something interesting to do, see and experience for people of all ages and personality. No matter which Canadian city you plan to visit, a lot of natural grandeur and an active lifestyle is always expected.

2. Canada Has Glaciers But It’s Not As Cold

At times, Canada can be freezing but during most months of the year, Canada is dry and pleasant with sun shining bright. There of course are glaciers in Canada but you can still enjoy day out with family in the hotter cities like Toronto etc.

3. Water Magnificence In Canada

There are small lakes, big lakes, Pacific coast, East and West coasts and the great Hudson Bay. Moreover, if you travel up to North Canada, you have Labrador Sea, Beauford Sea and a lot of glaciers and ice covered mountains. This means a lot of beauty and water magnificence awaits you in Canada.

4. Canada Has Lovely Mountains

The Rocky Mountains is undoubtedly the best place to visit in the whole world. What makes it the best? You can ski, eat at the finest restaurants, stay in luxury hotels, enjoy the natural beauty and much more all at a same place. Can you do that at any other place? Absolutely not!

Other than Rocky Mountain, Canada is also home to many other beautiful mountain ranges such as Mount Assiniboine, Mount Forbes, Mount Alberta, Mount Logan and more.

5. You Can Experience Time Travel In Canada

Canada is broadly divided into six different time zones. Moving from East to West you get to experience following time zones:

1. The Newfoundland Time Zone

2. The Atlantic Time Zone

3. The Eastern Time Zone

4. The Central Time Zone

5. The Mountain Time Zone

6. The Pacific Time Zone

It is as exciting as a speed space travel. If you travel quite swiftly around the country in a strategic manner, you can actually get younger.

All this and more make Canada an ideal spot for a fun-filled family vacation. The best part is that you can easily book cheap flight tickets to Canada at with lowest price guarantee and price drop guarantee. Book cheap tickets & flights and take your family to enjoy finest food made with best of local ingredients and splendid outdoor locations in Canada. So, what’s stopping you? Get on the Canadian vacation today.

Planning A Long Term Travel? Here’s The Checklist – 3

The part 1 and part 2  of this ultimate checklist for long term travel has taken you up to three months from the day of your travel. Continue reading further as we move ahead:

Two Months Before

By now, things will start to materialize – your cheap tickets & flights are booked, your budget is set, savings are looking good and passport is ready. You now need to focus on more practical aspects of traveling; so let’s get started:

·         Check The Visa Requirements

If you need visas for the country you are planning to visit, this is the right time to apply. Make sure to research visa requirements for your destination.

·         Get The Checkups Done

If you are under some kind of medication, book appointment with health professionals for checkups and get all the required letters you need to take with you. Also, make sure to fill up all your prescription.

·         Inform The Real Estate Agent

If your flat or apartment is under lease, do inform your estate agent about your travel plans. Make sure that you do not break the lease because that may result into serious financial repercussions.

·         Schedule Your Contracts

Since you have booked cheap flight tickets for a long term travel, you may need to cancel or reschedule your contracts. You might also need to cancel your memberships of gym or club etc to avoid heavy cancellation costs.

A Month Before

It’s just one month left to leave. You must now complete all the important chores like:

·         Shop & Pack Appropriate Stuff

Depending on what you are planning to do and the places you are going to visit, shop for necessary stuff. Just pack the basic things as you can always buy some items on the go; so, no need to carry load.

·         Think Of Buying Travel Money Card & Travel insurance

Having a travel money card can be the best way to manage your finances overseas. Speak to your bank for more details.

For a long term, buying travel insurance is very critical. Make sure that you are insured sufficiently if something goes wrong. If you are taking adventure activities, mention it in your policy.

·         Notify Your Bank & Employer

You need to notify your bank and employer regarding your travel plans to prevent any unlikely event to happen. Since banks may seize your account on seeing foreign transactions and your employer can replace you with other professionals, it is an important consideration.

·         Make A Packing List

A detailed packing list would ensure that you do not forget anything. Absence of smallest thing like mobile charger or your sleeping pills can create huge troubles on a long travel.

