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Keep The Young Ones Entertained– Best Places For Kids In Delhi

Everyone knows Delhi as the capital of India and a place with plenty of historical sites. You may know Delhi as a destination with great food, splendid shopping options and rich cultural experience but what you may not know is that Delhi also is a wonderful place to get your children entertained like nowhere else.

If your toddlers or young children have boarded flights to Delhi with you for a relaxed trip, here are the super-fun places in Delhi to take them for full on entertainment:

1. Tumble Zone

Tumble Zone has all the arrangements to keep your 1 to 6 years old kids highly entertained and busy tumbling over safely. This place has an indoor play area, music corner, bowling alley, puzzle corner, tunnels, toys and exclusive play land for kids.

You can let your kids enjoy here for 1-2 hours. They are even open for memberships and arranging birthday parties.

2. Worlds Of Wonder

It is a complete family entertainment amusement park. It has a large water park as well that is open on all days between 12 and 8 pm. Located in Noida, it is one of the largest amusements parks in entire Asia.

WOW has two different zones – family zone and teen zone. With world class safety standards, it has unique international rides for people of all ages. Even your tiny tots can enjoy their time with thumping music and special kid’s rides.

3. Hangout

This is a place where even grownups can become kids and enjoy different games and rides. It is loved by people of all ages. It has many exciting skill games, arcades, 4D motion theater and virtual roller coaster.

You would want to book cheap flights to Delhi more often just for this spectacular place. There also are concession and redemption counters with customized prizes to be won. At Hangout, near Saket, everyone is a winner.

4. Kingdom Of Dreams

Kingdom Of Dreams is the best entertainment place in Gurgaon, Delhi, with special children shows. It is a home of many attractions like Culture Galli, Showshaa Theater, Nautanki Mahal, Great Indian Talent Circus and first time in India – Reverse Bunjee Jumping – where you can enjoy 5 times of gravitational force and can see the amazing skyline.

You can also enjoy live musical shows here with entire family. It is one of its own kind of multipurpose facilities for everyone.

5. Bricks For Kids

It offers extraordinary entertainment for kids aged between 3 and 13. It is a great place for children to learn, build and play with LEGO bricks. Special classes are also designed focusing on technology, science and mathematics. It offers best opportunities for kids to learn through interesting activities using their creativity and curiosity.

With all these and many more entertainment options for kids, entertaining a child in Delhi is literally a child’s play. So, let your children join you for a fun-trip to Delhi without any stress. You too will surely enjoy this ride especially when cheap flights to Delhi are easily available right at a click.  

Search For Cheapest Flight Tickets Like A Pro

Looking for cheap flights to Bangalore or other destinations? Soon, you find yourself scouring hundred websites, comparing a million flights and indescribably frustrated.

In the massive wield of million websites, finding cheap flights for your next trip may need a week’s off from work. Unfortunately, like shopping for any other valuable item, shopping for cheapest flights has got no shortcuts, you need to look around, wait for the right time, alter your travel dates, time and even your favorite airlines.

Luckily, if you are willing to put in a little effort, we can help you search cheapest flights to your destination and save big. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for cheap flights to Mumbai or Victoria or any other destination, our tips will make sure that you spend less on tickets and more at your destination.

1. Do Not Hitch Back From Travel Agents

It doesn’t matter which country you are in, travel agents are very useful resource to book cheap flights to your destination. The online websites of renowned travel agents like offer lowest flight rates with guarantee. Plus you also get to scan several airlines and their fares under one umbrella.

Such travel agents sometimes can have lowest fares that you cannot find anywhere else.

2. All Search Engines Are Not Same

In order to search the cheapest flights, you need to search as many websites as possible. While you use search engines to this task, be aware that all search engines are not same.

Many search engines do not list particularly economic air carrier because they are not willing to pay the commission amount. Most of the websites may also not appear on the list because they are not in English or local languages.

So, you need to understand that search engines may have certain blind spots that you need to clear out. Search in the deep down pages (2-4 of result pages) for preferable websites.

3. Delete The Cookies

You must delete all the cookies and history before you search cheap flights to Delhi, India or any other of your favorite destination. Basically, cookies and history on your computer store your search information and as you come back to a site, it is indicated that you are more ready to buy.

When you do not delete cookies and history, you would likely see hiked price every time you visit the site next.

