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Arriving At Delhi International Airport In India

Foreigners generally take up cheap flights to Delhi to enter into India. Delhi is the capital city of India and all the international flights from major countries land at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. This airport is the busiest Indian airport that serves over 36 million passengers in a year.

All the passengers who need to enter India via Indira Gandhi international Airport or any other international airports in various Indian cities need to have a valid visa. Indian visa can be obtained from nearest Indian embassy in your country. You can apply for tourist, business or transit visas depending upon your staying requirement.

The entire process of Indian visa is governed by Indian immigration department. The staff at Delhi international airport is friendly to help you. At present citizens of only few countries are allowed to enjoy visa on arrival facility, rest of the passengers need to get Indian visa in advance.

When You Arrive At Delhi International Airport

All the passengers from abroad, who are landing at Delhi international airport, need to fill the Arrival Form in order to get clearance from customs and immigration departments. And at time of your departure, you will need to fill the Departure Form.

You will also need to present your passport for examination. The immigration officers check your passport and arrival form thoroughly before stamping the arrival stamp on your passport. You must check proper stamping before leaving the immigration department to avoid any issues at the time of your departure.

Your luggage may also be examined and the luggage carts are available free of charge. There are some banks at the terminal itself that allow currency exchange. If you need to exchange currency, do it before you go through customs because after that you will not be allowed to go back for currency exchange. Many of the banks in the city can exchange currency once you are out of the airport.

Red And Green Exits

The international airport in Delhi, India has two exits called as – Red and Green exits. If you have dutiable items, you will be using the red exit and the green exit will be used for common passengers without any dutiable item.

In case you are being asked to pay duty for an item that you have taken for self use, advice the custom officers that it is for your personal use and you will take it back with you. The officers then will make an entry on your passport to check the item being with you at the time of departure.

Some Important Tips

  • You must have duly filled arrival and departure forms in order to clear the custom and immigration formalities
  • If you have lost your arrival or departure form, fresh forms are available in the immigration area

· If you are entering India via cheap flights to Mumbai or cheap flights to Chennai, and then arriving at Delhi International airport, you will need to clear customs and immigrations only once at the airport you arrive first

  • Do not forget to collect the counterpart of the arrival/departure form from the immigration counter before leaving it
  • Do not forget to collect your passport back after it has been stamped with the arrival or departure stamp

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