One Week Before

·         Start Packing

Scan all your important stuff and documents. Refer to the packing list making sure you do not forget a single thing.

·         Get Some Foreign Currency

You can of course exchange currency at your destination but it’s always a good idea to have some foreign currency in your hand already.

·         Have A Party

You may not be able to have your favorite home cooked meal for months from now; so, have a party and eat what you love before leaving.

The Final Day

After all this hard work, it is now time to enjoy your travel. Just get to the airport on time and board cheap flights to your preferred destination.

Long term travel is fun. So, just book your flights at and let the long term fun begin.

Planning A Long Term Travel? Here’s The Checklist - 2

Long term traveling needs to be well planned if you want it to be stress free. We will not leave any aspect left out to help you plan and have a perfect long term travel experience.

While the previous part of this article talked about what you should plan and do almost a year ahead to your date of journey, this part will discuss what all should be taken care of when you have six months to leave for traveling.

About Six Months Before

Six months in hand is a pretty good time to make important decisions about your planning and complete some critical things that would ensure smooth traveling in future. So, here are the things you should consider:

·         Decide A Departure date

Since you have been saving for past six months or so, it’s now time to evaluate your savings and decide a suitable departure date. If your savings are not good enough according to what you had planned six months ago, you must not hurry to book cheap flight tickets at once. Think about delaying your departure by a few months so that you would have enough money to go.

If your savings are good, go ahead; decide a date most suitable to you.

·         Get Immunized

See your physician to discuss your travel plans and to get advised on what immunization may be needed. It is important to start immunization process at least six months in advance because some immunization shots are given in series which may take about six months time to complete.

·         Do Check Your Passport

In case you are planning to travel out of your own country and do not have a passport, it’s now time to apply for. If you already have a passport, make sure it is valid at least for a year from the date of traveling.

Also make sure that your passport has enough space for all the new stamps you would be collecting throughout.

About Three Months Before

It’s now only three months left to your final date of traveling. Start converting your plans into actions at this time.

·         Get Your Flights Booked

Visit and book cheap flights to your preferred destination. If your travel dates are flexible, you can grab great deals on cheap tickets & flights.

Look for different flight possibilities and play around the dates/days to get maximum money savings.

·         Confirm Your Itinerary

Once your travel tickets are done, think about refining your itinerary like how long would be your stay at a place, what are the must-do things at that place, which route or transportation you would be taking to reach next place etcetera.

Think about which experience or event you want to attend first and do you need any special preparation or stuff packed for that? Check hotel reservations as well.

While doing all this, you are gradually moving closer o your final date of traveling. It’s quite fine to feel excited but in midst of all that, do not forget to follow the checklist as we move ahead in the next parts.

Benefits of Flights Schedule changes by Nanak Flights

Benefits of having dedicated Schedule change Team - Nanak Flights

A Schedule Change could be defined as a planned change or cancellation of a flight which occurs prior to the day of departure, but can occur up to more than 72/24 hours before the scheduled departure.
Examples - Change of flight times, change of flight numbers, date changes,  routing changes (if you have a plane change in Atlanta, a change might be that you might now have a plane change in New Orleans), discontinuation of all service in a market, seasonal or weather changes etc. This can be inconvenient, as it may cause change of other Land Products and loss to the Passengers.

To handle all kinds of Schedule Changes It is always beneficial to have an in-house Trained Team to get the changes actioned on Time. This becomes all the more important for any last minute changes which are sent over by the Airlines - which could be due to any natural disasters, Aircraft Technical faults, Weather changes etc. Moreover The incorrect handling of schedule changes can result in unnecessary ADMs and Loss to the Organization.

Nanak Flight's Trained Scheduled changes Team is knowledgeable of all the rebooking, reissuance, refunds and cancellation procedures.

The Airlines send all schedule changes through an automated process to the booking. It becomes the responsibility of the booking source [where the booking is made] to notify the customer, acknowledge the schedule change and get the tickets reissued with the correct procedure. Moreover You never know when the Airlines will send changes to the bookings. All of a sudden the status could go upto from 100 - 500 bookings or more. Immediately the Prioritization of actioning queues have to be changed so as to Inform passengers without delays. For our In-house Team this would not be a major task as all team members are trained to deal with this kind of workload.

