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Garba during Navratri festival in Ahmedabad

Garba during Navratri festival in Ahmedabad.

The festival of Navratri is a religious celebration and one of the best ways to celebrate it is with Garba. It is a traditional form of dance which originated in the Indian state of Gujarat. The spiral or circular movements of Garba are performed around either a clay lamp or a picture of Hindu goddess Shakti.

Garba events are hosted during nights for all nine days of the festival. The songs played at these gatherings usually revolve around Lord Krishna and the nine Hindu goddesses. Being a Gujarati folk dance the best place to visit for an authentic experience of Garba is the city of Ahmedabad. One can also find cheap flights to Ahmedabad through various online booking portals. 

Preparation for Garba

Ahmedabad also has numerous dance classes that people can visit to learn about Garba. These classes start almost a month in advance so that they can teach you various dance routines. In case you want to know which are the best dance classes in Ahmedabad, then the answer is Dancing Street and Manali Dance Academy.


Shopping for Garba

Garba events are also about the elaborate costumes and jewelry. Some of the best places that you can visit for buying them are either Law Garden or Manik Chowk. These markets also offer great discounts. That is why it is important to book your cheap flights to Ahmedabad today.


Events locations

Travelers can find various Garba events throughout the city of Ahmedabad. These events can either be public or private gatherings. Some of the most popular events are held in Bandra Fort, Teen Darwaza, and GMDC Grounds. The events last throughout the night and also have live Gujarati bands playing to make the celebration even more joyful.


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