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Best Way to Travel on a Budget

Traveling provides an opportunity to see family, friends and a chance to see places where you have never been before whether you are on a personal vacation or a business trip. When determining the best method to travel it is important to consider distance, time frame and extra expenses so you can decide which is the most cost effective. In many cases, destinations over a day away are typically faster to get to by flying and when you can bundle car rental and/or hotel with the airfare then you can save a lot of money.

Cheap tickets are best found using online travel agencies or website vendors that do specialize in searching across all airlines for you to find the most affordable prices for you. They provide all the essential information for round trip or one way flights and users can select the exact flight they want that works within their schedule. The first step is to choose the airports you are flying out of and into and remember to consider options because getting into your destination a little farther out may save you money because it is not a highly trafficked area.

The best part of utilizing these online vendors, other than the cheap tickets, is they give you an opportunity to bundle necessary components of any travel trip or you can purchase the airfare on its own. This saves you time, money and energy because you don’t have to go to multiple sites to make reservations or look for the best deal on car rentals. They will do that work for you as well as offering travel insurance in case you have to cancel or delay your trip. You can choose not to purchase this but you will not be covered or refunded if something happens like baggage or trip delay, cancellation, etc.

There are many expenses that go along with seeing the world or just taking a trip to a new state but when you take advantage of cheap tickets offered through reliable vendors then you can save money in all different areas. Go online today and start planning your next trip using the best tools and resources at your disposal!

Don’t Fear Traveling Alone: Smashing 10 Common Fears (Part 2)

In the previous part of this article, some of the most common fears of traveling alone were discussed. Read on this second part to know and combat more such fears that pull you back from traveling alone:

Fear #5 I Am Too Shy To Travel Alone

Most people feel shy and awkward to go and ask for cheap flight tickets at the counter or to take the only empty chair on the last table at a restaurant; surprisingly solo travel can really help if you come out of such hitches.

Travelers are friendly and you are sure to overcome your shyness when you travel alone. You will easily find many other solo travelers on the road and it is easy to get in conversation with them. Most of the times, you won’t need to be the first one to start.

Since you are alone, you would definitely need to talk to people and make friends. You will see how a small talk with a stranger in the train or bus leads to a new friendship.

Fear #6 I Would Get Bored

You may think that searching for cheap flights and then traveling all alone would be extremely boring stuff. But, when you set out on an alone travel; there will be no shortage of adventure.

Going to new places, trying new food, meeting new faces would all be so much fun that you would not want to take a break from it. Some random things may putt you off but will give you a memory to cherish later.

Fear #7 It’s Preferable To Travel As Couple Or In A Group

No, traveling in a group is not at all necessary. Traveling alone gives you an opportunity to discover who you really are. It even enhances your ability to tackle things on your own since there is no one to pass the responsibility on when things are not right. You are also free to do things that you want to without anybody else stopping you.

Fear #8 I Am Not That Brave

Even if you are not that brave, we still recommend you traveling solo. It will let you trust your abilities. You can start off traveling in a group to gain some confidence before setting out alone.

Fear #9 I would Get Homesick

Homesickness is not completely unavoidable. To feel better, make regular calls to your friends and family. Do remember that you have come out traveling to see new places and meet new people. Do take pictures of your family members with you to ease the situation.

Fear #10 What If I Run Out Of Money Or Return Early?

If you plan early, you would not run out of money. Budget your trip well before leaving home. You will obviously miss your loved ones but you must appreciate the experience of what you are going through and your traveling lifestyle.

Even if you return back home earlier than you had initially planned, you will at least have a taste of how does traveling alone feels or you will be more confident to start traveling alone again.

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Don’t Fear Traveling Alone: Smashing 10 Common Fears (Part 1)


Don't fear traveling alone

If someone asks you to catch cheap flights to your favorite destination and travel alone, would you say “Yes!”?

People (especially women) have many fears associated with traveling alone; for example, fear of being bored, scared or homesick etc. These fears may hold you back from exploring the world alone. Here, we try to smash 10 such fears. Read on…

Fear #1 Solo Traveling Is Not Safe

It is absolutely safe to travel alone. Safety must always be your top priority whether you travel alone or in a group. The best way to come out of the fear of safety is to be well prepared for everything before you step out to travel alone.