We at Nanak Flights not only sell cheap flights and Airline tickets, we also ensure that we provide excellent customer service post sales including schedule changes of our customers. We intimate all customers in advance and then work with Airlines to offer them revised flights as per our customer's requirements.

Planning A Long Term Travel? Here’s The Checklist - 1

The idea of booking cheap flights and to set out for a long term travel can be exciting but it can get hugely intimidating if you begin unplanned. If you want to go for six months, a year or a longer travel, and you never knew how to get everything sorted, here we are with our most comprehensive checklist to help you plan and organize a meticulous trip.

This checklist covers everything – from the point you decide to go for a long travel to the moment you finally board your flight and begin your journey. So, let’s get started:

About A Year Before You Begin

A long term travel needs thoughtful planning. You cannot just book cheap flight tickets to a randomly selected destination to spend your life’s precious time. For a satisfying travel, you will need to start planning around a year in advance. Here’s what to do at this time:

·         Think & Decide – Why Do You Want To Travel?

When you know the purpose of your travel, you can shape your travel experience well.

Ask yourself – do you want to go on an adventurous or leisure trip? Would you be going to a single place or travelling to different places? Are you going abroad or just want to travel within your own country? Is traveling sustainably your first priority? Would you be interested in specific culture or religion?

Such questions will help you find your purpose of traveling and will carve a perfect path leading to a fulfilling experience.

·         Spend Some Time In Researching

Your research should not only be limited to finding cheap flight tickets to your destination. Researching is definitely an exciting aspect of traveling but make sure you research vital information about the places you want to visit making your experience more comfortable and you do not miss a single thing from your must-do list.

Along with researching online, do consider reading guidebooks, different local blogs and sifting Instagram for inspiration.

·         Estimate The Cost & Make a Budget


According to the length of your traveling and kind of experiences you want to have, estimate the cost of traveling. While doing this, do consider your flights, food, local transportation, accommodation, tours and sightseeing etc.

Now according to the estimated cost of traveling, make a monthly budget based on how much money you would need to save. Now start saving money every month for your long term travel aspiration. Track money that you spend and try to cut down unnecessary expenses you make.

·         Think Of Ways To Make Extra Money

When you have about a year in your hand before going out for the long term rip, it is the best time to start saving as much money as you could. You may even want to sell unused items or do a part time job in order to add more money to your travel fund.

Some small but thoughtful steps taken at this time will lead you to a hassle free traveling without compromising your experiences for less money in hand. Next part would take this checklist further close to your departure date.

Traveling is a wonderful experience by itself and we are always there to encourage travelers to unleash stretches of the world with cheap tickets & flights only at  

Top 5 Fall Getaways In Canada

Summer has come to its finale and very soon, colors of autumn will take all over Canada. This gives you another great reason to book cheap tickets & flights to Canada for a fall vacation in far-fetched natural beauty.

During fall, the impact of the colorful leaves is so grand that it is absolutely worth of visiting Canada for leaf peeping. If you have never seen leaves changing colors after summer, you are missing out a big experience. Leaf peeping is quite popular in England but if you have a tight budget and still want to enjoy fall, book cheap flights to Canada for following locations to enjoy beauty of changing weather:


Victoria - the capital city of British Columbia is an unbelievable spot in Canada to see the changing colors of leaves at West Coast. The popular Japanese Garden of Butchart Garden is beautifully layered with colorful chrysanthemums and maple leaves. When you are here, enjoy your time at the antique shops, tearooms and galleries. For an awesome meal, eat at the Sooke Harbor House resort.

Laurentian Mountains

Not only fall, Laurentian Mountains in Quebec can be visited in any season for a spectacular view. Flora in Quebec changes color wonderfully and you can see vibrant colors on maple and birch trees. It offers unique nature show and you can easily take a day trip to Laurentian from Montreal.