4. Look For Special Offers

One of the best ways to catch the best offers thrown by the airlines is to subscribe to their newsletter. Sometimes, airlines even give out goodwill bonus points on simple things like installing a tool bar or joining a mailing list etc. Do not miss these things as they really add up at the end.

5. Ask For A Refund When Prices Go Down

In case the price drops further after you have bought the tickets, ask for a refund. Different websites may have different policies and you may not always get a refund but you must ask.

Most websites do not publicize it but they may have it. Nanak Flights have money back policy in case the prices drop.

Before you put all our tips on a trial to find the cheapest flights to your destination, set a realistic price you would buy the ticket for. After all, airlines are there to make money. So, be a smart buyer and let others envy you when you seize cheapest flight fares like a pro.

How To Book Cheap Flights To Anywhere

No matter what your destination is, booking cheapest flight is utterly preferred by all. Who does not want to book cheap flights to Bangalore or to Delhi or other Indian destinations?

Here are our hacks to grab the best deals of cheap flights:

1. Start looking For Flights As Early As Possible

Most airlines generally release flight tickets 11 months before the actual flight date. Start searching flight tickets as early as possible and keep checking the fares at least once every week.

Because flight rates fluctuate quite often you cannot predict the price in advance. So, set a price that you feel comfortable with as you search the tickets. Keep ready to immediately book the tickets when you see the happy price.

2. Book At The Best Time      

There are no fix rules, but you must know the basic trends. On holidays, weekends and festivals, the demand is huge and during these times, prices are higher.

However, you can still grab the best deals if you book in advance - about 3-7 weeks in advance for domestic flights and 10-11 weeks for international flights. Worst time to buy tickets to any destination is within 2 weeks and more than 5 weeks of flying.

If you want to know which day of the week is best to book cheap flights to Hyderabad or other destinations – book in middle of the week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best.

3. Know When To Fly

It is generally seen that flying on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays can get you cheapest of rates because these days generally have less passengers. Fridays and Sundays usually are expensive days for flying.

4. Keep The Dates Flexible

Keeping your travel dates flexible is the best trick to catch best deals. Spend some time in researching the preferred rates. If your dates are locked, it gets challenging to get best deals.

5. Fly On Odd Hours

Flying on odd or not-so-popular hours like early morning or late night can get you cheaper tickets.

6. Take Round Trip Ticket

If feasible, take a round trip ticket because they are cheaper. Sometimes, one way flying is so costly that round trip ticket is cheaper.

7. Fly Where You Have The Deals

If you have your destination fixed and you spend days and weeks to search the deals for that fixed place, you are doing it wrong. Look for the places that are affordable for you and already have deals to grab.

Simply find a website like that lets you select the destinations and lists the cheap flights to your preferred destination. If deals for your destination are not available, book tickets for the nearest spot that has exciting deals.

8. Use Your Status Or Age

Some flights offer special discounts to students, children and executive travelers etc. Use your age or status wherever appropriate. Do not hide the leg injury you had last year if it could fetch you a good deal.

9. Signup For Notifications

Most airfare sales may go unannounced. To get information about such sales, subscribe the newsletter of your favorite airline. By doing so, you may even be notified over email about the cheapest last minute deals. You may even follow them on social media for more information.

Whether you are trying to book cheap flights to Amritsar or Delhi or anywhere else in India, we hope that above tips will be helpful to catch the best deals to your desired destination.

Shopping In Delhi: 6 Economical Markets

The Indian capital city, Delhi, is well known for the spectacular historical places. It is also the main transit hub for people who want to visit North India and it has excellent transport system of cheap flights to Delhi, buses, metro rails and other local transportation.

Since people from all across India and world visit Delhi for special purposes, it has many places with economic markets; some of the most popular and budget-friendly markets of Delhi are:

1. Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar market in Delhi is specifically popular for girl’s fashion clothing, home accessories, travel bags and leather goods. It is a crowded market and it is recommended to go shopping in the morning hours as soon as the market gets open.

Most of the items sold in Sarojini Nagar are not branded, so make sure to bargain. There also are some brand stores like Dukes, Van Heusen, Reebok and others if you want to buy quality stuff. If you feel tired, grab a glass of fresh juice from the juice corners or enjoy delectable street food.