Be aware and be smart. Traveling is no different than staying at home. You just need to be aware of the surroundings and act accordingly. Try to adapt to the place you are visiting. Collect as much information as you possibly could about the place even before you book cheap tickets and flights.

Maintain an acceptable behavior and stay away from obvious upsetting stuff like wearing inappropriate dresses or getting intoxicated.

Fear #2 Can Single Women Travel Alone?

With complete knowledge about the place and right preparation, even single women can travel safely. Remember, millions of single women travel the world every day.

Just be aware of the common issues of the place you are visiting and be ready to face unlikely situations. If you follow the local cultural norms and stay alert, single women too can experience the enjoyment and benefits of traveling alone.

Fear #3 My Family Won’t Approve

Your family loves you and they may be worried for you but they would surely understand your desire to travel. Your family unconditionally wants you to be happy but they may get afraid that you won’t be able to handle thing all alone.

Ask your family politely to trust your abilities and intelligence to strike things on your own. Assure them that you have done deep research and you will keep yourself safe from any possible harm. For rest of the no-sayers, do not consider their opinion.

Fear #4 It Would Be Lonely

Being alone is the biggest fear people often face. Everyone have their own lives and if you keep waiting for your friends, cousins or family members to join you on your voyage, you might end up waiting forever.

Just get on with the fact that as you travel, you will make new friends on the way. You may have dinner with new friends staying in the same hotel and the next day, you may find yourself surfing with few more recently made friends on the beach. Trust us, when you travel alone, you make new friends on the road.

These are the 4 most common fears to take you away from traveling alone; more of such fears and ways to combat them follow in the next part of this article.

If your fears are one of the above and if the explanations have inspired you enough to get started for alone travel, book cheap flight tickets to your preferred destination right now and live a whole new experience.



Traveling With Kids: Pros & Cons


Traveling with kids

Traveling is a great way of experiencing the world and creating wonderful memories. It is more fun to catch cheap flights and go around the world than to stay home and live the easy local experiences.

Some people travel for fun while for others, traveling may be a necessity; some love to travel alone and some may like traveling with family and kids. A lot of people do not like traveling with kids because of the nasty situations that may arise. Here we are sharing some of the pros and cons of traveling with kids to inspire and clear some doubts that you may have:

Some Pros

1. You Will Still Be Traveling With All Its Fun

Traveling remains traveling with or without a kid. Children especially toddlers are as excited for traveling and exploring new things as you are. You must indulge in traveling while you are young enough to enjoy things.

Traveling with kids may just be a little different like you may have lazy mornings and no late night outings but it will still be very enjoyable in all its senses. Just adapt to little changes and enjoy your trip with kids.

2. Your Kid Becomes More Adaptable

As your kid travel with you to different cities and countries, they become more adaptable to different cultures, food and atmosphere. They learn more languages and all these things help them in long run. They in fact become more open and confident to face the world in their stride.

3. Kids Traveling Is Cheap

It is easy to find cheap tickets for kids – and no, we are not only talking about air or train tickets, babies are generally free for many things like transports, hotel beds and entry to the parks, museums etc.

4. You Get Priceless Memories

Traveling with kids create priceless memories that you will cherish for your entire life. Do not forget to capture the special moments with your kids. The mess that has made you cry during your trip will bring huge smile on your face afterwards when you see its pictures.

A Few Cons

1. It May Be A Bit Exhausting

It certainly could be a bit tiring to travel with kids especially when you get little time for relaxation and you constantly need to keep them well fed and entertained. Be extra cautious when you fly long distances with kids and experience jetlag.

2. You May Do Or See Lesser Things

Traveling with kids may need you to change your plans a bit. You may also need to check if the place you are planning to visit is kid-friendly. We suggest dropping the idea of seeing museums, galleries or historical places; instead, look for parks, less crowded playgrounds and places where your kids can enjoy.

After all being explained, having kids does not mean that you should completely ignore traveling and stay home. With a little care and thoughtful planning traveling with kids can be fun too. It may be a challenge but it’s a challenge worth taking for all the pros it has.

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