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains is an ideal spot to experience breathtaking views of fall in Canada. A plenty of fall colors can be soaked in while driving from Jasper to Banff. The evergreen trees would still have green leaves but different hues of red, brown, orange and golden can be seen on spruce and aspen leaves at the National Parks of Canadian Rocky Mountains. To make most of your trip here, plan a hike from Lake Louis to Lake Agnes or take a gondola ride from top of the Sulphur Mountain for an incredible bird’s eye view. You can also catch glimpses of great wildlife here.

Bruce Peninsula

Bruce Peninsula National Park is located in the World Biosphere Reserve. It is a home to very old cherry trees that flaunts fiery colors during September and October. There also are ancient limestone caves and calm waterways of Georgian Bay. The best way to enjoy your time at this park is to walk along the Bruce trail. If you are in Ontario, Algonquin National Park is another park to be visited in fall. Since it is at a higher elevation, the fall colors can be seen from early September till early October.

Before you set out for a fall vacation, it is recommended to check the fall color report for the place you are planning to visit.

Leaves mature earlier in North Canada and as you travel to East, they become more vibrant with shades of red, orange and yellow. Canada is a perfect destination to experience wonderful mirror reflections of vibrant leaves on water. Be there to capture memorable pictures of fall; book cheap flight tickets to Canadian fall destinations at

What Is Your Traveler Type?

People catch cheap flights to travel around the world for various purposes. Some of these people are explorer while some strive to do everything first and some loves to capture everything in their cameras which of these traveler type describes you the best?

Every traveler experiences the world through their own connotations. Find out your type to be a happy traveler no matter where you go…

1. Conformists

More than personal satisfaction and happiness, these types of travelers take a trip for social acceptance. They would book the cheap flight tickets to most unimaginative destinations and would choose dishes from the class-determined menu. Their basic point of traveling is not “where all I have been”; but what their peers think about the places where they have been to.

2. Collectors

These are the sophisticated type of travelers who hunt for most exotic and uncommon experiences. They often are very open to try or taste new things and would display a great interest in conversations. They meticulously pin every memory with precise name of the unique place they have seen or exemplary experiences they have had.

3. Escapists

These are most common and most intriguing type of travelers who want to refresh out from boredom, heartbreak, fear, conflicts, worries, work pressure, failure or simply themselves. All these situations cannot be completely avoided by traveling yet it is worth giving a try.

4. Thrill-lovers

If not too much into adventure sporting, thrill-lover travelers can easily be spotted at bars, beaches or as someone who always has rubber band tied to their ankles and ready to jump off a cliff.

5. Self-Improvers

They are quite admirable to get up early and stay out till late, trying to make most of everything. They are also likely to arrive at a place with proper research done beforehand. Self-improvers mostly have books (a lot of books) in their backpack.

6. Pioneers

These are go-win it all kind of travelers who are fearless and eccentric explorer. They are the stand-up guys who are automatically suspected as business travelers up to become very rich.

7. Pilgrim

Visitors of shrines, religious places and followers of certain trail come into this category. These types of travelers cannot only be spotted at the banks of holy rivers or at a spiritual center, you can even find them strolling in a mall or at a hill top.

8. Occasional

These travelers are there for a reason – a wedding, an event, a mach or may be honeymoon and likewise.

9. Curious

Such travelers are both – rare and precious. They have their minds, eyes and ears open wide to know everything about everything around them.

10. Oblivious

They are the careless travelers who don’t care much about where they are going to. They won’t even bother to look up and appreciate the view in front of them.

Did this help you discover type of traveler you are? If you are not a travel enthusiast, this would have definitely inspired you to step out and see the world your way. So, what’s the wait for? Just book cheap tickets & flights to your preferred destinations at and discover yourself.

10 Smart Ways For Saving Money While Traveling Abroad (continued)

Continuing the endeavor of saving money on a trip abroad, here are some more tips to help ease your travel expenses and still have a wonderful experience:

5. Check About Your Currency

While you can easily purchase cheap flight tickets to your destination using your own currency, it makes sense to do a bit of research about your currency before leaving your country.

Currency exchange rates are not constant, it keeps changing quite frequently. You always have an option to exchange your currency with foreign currency in advance and this means that you can begin tracking the exchange rates a few months before you leave for trip. When you see the rates dropping, go for currency exchange before it rises again. This could save you a lot. You can even decide which country to visit according to the currency exchange rates of that particular country.