2. Tibetan Market

Tibetan market is also popularly known as Monastry Market which is a busy shopping place for students in Delhi. You may visit this market to buy low priced, unbranded stuff like foot wear, trendy clothes and bags etc.

This market is also famous for Tibetan artifacts and people often drop here for tribal paintings, Tibetan statues, jewelry, winter wears and regular home essentials. This market remains open on Sundays and you must try the Tibetan noodle soup here to swoosh away the tiredness.

3. Janpath

It is one of the oldest and cheapest markets of Delhi that is situated in Cannaught place. It is a popular market for people interested in buying ethnic Indian accessories, fashion items, dresses, handicrafts, jewelry and clothes etc.

It is also a good place to buy cheap woolen wear. In some shops here, you can find quality pashmina shawls coming directly from Kashmir. Polish your bargaining skills and bag plenty of patience before you enter this market.

4. Ajmal khan Road Market

This is a street market falling in the Karol Bagh area and it has about 350 small shops that sell colorful fashion attires. If shopping cheap Indian clothes and accessories is one of your prime objectives of catching flights to Delhi and visit India, this is an ideal spot for you.

There is a large collection of inexpensive garments like sarees and lehangas. Visit this market to buy affordable items made by local artisans and designers. Tribal and artificial jewelry can also be bought here.

5. Palika Bazar

This is an underground, air-conditioned market in Delhi which also is the main shopping hub for local residents and visitors. It has about 400 shops that sell different item ranging from electronics to baby clothes and household stuff.

Bargaining can get you best deal here. It is a great market to buy music related items such as music systems, microphones, song CDs and blue ray drives etc.

Delhi is thus a shopper’s paradise no matter how long or eclectic your shopping list is. For direct flights to Delhi from USA and other countries, simply click here.  

Never To Miss Authentic Dishes Of Chennai

Chennai is a busy Indian city that has an elaborated food history. In spite of many urban restaurants and hotel chains serving international cuisines, Chennai still has authentic food being served at the street food corners and old eateries.

When your flights to Chennai land you in this charming city, do not miss trying out the mouthwatering authentic Chennai dishes for a wholesome experience:

1. Fluffy Idlis

It is a very popular breakfast dish not only in Chennai but in entire India. This fluffy dish is made with a batter of rice and black gram. Idlis are served with assorted chutneys and sambar. To enjoy best taste of idlis, try them at A2B, Murugan Idli Kadai or Rathna Café. It is never too difficult to find idlis in Chennai as it is commonly sold around streets.

2. Spicy Vada

Vada is popularly known as vadai in Chennai. This deep fried dish is again a famous breakfast dish that has many varieties. It can be tasted in almost every hotel of Chennai. Popular varieties of vadas are masala vada, medu vada, thayir vada and sambar vada. Try them at Balaji Bhavan or at Saravana Bhawan for best experience.

3. Crispy Dosa

Dosa or dosai are made with a mixture of black gram and rice. Dosas are now one of the most cherished foods across India and world. It is like a crispy thin crepe of rice flour and it can have a variety of fillings inside like potato, onion, paneer and even cheese. It is generally served with sambar and a mix of chutneys. Dosa can best be enjoyed at old eateries or at Rathna Café.

4. Pongal

A variety of rice dishes are served with sambar and chutney in Chennai. These dishes are kind of common here and do not wonder if you find it served in your cheap flights to Chennai. Pongal is another such dish. It is prepared with rice and los of nuts, ghee and pepper. There also is a sweeter version of Pongal prepared with jiggery. Sweet Pongal is made in every home during festivals.

5. Thalapakkati Biryani

This variety of Biryani is also known as Dindigul Thalapakkati Biryani. This is an authentic dish of Tamil Nadu State. It has originated from Dindigul (a place in Tamil Nadu) and hence it got its name. This Biryani is totally different in terms or its taste and preparation than what you would normally find anywhere else.

6. Tasteful Chicken 65

It is a delectable fried chicken dish that is loved by people of all ages as a starter. It is believed that it was discovered in 1965 and since then, it is popular as chicken 65. This dish can be tried at any of the authentic South Indian restaurant or Chettinad Hotels in Chennai.

When you are in Chennai, do not miss out eating the authentic South Indian Thali that is served in a very traditional way on the plantain leaf. Chennai food scene has a lot to offer and if all the above dishes have tickled your taste buds, book cheap flights to Chennai right now.