6. Make Some Research For Accommodation

Unlike buying cheap tickets & flights available at a website, most people book a hotel that is most familiar to them or that is available on discount at a travel website. However, there are several other aspects to be considered for accommodation except just these.

If you are not traveling with kids and don’t mind sharing space, why not book a hostel? People who need privacy can also look for vacation property on rent in place of a hotel. Even if such rental property will cost you same as a hotel room, you will have facility of cooking your own food. Make research to make sure that your accommodation is close to bus/train line and downtown area to save further on transportation. As a thumb rule, don’t forget to check the reviews.

7. Be Savvy While Shopping

Instead of mall and traditional stores, try shopping at local market to find truly unique items at a much less cost. Try to know more about the local customs to haggle over the prices so that you do not spend any more than necessary.

8. Get A Good Travel Budget App

It doesn’t matter how well you plan our trip, there may be situations when you need a car on rent or need to change the accommodation; for such circumstances, you can use a good budget travel app to sort everything for you and grab the best deal. Such apps are quick and could really snatch a great deal for you.

9. Indulge In Free Entertainment

Every major city of most countries has great options for free entertainment. You can research or speak with local residents in order to find cheap or free entertainment options. For example, almost every museum in London is free. Look for free concerts, public parks or festival celebrations.

10. Stay Away From Traps

There are some things special to specific locations but as you try to purchase something that would remind you of your trip, make sure that it is not quietly breaking your budget. The best thing to do would be making a list of special things you want to experience at a place and then narrow it further according to what is most exciting and most affordable.

Keep saving and enjoying your trips abroad stress free with these smart tips. Book cheap flights today at

10 Smart Ways For Saving Money While Traveling Abroad

Taking cheap flights and traveling abroad may feel like a high-expense deal especially if you are going with your family and children. However, there are some smart ways that can make your abroad tour as affordable as a trip in your own country.

In fact, anyone can have an affordable overseas travel if they could take time to properly analyze and plan their trip. If you too are planning a trip abroad and worried about the expenses, we get you covered with our smart ways to save money while traveling:

1. Choose The Air Tickets Wisely

Rates of cheap flight tickets can vary largely not only according to the time of the year but also according to day of the week. To get air tickets at the best rate, it is recommended to purchase tickets about 45-60 days in advance. You can even get as much as 20% discount on airfare by booking in the flights flying on Thursdays or Fridays. Most airlines offer huge discounts during September, it is recommended to plan overseas travel at this time.

2. Be a Cautious Diner

Trying out appealing food in different restaurants at a new place can be an exciting but costly affair. On the other hand, this aspect of traveling can be a great opportunity to save money unless your only purpose of traveling is to eat out more than often.

Most travel destinations have general cafes and fine dine restaurants in a same area. For financial concerns, eating at a café or street vendor is a far better choice than eating at a high class restaurant. You can even pick local ingredients from a nearby store and cook your own food if allowed at your accommodation. Keep savings in your mind while making eating decisions.

3. Choose Local Transportation Wisely

When you do not necessarily need to rent a car, you can save big by choosing the cheapest transportation available. For maintaining the expenses, you can always choose to walk through close distances if suitable. You can also look for discounted bus or train tickets offered especially for the travelers. Speak to local residents to know the route and transportation options to reach the place you want to visit. This will save time, money and thousand hassles of finding the correct/shortest route to reach your destination.

4. Watch Your Car Rentals

If renting a car is necessary, look for the discount websites to book the best possible rent deals. Also make yourself known to local laws for insurance as this will save you from unrequited expenses. Before renting cars from a company, do not forget to read the traveler reviews and steer yourself clear from unwanted situations like poor customer services and traveling in poor vehicles etc.

With these smart tips, even a thrifty traveler can save money like a pro. Saving money while traveling is not a tricky game, it is just about being smart and taking smart decisions …to start with, book cheap tickets & flights to your preferred destination at Some more smart money saving tips follows in the next part.